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Some information about careers at HMi.
What you need to know for working with us:

• We look for active and creative people to have them in our team.

Our goal is to grow and to develop our services and increase the number of products we offer. For this reason you might consider to work more in future but not less, you might really conifer that before applying. Yes, it’s a kind of joke to say that, however our goal is to become one of the top 3 marketing and advertising companies in Germany.
For that, you will have a big challenge by being a part of us.

We are young, active, and we accept all the challenges we might have in our journey to the success. This is the main reason why we are HMi, and why we are growing so fast in Germany and in international market.

Experience, your experience matters to us. What you have done in past and what jobs did you have will help us to decide easier.

Power, do you think you have a special power in marketing? You have just landed on a right place. don’t waste your time and apply right away.
– We mean not a special power, in fact we mean if you think you are specialised in marketing.

Talent, We look for talented people. Talented People can help us to grow and we really look to have talented people in our team.

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Careers at HMi
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In addition, attach your CV, your resume, and your certificates if you have.
To complete your application, write few sentences about your ideas, your visions, your plan and your goals.
Another point to remember, that we are receiving many applications and we look one by one all the application and forms.
That’s why we always suggest you to write some of your key elements and describe us why shall we hire you and have you in our team.

HMi is a marketing and advertising agency from Germany, serving clients and customers from all over the world.
We have started our company in Germany in 2018, with over 34 years of Experience.

HMi gmbh is one of the most leading companies in marketing field in last 3-4 years in Germany. We have turned a zero company to one of the most successful marketing agencies. 
We have created everything online, therefor we have invest over 75% of our time in our online platforms and websites. One of our major activities is online marketing, which we also offer it to our clients as one of our services.

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