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We have created a very big selection of printing products and promotional gift items with many details, to make your job easier and help you to find faster your product.
For our safety and off curse our clients safety we have created a complete terms and conditions.
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Our Terms & Regulations for Payments

§P1. HMi accepts different payment methods, and uses different payment gateways.
But HMi does not take any responsibility of any happening things, errors during payments, fees or any other matters at all.
It is customers responsibility to make sure which payment gateway are they more comfortable with.

§P2. HMi does not accept any payment fees and costs for customers payments.
To understand better, If your Total amount of Invoice is 100€, and you chose to pay with PayPal, all the service charges and transaction fees will be on customers half, and must be paid by customer.

§P3. Payment Fees, Transaction fees, might be invoiced after you make your payment online.
* All the payment fees will be invoiced extra or added to the invoice before finalising the order. *

§P4. HMi does not accept any claims for data security, card information, bank account information, billing information, or any other information that clients provide to third party companies such as PayPal.
 Therefor, Paypal will be responsible for that, and we suggest you to read their policies before making any payments.

§P5. Every single order, will start after the payment confirmation.
No matter if an unexpected error or any other reason will be there, Production, and design team will only get the order after the Payment confirmation only.

§P6. Payments are not refundable at HMI.
HMI does not have any return or cancelation policies. For this reason we do not accept any refunds or order cancelations.
For more Info please read our Terms & Conditions on Terms and conditions page.

§P20. We accept credit cards, and American Express cards for payments.
However, in some payment methods, your payment might take longer to be in our account, which in that situation we need a payment proof – or Proof of payment per Email send to us in order to be a able to start your order faster if your order is last minute or Express Production.

§P21. HMi Does not accept to cancel your order if you have ordered a product with EXPRESS or LAST MINUTE, SAME DAY PRODUCTION, 24HOURS PRODUCTION, 48 HOURS PRODUCTION.
When we get an order confirmation from our client, it means there order is is our system and it cannot be CANCELLED or changed any more.
In this case, if a payment delay affects the delivery and production time, it is not HMI’s responsibility and HMI does not accept any claims for that.
*Please note, we only start orders, production, printings, and deliveries after the payment confirmation from our accounting department only.*

§P22. HMI GmbH, Accepts orders from different websites, with different percentage of fees and transaction systems.
It is customers responsibility to read all the terms and conditions and accept them by ordering at any website and property of HMi.

§P23. Payments can not be refunded, if shipping damages are appeared, or quality of printing does not look as you ordered, or other problems, contact our support team by visiting our contact us page and filling the form up.
If our support team accept your claim, you will be provided only vouchers as refund.

Payments @ hmi

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