We are HMi Gmbh

We take care of you!

We provide first-class and professional customer service to our customers all over the world.
We serve customers from Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and many other countries every day.
We never promise what we are not able to do. Therefor we try our best to make your job less and try to increase 

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In-house production

We have our own warehouse, & we print in-house and in our printing factory with shortest & fastest production & delivery time.

We take care of all your needs for an event, concert, exhibition, fair trade show, conference, seminar, election or other occasions in Germany and other countries in Europe.
We create and develop your catalog, presentation, ticket, cards and folders, promotional gifts, cotton bags, metal pens, aluminum pens, plastic pens, eco pens, notebooks, USB sticks and many other promotional gifts. We print your logo and design and deliver them to your event or hotel on your request.
We care about our customers and provide full service support and 5 star customer service for our customers 7 days a week.

What out customers get from us!


Products with value

We offer different types of products and services, we offer cheap and on-budget printing products and promotional gifts and also branded and high quality products on your demand. We offer branded promotional gift items printed with your logo for your next event.


Your only 1 Source

We create and print your promotional gifts and deliver them to you on site for your event or trade show. We also design and print your print products such as business cards and flyers. We are your one-stop source for promotional and printed products in any size, and quantity.


Fast production & Print

Since we do the production and printing in-house, we also offer our customers the option of express printing and delivery. We are HMi your professional marketing, advertising and printing partner in Germany. We also offer same day delivery in some cities and areas.

We Print and deliver promotional gifts since 1989...

We have served customers all over the world with various orders and inquiries since 1989.

HMi Advertising Agency

We are glad to say that we are a part of HMi GmbH group, We are a professional advertising agency in Dusseldorf and offer our clients a wide range of printing and advertising services.

HMi Printing Agency

We never say no to a print job. No matter what you need to print, we are your right printing partner with over 33 years of experience. We print and deliver to you for free with fast shipping.

How to find us?

We are available in Germany in different cities, in Bochum and in Düsseldorf.
We are also available per phone, mail, what’s App, or at our sales offices in Germany.
We serve clients from all over the world, no matter what time and what day.
Our customer service and sales team are available 7 days week and 24 hours to make sure you reach one of our agents on your timing also.
HMi GmbH, makes sure to be findable on internet in different websites, on different platforms, on different social media platforms and search engines.
Our Online marketing team, are working day and night to create more useful contents for you and other clients.
hmi-ad is a new website, designed and created with one goal of helping you to find all of your needs, printing products, promotional products, advertising solutions online for your next events in Germany.

Are you looking for a marketing or advertising agency for your next event or trade show?

Knowing where to start for advertising and marketing, and taking which action is very important.
Our professional sales team are well trained to first find out about your event, or reason of advertising, and then create a professional strategy to make sure you get the best result of your investment.

No matter what type of products or what type of marketing are you trying to start.
You will still need to know where to start, how to start, or what to do first. Don’t worry, ouur sales team will help you to create a perfect plan for you.
Even if you visiting Germany for a fair trade show, conference, presentation, meeting, or exhibition,  you might want to order printing products, merchandise, giveaways, promotional gift items, or advertising technology products printed with your logo.
Instead of searching online, instead of calling a wrong company and waiting youur time and money, HMI will help you to design, print, deliver and if needed setup in Germany.
Yes, we are your best solution for, marketing, advertising and printing in Germany.

We offer free consultation and Send us an inquiry or email us, our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We accept last minute print orders and promotional gift print orders from all over the world.


Print Your roll-up with same day delivery

We print your Roll-up for same de delivery in some cities in Germany.

We print and deliver your Roll up in Düsseldorf city and within 100km.
Roll-ups are perfect advertising product, it can also be a great element for presentations for small and big events.
It can be a great way to present your brand, company, your product or your services with small investment.
However if you need an Express printing  Roll-up, we are glad to say we can offer you Roll-ups with same day production starting from 199,00 € depending on material, quality, size and type of your selected Roll-up.

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About Us

HMi GmbH

We offer a high range of products with different materials, different print techniques, in different sizes, with different packaging.
We made sure to source out also any product we are not able to print or produce in house.

In a simple way to say, we didn’t want our customers to waste time and spend more money for hiring an advertising agency in one hand, and ordering printing products to another company.

For completing our mission, we have developed our company to Online marketing, digital advertising, Webdesign, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing & many more.
To be able to provide this amount of services, and products from one hand, you will need a professional well trained team, experience, and the most important part, knowledge.
We believe you can buy everything, but you can’t buy time, Experience, and knowledge.
Time was our secret to success.
Experiencing since 1989, cannot be traded with any amount in world.
HMi GmbH is proud to say, we have designed, redesigned, created and improved all the single elements in our platform and our whole strategy of business in Germany .
We have made a lot of researches to find the real need of customers in Germany.
Companies such as Vista Print, Flyeralram, Wir-machen-druck and others, are very professional and trustable in Printing specially in Germany.
However,  we dont try to be their competitor at all.
We Corporate together for some orders, jobs or inquiries. Which we find it professional and smart way of doing business-
Instead we try to be different, we don’t try to be the cheapest, instead we try always to design, print and deliver you in most cases within 1-2 days.
– • – • – • –
In addition, We have created nice platform to make sure clients can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and order their products for a special event, date or fair trade show.

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