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Print on demand in Germany with HMi

Printing your brand and logo on products can help you to grow faster. Printing your own Clothings, uniforms, T-shirts, or any item can help you to attract more attention in your market. You can use printing products, or printed promotional products in many different places and occasions. Call us today and order your own merchandise and products with best prices in the market!

Some of our products you can print on demand!

Its hard to select 3 printing products for you, while we offer near to 2 million printing products and merchandises. We have selected the following printing products as example to show you what products can be more helpful for you as your next advertising .

Printable drinkwares in Germany | Print logo on promotional drinkwares in Germany with HMi GmbH | Drinkwares in Germany at hmi-ad

Printable Drinkwares

Print your logo on promotional drink wares and use them to promote your brand!
Printable phone chargers in Germany | Printable promotional phone chargers in Germany with HMi GmbH | HMi offers print on demand in Germany |

Printable Phone Chargers

A great way to promote your brand, while every one likes free Phone charges.
Printable Shopping bags in Germany | Promotional shopping bag with logo in Germany | Print on demand in Germany with HMi GmbH | HMi offers marketing products since 2018

Printable shopping Bag

Let your customers to use your branded shopping bag to promote your brand for free.

Make a research, find the best matching item, and order!

We provide a large selection of printing products, merchandise, giveaways, promotional products and advertising solutions. Explore our products and services, find the best matching product to you and your business, and order!
We take the rest, No matter if you need designing, artwork, special printing, special brand or any extra wishes. Our professional sales team will help you to find the best and suitable product and services for you!

Print on Demand Service from HMi

With print on demand service in Germany, you can get all of your needs no matter if its a 500 pages documents or a complete marketing with branding option set, Trade show giveaways, advertising materials or any others, with few easy steps.

Print on demand in Germany with HMi | Printing services in Germany with HMI GmbH with same night delivery

You can also collect your order

Depending on your selected item, on your selected printing method, you can collect your orders at HMI GmbH Bochum Branch.
Note: We highly recommend you to contact your sales person or HMI support team to arrange your collection.

Collect your orders!

Get Direction HMi GmbH in Bochum

HMi GmbH, Markts. 120, 44803 Bochum.
Depending on your order, you can visit or Bochum Branch any time!

Researches shows us, printing on demand services in Germany may have evolved more than before. However, as of that time, there were several printing on demand companies operating in Germany that catered to individuals and businesses looking to create custom-printed products, gift items, and giveaways.

Popular global platforms like Vista Print, Flyer alarm and many more were available to users in Germany. Additionally, there were local printing on demand services that offered customized printing solutions for various products, including apparel, accessories, and promotional items.
In 2018 HMi has started the first printing company in Bochum city, with offering only gift items and giveaways. However HMi has developed a complete new online system/ Website and moved from local business to International Business in year 2020. is a part of HMI GmbH Marketing and printing agency from Germany.

We have used all the sources, brands, products, services, printing facilities and all the experience which HMi GmbH has to build a complete new system to offer you

HMi printing company

Printing on demand on T-shirt

Print your logo, your picture, or your design on any color T-shirt. We offer T-shirts from different brands and with different qualities depending on your budget. Start today and order your own T-shirt to us!

How Printing on Demand can affect you!

Printing on demand, means printing on your wish, and request! You can choose any of our products, to order and we print your logo on them to make them look like your own product and look more special with special finishings.
Here are 6 elements of how printing on demand can affect your business and brand in Germany!