General Questions

• Best marketing and advertising for online and offline solutions and services.
• Over 34 years of Excellent Experience
• International Service provider
• Since 2018 in Germany
• 2 Sales offices in Germany
• In house Production
• Well trained and professional Team
• Not the cheapest, but the the best by Quality and price!
• Near to 3 million variety of Products
• Professional Graphic Designer team in House
• Same day Production and Delivery
• Loyal and Professional
• Serving millions of customers world wide annually.
• Your only 1 Professional Source for marketing, advertising, Printing and Online services From Germany.
• Trusted and worked with biggest brands and companies.
and many more reasons…

We are a professional marketing, advertising, printing and IT Agency from Germany.
We can create you best advertising online and offline possible to attract more customers for your company or business.

By hiring us for online marketing services, we will offer you the best possible ways for advertising locally and internationally if needed.

We Simulate, create, Test, Check, and print best marketing and advertisings for your brand no matter if you are a small company or a big brand.
We also provide near to 1 million different promotional gift items in Germany and EU countries.
To complete your needs, we also offer you near to 2 million printing products with same, 24 hours, 48 hours and standard deliveries to you or your event.

We charge you only if we are charged for your payment.

Almost all of the payment gateways nowadays charge us an extra fees for their service, which we charge the client also the extra amount according to that.
It is normal to be charged extra if you are making a payment with credit card for example, because credit card payments will take up to 10 working days to process the payment and transfer the amount to our bank account.

We offer products and services directly to clients not by hiring some other companies or the agencies.
This is one of the reasons why HMi is growing so fast and getting famous in marketing in specially Germany.

Another reason is we import gift items and giveaways directly from manufacture, this helps us to offer better prices and services in most cases.


Yes, we always try to offer you fair prices. However it doesn’t mean we offer the cheapest prices in the market.
We prefer to offer you higher prices but provide, better quality, better services, fast deliveries, and best experience ever.
We care about our customers.

If you have found the same product online or you have got offer from our competitors, we try to offer you better prices if possible.
Call our sales team, depending on your order, we try to offer you better prices if possible.

Prices can be changed any moment online or in our system for all of our products and services.
As mentioned in our Terms & Conditions, we are allowed to change our prices any time of the year if it is necessary and needed.
Prices can be different for every customer, depending on quantity, printing method, packaging, and special requirements.
Production time and delivery options can also affect prices all the time.

Additional costs such as:
VAT (19%)
Printing costs, 
Delivery costs, 
Production Costs,
Setup Costs,
Packaging costs, 
Design or data changing costs,
or other cost depending on your selected Item, service and printing.
Please check your performa Invoice or your Invoice before you confirm and make a payment.

There is no exact number and any exact answer for that.
Some products never, some products daily or weekly, and some due to the manufacture, importing and shipping cost.
Note: Assembly cost, shipping cost, hourly man power jobs, and any other job orders similar to these can have price changes at anytime.


Choose your selected item, share with us your logo, get an offer depending your production and delivery option, your quantity and extras, agree the offer, confirm your order per mail, receive an order confirmation, make the payment, receive an Invoice and wait for your order to be delivered.

Its not complicated, but we make sure to help you one by one in every single step to make sure you get the best consultation and services from us directly.

For some items we have offer online ordering and you don’t need to send Inquiry, and for some products you must send first Inquiry per what’s app, mail, or by calling us directly.

Call our sales office or send an what’s app, our sales team will create a contract matches your need for your and get a free consultation per Skype, via Phone, or web call apps.

Arrange a meeting with us by contacting us, and we take care the rest.

HMi GmbH Team tries to help you in every way to make sure you get the best out of your order, contract and coporating with us.

Remember, we believe without you, we are nothing.
For this reason, clients are the most important part of HMI business strategy.

Call on Emergency number, or send a what’s app by clicking on what’s app button on the website.

You can also visit contact us page to find our sales office number, our showroom number.

You can also call our Emergency Number:
(+49) 0176 20 332138

We accept different payment methods.

Cash in advance
its always a great solution for local customers, and for online customers we offer other payment methods.

We accept Paypal payments by online or invoice payments.

Credit card.
customers are able to make payments at our sales office or online if they need.

Bank payment.
We accept bank payments also.
By generating an invoice or order confirmation, you will get a full information to HMI Bank account also.

Online payments.
You will also get the option of making payment online with your credit card, bank card or Klarna on your choice also.
Depending on your order, you will get this option at the same time with order confirmation, and bay some also online after making purchase and confirming the shopping cart products.

Klarna is another payment methods which we also offer to our clients. With Klarna clients are able to make instalment purchases also.

Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden. With Klarna installment purchase, you undertake to pay in the specified installments. To do this, clients must apply online and wait for Klarna decision straight. By accepting your instalment requirements, You will then receive an invoice directly from Klarna every month.

We might add new payment methods on our website at anytime to make online payments easier for your international clients.

Order Issues

Not receiving a order confirmation can have several reasons.
1- Your connection to the server was lost before you send your order or inquiry.

2- Your purchase was not successful because of an error appearing somewhere in middle.

3-Your order was not placed successfully because of many reasons.

4- Your payment was not successfully done, or the payment getaway has been facing an error during taking your order.

