Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We are HMi, and our activities are under HMi GmbH License.

HMi Terms and conditions

We care about the rights of our customers and respect them.
With us, you will always be safe and we try our best to help and serve you with your advertising, printing, and marketing products.

All orders, deliveries and services from hmigift, him-ad, hmiwerbung, are managed and controlled by HMi GmbH in  Germany  (your supplier, partner, agent acting as German law). All acceptances are subject to the Terms and Conditions.
The terms and conditions are drafted by our team and attorneys, and written and drafted to ensure that we preserve the potential of our business and earn the highest level of respect from our clients.
We respect our customers and clients, for that reason we have carefully created our Terms and conditions to make sure we and our customers stay always in the safest way.

HMi Terms & Conditions

§1. Conclusion of Contract

(1.) Prices of products, services, packages, bundles, offers, or any others are not included VAT, Shipping cost, Packaging Cost and any other extras.
Depending on the product, Printing might also not be included in prices mentioned.
We highly recommend to check our Total prices before ordering.
(2.) Prices might be changed due to the Costumes costs, shipping costs, and many other reasons. 
(3.) Depending on your order, we might add extra charges such as late night printing, 24 hours production fees, express print and pack, redesign fees, printing file changes fees. for any information, please contact our sales team via What’s App, Mail, or phone.


§2. Payment

(1.) HMi does not accept payment on delivery, as most of the orders are made individually, customised or printed with clients logo.
(2.) We only start your order after payment confirmation, payment proof or payment approval.
(3.) We accept all types of payments, depending on your order history.
(4.) All the payment charges, such as credit card charges, PayPal Charges, or payment getaway charges, will be added to the customers Invoice, and HMi will not accept any responsibilities for the fees.
Visit Payments Page to read more about our payments regulations.


§3. Invoice

(1.) Invoices will be generated after payment confirmation.
HMi GmbH does not make the Invoices before payments for clients.
(2.) Invoices must be paid within 14 days, or an additional fees as (Mahnkosten/ Service charge -fine) will be added to the Invoice.
– If Invoice has been issued for some clients.
(3.) Invoices are not returnable, or cancelable at any situation.
(4.) For changing the Invoice number, Invoice address, or any Informations, please contact our support team per mail. We don’t accept to do any changes per phone, or other methods.


§4. Return & Refund Policy

(1.) HMI does not accept any claims for return or cancellation under any condition.
As most of our services and products are made on customers need, we do not accept any returns, or order cancelations.
In some case if order is delivered with a mistake, or damaged, our customer service agents will provide an voucher code after quality control and approval from 505 team.

(2.) HMi does not accept any claims for shipping deliveries at all. If by delivery you have seen any of your items or the packages are damaged, you have to not accept the order, and claim the shipping damages with the shipping company at the same time.
For more Info, Click on the link below and read more about our Return & Refund Policies at HMi.


§5. Shipping & Delivery

(1.) HMi does not accept any claims for order cancellation or returning any products under any conditions.
(2.) HMi is not responsible for any happening things to your order during shipping and delivery to you or your event location.
(3.) HMi Does not accept any Damage claims for printing products, advertising items, promotional gift items, giveaway or any other branded products.
– As very single package we ship to our customers are containing an Insurance provided by the shipping company, we do not accept any claims for that directly. Instead We recommend you to contact the shipping company, and ask for replacement for any defected products.
(4.) HMi Does not ship and deliver directly products to clients, for this reason any damages might be appear during the delivery connot be accepted by HMi.
We always recommend you to make sure about your shipping and delivery before you sign and accept the delivery, in case any damages are appeared to the shipping packages.
In some other cases, we suggest you to take pictures, if any damages are affected to your order after unpacking it.
Read more about our Shipping & Delivery Policies on Shipping and delivery policies page by clicking on the link.


§6. Order Confirmation

(1.) Order confirmation is a must step for every single customer.
(2.) We do not accept any order to be done without order confirmation.
(3.) With signing order confirmation, you must accept HMI’s Terms & Conditions in a complete way, and if not, we will not take your order and if so, your order will be canceled automatically after payment.
(4.) Order confirmation is an overview of your order details.
Which we recommend you to have look and make sure all the details are correct, informations such as shipping address, billing address, quantity of selected product, selected printing method, payment fees (if applied), Shipping costs (if applied) and other details.
Checking all the details, informations, and reading all the Terms and conditions are necessary and its a must for confirming any order.
(5.) By ordering any online products, you might not receive any order confirmation, and instead before making the payment we will show you a finial review of your order to make sure you check the details and accept our terms and conditions before placing an order.


