" About HMi GmbH "


Welcome to Our Profile page, we have gathered some information about our company and our profile to help you decide to work with us easier.
HMi GmbH is an advertising, Marketing company which offers online and offline services to clients in Germany and Internationally. 
We have also our own printing factory in house in Germany to make sure we deliver everything from one professional and well experienced hand to clients.

Its easy to say about our self that we have made HMI GmbH with heart, with day and night working since 2018 in Germany.
However we have used our great experience since 1989 in advertising field to make sure we deliver the best possible products and services to our clients.

We have started HMi with only one goal of success.
We have made all the impossibles possible and served biggest brands and names from all over the world.
HMi is proud to say that nothing hast stopped us from growing, developing and getting bigger everyday. We have also reached the #1 result of search engine result in all over the Germany in 2022-2023 which it is an honour to reach to this stage of success.
We do our activities with the reason of professionalism and we never try to be the cheapest price in the market.
We grow everyday and make our online and offline system modern to make sure we will be your only one source of marketing and printing partner.
As the life is going towards the Internet more and more, we have also created our own IT company/ IT Department to make sure that we create all of your online advertisings also in house without using others for this matter.

We serve thousands of customers small and big from all over the world. We are well trained and experienced advertising, marketing company and we make sure you get the best result out of choosing us all the time.

Knowing our skills, our products and our services can help you to choose us easier. Trusting a company who has the experience since 1989 can help you to reach to your goals in shortest time with best results. We have expanded our series to online marketing and online advertising to make sure we deliver your all of your needs with high quality.

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t is one of our top services which we provide to our clients from all over the world.
We have experienced over 3600 different keywords in different markets and countries with top rankings and result.
SEO is not about only content, its also about clean and high quality strategy and plan.

When it comes to Google ad campaigns, our latest and top strategies comes in. Not only knowing how to setup, we know also how to get the best out of your investment. Imagine to investing 1000 € monthly on a Google ad campaign with the result of 500% of your investment. Yes with HMi GmbH is possible, while we first study your market and then take action.

Google Ad updates every few days and every month to improve their quality of results and services. Its exactly how we do business with our clients, we always grow, study and look closely to the prevues result of our clients and our competitors. Our professional Marketing team, offers online marketing services since 2019.

Stay on budget for marketing!

Budget Friendly

Know your budget for marketing, and then decide to start marketing. No matter if you are planning to do your marketing locally or internationally. We suggest always to first set a budget and then start marketing.
We as HMi GmbH are proud to say, our marketing services are budgeted friendly if you are planning to stay on budget.
On other side, if you have open budget, you can get better results, but not by investing on wrong strategy. Therefore, before we start any marketing strategy for our clients, we first review our strategy with our customers and then we start our work.

Don't trust only big brands.

Experienced Team

Experience has helped us to improve and grow. We suggest to our clients not to only use brands and big companies for their marketing campaigns. There might be no name companies in a small town with higher number of turnovers.
Yes, we corporate with big brands and no names companies to make sure we get the best result for your marketing projects.
Our Marketing team are well experienced and certified with the newest marketing methods. We always update our knowledge, we always update our services and strategies, which helps us to say to our customers that we are well experienced in market.

hmi-ad is a part of HMi GmbH

Serving Since 1989...

Marketing, Advertising and printing...

HMi GmbH is a Marketing and advertising company based in Germany. To be able to deliver quality and products in same time to our clients, we have stablished our own printing factory in Germany.
Printing factory with offset printing, digital Printing, Latex Printing, Laser Printing, Screen Printing, Sublimation Printing, Laser Marking, Laser Engraving, Pad Printing, Hot foiling, and etc.
The main reason of having such a big printing operation in Germany, is only to make sure to deliver printing products to our clients within less time and some cases in same day.
Almost is impossible to order an offset printing product for same day delivery, which we have make it possible.
With an additional fee, we can print your offset printing product and drain it with UV Light within less than 1 day and deliver to you or your event in some cities in same day, and other cities in 24 hours.

To make your job even easier, we have our own graphic designers in-house, to make sure we will make any changes in your printing files if needed for printing for free and without additional fees.
Experience showed us, our customers, design their brochures, catalogues, leaflets, flyers, business cards in their own sizes. Which for offset printing the sizes must be exact on our formats. We need to ad cut lines, secure lines, and folding lines if needed. Our graphic designers will help you to make the changes needed for your printing orders within 60 minutes only. This helped our customers a lot in many cases. 

When it comes to marketing, it doesn't stop to digital or online marketing. Yes, Marketing goes further to promotional gift items, merchandises, giveaways, large format printings, and printing products. With us, you get all of them in shortest time delivered to you!