Customized Products

Customize Promotional gifts in Germany

Make your own!

We create your customized gift item on your demand!

We produce your own customized USB-Sticks, Customized Bags, Customized Promotional Cotton bag, Promotional Pen, Customized key chain, Customized Lanyards or any other items on your demand.
We might have a minimum order quantity for customized products and customised promotional gift items. Depending on the size of your order, on the quantity of your order and the item you select to customize.
Customizing Promotional gift items might take up to 120 days, again depending on your order and the size of your order.
We also offer customized promotional product packages, in different sizes and with different budgets. 
How does it feel to order a promotional Power bank, with your own color combination, and your own packaging?
Yes it looks attractive, and it stays more in your customers mind. Customized promotional gift items will make your customer to remember your brand not only with name, also with your brand color, slogan or quality.

We believe Customized promotional gift items, or customized printing products gives value to your brand and company.
It makes your client to know that you didn’t only ordered a giveaway or printed promotional product, instead you created your own.

Looking for some Promotional gift items which doesn't exist, or maybe you are looking to have a special color combination for your corporate gift items? HMI GmbH is your only 1 source and solution for your customized gift items and customized printing products with fastest Production and delivery option.