5- The Items you have been selected are not in store anymore.

6- Your account is banned or blocked for any security purposes.

7- Your order is under process and it might take time to get an update on our server.

8. The server is busy because of huge number of visitors or inquiries.

There might be other reasons, which depending on your case might be different.
Feel free to contact our sales team to check the main reason for you.
You need to follow up faster, call us directly or send us a what’s app message.

HMI IT team are working day and night 7 days a week to improve our online systems and website.
It might be an issue from server, it might also be an issue from our website hosting.
In this case call our customer support and HMi Support team will be glad to help you.
Visit Contact us Page and contact t us via mail, contact us form, telephone or what’s app.

If you didn’t get your order, and you have not received any shipping no. please contact our customer services and HMI Support team will take care of your need.
If you have received a Shipping number for your order, then please call the shipping company directly to follow up with them.

you can always call our support team to get help any time according our opening timings.

No worries at all.
It might be happing because an error, or any other reasons.
Contact us and we will help you with your order.


Unfortunately HMi does not have any returning or cancelation policy.
Our goods once are sold, and our services once started we dont accept any claims for cancellations or returning for any reason.
Delays in delivery might be happened for many reasons, which we recommend you to read our terms and conditions and check also our Shipping & Delivery policy page.

Unfortunately no.
HMi GmbH does not have any returning or cancelation policy.
Our goods once are sold, and our services once started we dont accept any claims for cancellations or returning for any reason.
Delays in delivery might be happened for many reasons, which we recommend you to read our terms and conditions and check also our Shipping & Delivery policy page.

HMi cares about customers.
Because of this reason, we try our best to help you with your lost orders, and try to follow up with the shipping company.
In case of Emergency for same day delivery, contact our support team by visiting our contact us page.

If you have chosen direct delivery with your order, our logistic team will be able to help you at any time.

The answer is no…!
As soon as a client approves a order, or signs a contract with HMi GmbH, We does not accept any claims for cancellation or similar to that.

HMi GmbH accounting team will calculate the whole cost of the project and divide to the period we provide that service to the client.
For this reason HMi GmbH does not accept any contract cancelation or claims for that.
For our contract regulations and rules, read our contract terms on contract with HMi page.

In fact, we might be able to make changes in your contract in some cases. Kindly contact us and our support team will help you with your needs.

As we have mentioned many time on our website we don’t accept any order cancelation for any reason.
It might be because of public holidays, it might also be because of your printing file, which we were not able to print your ordered printing product.
We suggest you to send an email to support@hmi-ad.com


If your order is in production, we cannot make any changes to that.

Depending on your ordered item and product, our support team will help you.

Contact your sales person at HMi Sales office and ask directly.
In some cases yes, and some cases no.

Not: Changes in orders might take place with extra fees.

If you get order confirmation, it means your changes are accepted and will take place.
If you did nor received any order confirmation with your new changes, it might be an error from our system or might also been refused by our accounting team for any reason.
In this case, we suggest you to call our customer support and visit contact us page for more information.

You can ask for changes if possible noticing the extra fees that might appear on your request.
We suggest you to call our sales team and ask about your changes, while in some orders changes might be allowed and some not.

For this reason its hard to give an exact answer.

Yes, Changes if can take place will contain an additional fee of 15%-50% depending on order, depending on the product, depending on the services.
Additional fees might also be because of making changes in system, or accounting extra work.

Usually after receiving an order confirmation, no changes can take place more, however in some case might still be a short time period which you are allowed to make changes with additional cost (Depending on your order).


Yes, You can send Inquiries as many time as you want.

We dont have any limitations for that, however it might take longer time for our sales team to reply you after sending several Inquiries at the same time.
Remember, Our IT team will also make sure that all the Inquiries are safe and are based on a real Inquiry, and if not it might be marked as spam and your IP might be blocked.
If you didn’t get any reply or answers after sending several Inquiries, this might be the reason.
In this case we suggest you to contact HMi support team, and visit our contact us page for contact information.

Our sales team will try to serve you fastet possible to make sure your get your order on time.
However, If it took our sales team longer than 24 hours, we recommend you to contact our sales office via Phone, or visit contact us page for more information.

Yes, Inquiries are not based on order.
Inquiries are usually made as information and price for our companies.
For more information, we recommend you to read our terms & conditions.

No, Order confirmation is the only proof and the way to make sure your order is done.
Inquiry is usually a process before an order takes place.

We usually say 1-2 working days.
In some cases and some seasons of the year it might take up to 4 working days.
How ever we recommend you for express or fast production orders to contact our sales office directly via Phone.
Visit contact us page and contact our sales team.

Customized products

Depending on your selected item or product, yes.
MOQ might be 100 Pcs., and for some products might be 1000 Pcs., and for some 10.000 Pcs.

HMI is trying always to develop, for this reason we have always delivered on time,  with best possible services.
However, we are proud to say that we will take care of your order, no matter if its small or big as a contact for monthly production and delivery.

We suggest you to call our Support team directly for any large quantity orders via phone.
Visit contact us page to get more information.

Depending on the quantity Yes, We offer customized and individual printing products on your own size, with your own material, finishings, and packaging.
Contact our sales team per what’s app, mail, or telephone and get a free consultation.