§7. Pricing and Price rules at HMi

(1.) We as HMI have created our own database and our own online backend to make sure we provide all the prices updated and correctly.
However, due to the high amount od advertising products, promotional gift items, giveaways, printing products and different printing services and technologies, prices might be wrongly entered in our data base.
If any prices are entered wrongly, or any place changes appear after your order confirmation, our sales agents will contact you and let you know for the updates, in that case, the client is free to decide to cancel or change they order in some cases (Kindly ask your sales about your options).
(2.) Prices might be higher on our backend and data base, and might take a longer time to be updated on our frontend of the website, which we will control that after your order comes in our accounting system right aways.
(3.) We might design, create and print your leaflets with 100€ and we might sell the same product to another client for 500€, which HMI keeps the right of pricing for customisations and designing purposes at his own in every type of orders.
(4.) We do not accept any claims for prices if are higher or lower at any situation.
(5.) HMi Has near to 3 million printing products and promotional products printed with your logo  along with +2200 different online marketing solutions. This huge number makes our job harder and harder than it looks.
Therefor, we might have errors, mistakes, problems in any step of the order processing online or offline, which we Invite your to have patient and understand us.
We will be happy and send you a cougher if you suggest any recommendations, or if you find any errors in our websites, and share them with us.


§8. How to Order at HMi

How to order on hmi-ad.com is one of our most important systems and matters all the time.
We have created a nice and smooth online system to be able to provide you the best possible services, products, printing services with a fair prices all the time.
We try our best to save your time by ordering at HMi.
For this matter, we have created a complete guide for our clients to explain them how to order at hmi-ad.com .


§9. Damaged & Defected Items

HMi is not a shipping company, HMi is an advertising & Printing agency which offers near to 3 million products branded and printed with your logo with fair prices in Germany from Düsseldorf.
(1.) Every order which handed to the shipping company might be damaged, or might also be damaged during transportation.
Which in non of the situations we accept claims and responsibilities.
(2.)  Products, and promotional gift items, giveaways and corporate gifts might damaged in manufacture process, which in this case, our support team will help you to replace your item after checking your product.
(3.) Our professional quality control team will make sure to check every product and order before leaving the warehouse, however sometimes might an item or an order not be checked in a right way, which in this case you can contact our support team or your sales person to replace them in confirmed by our quality control team.
(4.) If you have noticed a damage on your order during the shipping or delivery, please Notify the driver before signing and receiving your order.


§10. Privacy and Policy

By accepting our Terms and conditions you must also read all of our Privacy and Policies to be aware of all of the rules and terms of HMi before confirming an order.
HMi is based on trust, loyalty, quality and fair prices.
By clicking on the following link you will be landed on our Privacy & Policy page.
We have created our Policies due to our safety and experiences and not to use your anything against our customers.
We believe our customers are the only way to success for us, so we try our best to serve them not as a customer, instead as family.
We respect our clients right and we try our best to keep our word for this matter all the time.


§11. Battery Law

Like all other things, Germany has also it own Battery Laws, which is written for people safety and Eco Friendly life.
We have mentioned all the Battery laws of Germany in a different page.
Click on Battery Rules of Germany and read all the rules and laws.
(Note: Laws might be updated any time. Our clients must read and inform their self every time they need. Our IT team will also update all the new laws regularly. However some laws might take time to be updated.)


§12. Our Logo

We print add our Logo and our brand name under your designed, Printed or any product that we print automatically. We don’t accept any claims or complains for this matter. We use our company information to make sure that we keep the rights of the designs we made for our clients.
Clients must purchase the Original designed files from us by paying the full amount for designing and must also have it written in contact or Invoice.
If we mention for ex.: Flyer with layout without data file, means we don’t handover the original printing file as agreed while we didn’t charge the customer for the design made.
If any customer or third party use our design, Logo or any file we have created without our permission written, we have the right to claim our rights and the customer must pay a full amount of designing costs to us.

We do not accept any of our designs or Logos we made for a client to be used without our permission on any website, social media platform or printed advertisings.


§13. Confirming and signing order Confirmation

As soon a client signs order confirmation, the customer has no right to cancel the order any more. The customer must pay the full amount mentioned in order confirmation in order to get their ordered product or project.

If a customer changes his/her mind after signing order confirmation, they must make a full payment of the invoice and must stay with the order they have made.
For creating an order confirmation, we create artworks, offers, quotations, and we provide free consultation to the customer to help them to find the best matching products, services, and contracts. Therefor when we come to the order confirmation and the customer approves the order details and sign it, we don’t accept any claims for order cancelation or making changes under any circumstances.

Read and find out more about our Privacy & Policies...

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Terms and conditions at HMi GmbH | Order your promotional products at HMi-ad in Düsseldorf and read terms and conditions

We have created a complete form and a complete reviewed Terms and Conditions for HMI.
No matter which website or property of HMi do you order, or do you land, Our Terms and conditions will be applied for every single order every time you order any product.

Visit our Company Profile site by clicking on hmi.agency and reading our complete profile and how we take actions after an order entered our data base.

HMi GmbH is a German based advertising & Marketing company, with a huge printing factory and facility along, and most professional Webdesign, and online marketing services agency from Düsseldorf.
We accept orders from no name companies, up to big brands in bigger volumes and in huge quantities for delivery in Germany and all over the world depending on your order.

HMi Is an self made brand since 2018 in Germany with over 34 years of experience.