How to Inquire

how to send Inquiry to HMi GmbH | How to send Inquiry in Germany to HMi-ad | Send Inquiry for promotional gift items | HMI GmbH

Why to Send us Inquiry?

The process of sending us Inquiry, means to provide information about your needs exactly.
What product, what Item, printed or unprinted, what type of printing method, what quantity, what packaging to choose and order.
After we receive your Inquiry, We will check our stock and calendar to make sure we are able to deliver you your order on time.
In Addition, after confirming all the point with our support team, we will move to accounting and finilizing your invoice.
We come up to the packaging quality and the packaging options.
If you need a premium type of packaging or a cheap packaging or maybe standard without packaging.
All the point will be checked, confirmed with our clients before finlizing the order confirmation.
To make sure you get your order on time, we might also need to ship and deliver your order with express, or special delivery company.
Which we will also discuss that on order confirmation with you.

How to Inquire

Send us Inquiry for your order now…

It's simple, easy and fast.

Send us Inquiry for your special order, customized product, on-time delivery order, promotional gift items printing, merchandise and giveaways.
You might need to get a consultation for your marketing campaign, or your giveaways order.
You might need to order on a special budget for special delivery day with special packaging or printing. No worries, our sales agents will help you to find the best matching items and products for you.

How to send Inquiry to us?

1- First, Register on hmi-ad
2- Choose your items
3- Add them to the cart
4- Finalise your items and quantity
5- Double check all the selected items, colors, sizes, and delivery type
6- Upload your Logo for printing
*Note1: If you get an option to upload your Printing files, Logo, Design or artwork right on the cart page, mention each file name with your ordered Item title.
*Note2: If you have not get an option for uploading your files, pleas visit Upload a file page to upload your printing files.
7- Confirm and, Send your Inquiry

Note: Some Items and products can be ordered online without sending an Inquiry, and some of our products need to place an Inquiry and after confirmation of our sales team, then place an order.

We have created an Inquiry base products, to make sure we keep on the schedule and make sure to print and deliver all of our order on time to the clients no matter where and when.
hmi-ad is a sister company of HMi GmbH, offering advertising products in different ways, formats, types, online marketing services, printing products and services, and Web-design.
We are providing services and products along with over 18 sister companies under one brand and company from Germany, called HMi GmbH.

Why to choose HMi GmbH as your marketing partner?

Because we are one of the most professional company in Marketing & printing fields.
We don’t focus on profiting from sales or only making a contract with a client, instead we focus on the type of services we offer.
Being the cheapest company in the market was not our goal at all in last few years. We have tried always to provide exclusive services, fast printing services, and top online marketing service with best results.
We are HMi GmbH.

How to know HMi GmbH is a professional Marketing company in Germany?

We believe its not easy to present your company Professionally online and offline.
Therefore this reason can help you to trust us, and why to choose us, you can have a look to our reference in history of us.
Having a nice and professional profile can also be a good reason to choose us as you marketing agent in Germany.
Marketing is the heart of every business in the world.

What types of marketing services do HMI GmbH provide?

We provide, Online marketing services, social media marketing services, Marketing products, Marketing solutions, Marketing ideas and … .
We try always to offer not only marketing strategies, also we offer promotional gift items printed with your brand which can help your marketing strategy to success in mot of the cases.
We didn’t stoop to Promotional gift items, instead we have developed our company to Printing products as well.