Same Night Printing Products

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Same Night Printing Products

Same night printing products are our special kind of service and products.
We are not able to print all of our products as same night printing, while some them need a longer printing process or longer setup.
Longer setup means, we have to setup your printing product, we have to test a single item, and our expert quality control must also confirm the sample before we start the production. 
For this reason some of our products can be printed in same night, and some needs a longer time to process.

Same-Night Printing Products

We print your printing products within 6 hours only!

offset Printing with same-night Printing!

HMi GmbH is the only company in Germany who offers same night offset printing to customers from all over the world. We offer offset printing for same day delivery no matter what quantity and what size of layout.
As standard offset printing, we need 6-8 working days to process your order and print. Offset printing is a time consuming printing method. But we have our own draining advance system for fastest turnover possible for our clients.
We print your catalogues up to 500 pages, staple them, cut them, fold them, pack them and deliver them to you in same day.

Offset Printing with same night printing has different prices than other offset printing services. We charge the client more for this type of printing, while we need to pay more to our technicians in order to work extra hours.
Processing an offset printing for faster printing, needs also an extra setup, extra cutting process and for sure advance UV – drain process.

We have served many customers from all over the world with same night printing services. HMi has a professional printing factory with different printing methods and facilities, to make your job easier and make sure you get all of your needs on time.

Printing Catalogues

We print your catalogues with same night printing, and deliver you within 6-12 hours only.
We print you catalogues, fold or staple them on your wish. 
We also offer Binding for easy usage and good looking also.
No matter if your Catalogues are 30 pages, 40 pages, or 100 pages. Our same day printing facility is able to print up to 1 million papers a day for you with special fares and prices.

To make your job easier, if we need to change your printing file size, or printing file layout, our professional graphic designers will make sure to do them on time.
We check all of our printing files before we start printing. We check all the spaces, cut lines, fold lines before we start printing.
You might be out of time for your conference, exhibition or fair trade show and need to print your catalogue in same night.
Easily contact our sales office by phone or what’s app to make sure we get enough time for printing and delivering to you.

Printing Posters

We Offer Sublimation ceramic mugs with full color printing for same day delivery also. You might be short in time, and looking for a great promotional gift item, which mugs are a great solution for you. We print full color on your wish, or your logo on mugs with or without box for a great price depending on quantity you order.

We have near to 100.000 peaces of ceramic mugs for same night printing in our warehouse.
As Sublimation printing does not need a lot of time for draining, we use also a special UV Ovens for faster draining process. We also offer different mugs, we offer Quality A, Quality AA, and also Quality AAA with EU Standard and dishwasher safe.

We never try to offer the cheapest promotional items to our clients, however for lower cost products we also offer a range of budget friendly items on the other side.

Printing Documents

We print you’re Leaflets or flyers with same night delivery, no matter what US or EU standard paper size. We also Print and fold you’re leaflets if you wish, as Zig zag fold, 1 fold, double fold, or 3 folds on your demand.

To be able to offer you a great price for same night delivery leaflets, we offer both Offset printing and digital printing.
Offset printing only 5 days a week, and digital printing 7 days a week. Leaflets with Digital Printing might cost you up to 500% more than offset, but need less time in preparing and printing.
We also offer leaflet printing on different papers and thicknesses. We offer 80g paper, 120g paper, 135g paper, 160g paper and as premium quality 250g paper.
Printing leaflets with same night delivery can be done on both shiny and matt effect on your demand. 

We print your leaflets, pack and deliver to you or your event within only 8 hours as ultra express printing option.

T-Shirt Printing

We print your Roll-up with EU standard size of 85 cm x 200 cm on different materials. Materials called Standard Roll up, Premium Roll Up, Special Roll up, and also Top Gold Roll up.
Our Roll ups are made from a great aluminium, metal, or plastic and papers.
As same night printing products, we might not be able to print every type of Roll ups. 

Roll ups are great to attract customers to your product, service, or business. As Roll Ups are principally large, it can also help you to present more information and details.
We also offer designing services for your roll ups to make your job easier.
You might have your own design for printing on roll up, which no worries at all. If we must change the size of your design, we might charge you an extra fees.

Our Roll-ups for same night delivery are starting from 199€ including a small nice travel bags.

Same Night Printing Products

In addition to enhancing efficiency, same-night printing services promote sustainability. By increasing production times and reducing transportation requirements, these services significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional print production. This aligns with the growing global trend towards eco-conscious practices and emphasizes the importance of responsible consumer choices.

Same-night printing services owe their efficiency and accuracy to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies such as high-speed printers, advanced color calibration, UV Drying system, and automated quality control mechanisms. The integration of these technologies ensures the rapid production of prints without compromising on quality, thereby guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

The seamless integration of online platforms with same-night printing services has further streamlined the process. Through intuitive web interfaces, clients can effortlessly upload and preview their designs, select specifications, obtain instant quotes, and easily make payment. Moreover, robust order tracking systems enable clients to monitor the progress of their print jobs, promoting transparency and peace of mind.

Unforeseen circumstances and last-minute changes often arise, necessitating the need for exceptional customer service. Same-night printing services understand this demand and provide personalized support for sensitive situations. Dedicated customer service representatives are readily available to address any concerns and ensure that clients receive reliable assistance whenever required.


How We process Same Night Printing?

We process same night printing products with 3 simple steps. Contact/ Get Offer, Confirm and make payment, We print and deliver to you!

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Send us Inquiry

Send us Inquiry or contact us. You have also other options for contact us for last minute orders, such as What's App.
Confirm & Pay your printing products in Germany to Hmi GmbH | Order printing products in Germany to HMi | Same night printing products in Germany with HMi GmbH

Confirm your order & make payment

Confirm your order by email, and make your payment Online. For last minute orders, we need a payment confirmation.
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We Print and Deliver to you

As soon as we get the payment confirmation, we will process your order and deliver to you within 3 hours only.

We offer same night printing products to customers in Germany. We will deliver your orders to you with express delivery option by carriers. We also offer same day delivery in some cities in Germany, such as Bochum, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund, Essen and other cities.
We recommend you to contact our sales team to make sure what shipping method would you like to have. Our direct delivery option, express delivery contains extra charges. We also make sure to deliver you on time, with fastest our over most of the times.
We process your same night printing orders as digital printing, and also offset printing in many cases.

We print your presentations no matter in what format and what size. We print in different qualities, we pack them clean and professionally, and deliver to you in same day.
We process order before 12:00 O’clock, means we need a payment confirmation before 12:00 at most of the time.
We don’t accept payment on delivery in any case. We only accept in advance payments for same night printing orders.
Please contact our sales team for any information, consultations and to get an offer for your order. Contact us per phone, what’s App, or direct phone Emergency number: (+49) 0176 20332138 any time of the day.