Printing Methods

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HMI Printing Methods

We print on different surfaces with different printing methods in Germany and other countries world wide.
Printing doesn't have an end, for this reason, we print, we learn, we look, and we grow.
This is how HMI Printing company has stablished in 2018.


Printing methods 

Find out about Our Printing methods!

We offer near to 70 different printing methods for different products, different solutions, different formats and usages.
We have gathered some of our products, and some of our printing methods together on hmi-ad website.
As the amount of our contents are extremely high, we will update every page and every information daily and monthly for our clients.

We offer different printing methods to our clients directly and some of them not direct.
Means, we offer offset printing, we might print in our own printing department, or we might use our partners facilities, but we still stay at our commitment, and offer you the best price in the market for that, and we guarantee the quality of your product.

We might not have enough space, place, or men power for printing and order. For that reason, we have contracts with many different printing factories in Germany, in Dubai, In Italy, and in Poland to make sure we deliver your order no matter where you ask for.

Printing methods

We offer Different printing methods and printing services to our clients to make sure they get what they are looking for from one hand.
Depending on the size of your order, on the products and items you choose, the quantity you have ordered, and the time you have for delivery. You might choose a different printing method depending on the points we have mentioned.
Our professional sales team will try to offer you the best consultation to make sure you choose the correct printing method.

Offset Printing

Laser Printing

order printing products to HMi GmbH printing company with special finishing in Germany | Printing products with special finishings and special material | Customized printing products in Germany | HMi GmbH

Special finishings

Laser cutting in Düsseldorf | Laser marking & laser cutting in Germany | HMi GmbH offers laser marking & laser cutting services from Düsseldorf in Germany

Laser Cutting


3D Laser Sampling


Laser Marking on Metal

Epoxy coating on stickers in Germany | Printing services in Germany with HMi GmbH | 3d UV effect printing in Germany | HMi GmbH

Epoxy Coating

Gold foiling in Germany | HMi GmbH offers gold foling printing in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH offers printing services in Düsseldorf | Gold foiling in Düsseldorf

Gold Foiling

Large signages printing in Germany | Printing in Large format in Germany | Printing services in Germany | HMi GmbH Printing agency from Düsseldorf

Large Signages

Large format printing for outdoor in Germany | Outdoor advertising printing in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH offers outdoor printing services since 2018 in Düsseldorf

Outdoor signages

Large format printing for outdoor in Germany | Outdoor advertising printing in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH offers outdoor printing services since 2018 in Düsseldorf

Indoor Signages

Business signage printing in Germany | Advertising signages in Düsseldorf | Outdoor signages printing in Germany | HMi GmbH pffers printing

Business Signages

Large format printing in Düsseldorf | Printing services in Germany | HMi GmbH Offers printing services in Germany since 2018 | Printing in Düsseldorf

Large format Printing

Printing in Germany

Printing in Germany is very common. As almost printing is still a big part of presentation and advertising in all over the world, Germany still using printing products much more than other countries in average.

Every Printing method in our company, is provided with best printing technologies, elements, gadgets and EU standard materials.
We in most of the cases we also import many printing papers, and printing inks to make sure we get the best result, and quality for most of our printing methods.
We and our contracted partners around the world will make sure you receive the best quality of printing in fastest way possible.
Different Printing methods helped us to have more printing variety, to print on more promotional gift items, to print more advertising products for fair trade shows, exhibitions, events and seminars.
Principally having different printing methods, can help you to provide also more services to you clients, which we do use this benefit for our brand, HMi GmbH.
Printing methods such as digital printing, sublimation printing, outdoor signages, UV Printing and more. Each printing method, is usable for a special product, for example ordering a banner for outside, must be printed with special ink to avoid earring with rain, water, snow or sun light.In some case we are able to print, and for longer time usage, to laminate the printing surface in matt or shiny.
Laminating a printing surface, can help bus to have an external care of the printing, and can also be used for a longer time.

Printing methods in Germany
There are different printing methods which are used in Germany for printing products.
Printing methods are many, and printing can be done in different ways. Depending on what surface you want to print, and depending on what product do you want to print, you might choose your printing method.
Most of the printing methods contain setup cost in Europe, which it can any additional fixed price chosen by your printing company.
Depending on the time we need to setup, we also charge our clients an extra fees as set-up cost.
Read and find out more about printing methods that we offer in Germany, and choose the best matches your needs.

Printing offset in Germany
Printing offset in Germany is growing everyday. As Offset printing is a very well priceprintingi method, many companies decide to print their advertising, leaflets, brochures, catalogs and posters as offset printing.
Yes, we also agree that Offset printing is very low cast printing method, but it only make sense for a larger quantity of orders.
For example, 10.000 copies, of 2 side leaflets, can cost you around 299,00 € and the same quantity with digital printing can cost you 1500,00 €.
Still depending on the paper you select, depending on the speed of production, and delivery, you might consider that Offset printing is a great solution for bigger orders with more time for delivery.

Printing and branding on Promotional gifts
We also print your logo, company name, design, message or brand on +2 million different promotional gift items on your choice.
We have experience in this field since 1989 in Middle East, and supplied many customers around the world with small and big orders and projects.
One of the benefits you get from us by choosing us as your marketing partner, is you get all of your needs from one hand. You don’t need to search or look for a particular product in market  or online, instead by contacting your sales agent we will supply you even if we don’t have the product or item in our product list. In addition, we make sure to print your logo if you want on your selected items if you wish.