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HMi GmbH Germany's Leading Advertising & marketing agency

HMI GmbH has served nearly 1 million Customers from all over the world with different needs, projects, products and services.

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We have expand to make sure you get what you need from one professional hand!

Webdesign & Online Marketing!

We have developed our system to online services and online marketing solutions for you.
We have created an amazing online systems for ups, and for our clients standing at the top of search results in different fields and markets.

HMi GmbH, was first made from scratch and with 0 customers in Germany.
In few years we have created a nice professional systematic company known world wide by companies and brands.

HMi is a brand to trust and we believe our results explain the most of our job rather than we explain by examples.
We have been for 3 years the top search result on Search engine without any paid campaigns and without any Google ads.
This shows our commitment, quality of our content, the way we work on a project and how much knowledge do we have in real life to get results like this.

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Professional Services

HMi printing agency | HMi Printing company in Germany | HMi GmbH | HMi printing services

Printing Services

We print and deliver to you!
Designing services in HMi GmbH | Graphic design services in Germany | HMi Germany

Designing Services

We first draw, then check and create for the last result.
Marketing services | HMi GmbH | HMi marketing services in Germany | HMi is one of the marketing agencies in Germany

Marketing Concept

We start we research and end up with solutions!
Eco-friendly promotional gift items in Germany | HMI GmbH offers eco-friendly gift items

Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts

We offer a large selection of Eco-friendly promotional products!
Eco-friendly promotional gift items in Germany | HMI GmbH offers eco-friendly gift items

Advertising Services

We offer you digital and local Advertising Services.
Organic Advertising services in Germany | HMI GmbH offers SEO services in Germany | Organic marketing services in Germany with HMi GmbH

Organic Advertising

We use sometimes shortcuts, but we build everything organic!

Clients Love


I have worked several times with HMI, I can't describe how great and professional is this company. We have order for our annual trade show in Germany all of our needs. Always top quality, top prices, top services and almost we didn't have any complains or problems. Thanks HMi, Keep it up.

Souzan K. Albert Marketing Department

We work with HMI since 2020 for our merchandise and giveaways in Germany. We have ordered 3 times and everything was perfect. They have also helped us to make changes on our catalogues and posters, which it was also a great experience working with them. Thanks HMi

Maximo, Mosi Marketing Department | USA

We had a SEO project with HMi, Worked well and got the result which our client want it. It was only search engine optimisation at the beginning, which it ended up creating the whole website from scratch. yes, fro getting the rest we had to do it, and we got it. Excellent job HMi. Thanks to your IT team

Alexander Ostin HR of Kimono Agency | UK

Our Team

Masi Shana - HMi sales agent in Germany | HMI GmbH is a marketing company in Germany offers marketing services and advertising products in Germany and to international customers | HMi

Masi Shana

Sales Agent | Online marketing | Graphic Designer

Sales Agent in Germany | Expert sales and marketing agent | Düsseldorf, Germany

It services in Germany | Marketing services in Germany with HMi | HMi GmbH offers graphic design services and online marketing services with top quality | HMi

Alex Shana

IT & Graphic Design

Professional IT & Graphic designer in Germany

Nico M sales agent at HMi GmbH | HMi Advertising and marketing company in Germany | HMi Germany

Nico M.

Ai Intelligent | Online marketing | Content writer

One of the best members of our team, professional agent in content writing

Marketing Services in Germany

Are you looking for an agency to start your marketing project?
You have been landed on the best place possible. What we mean by best place possible for marketing services in Germany is real organic results no matter how big or how small you are!

HMi GmbH

We have created a concept of advertising and marketing  together. Our goal was to make sure you get the best solutions for marketing and advertising no matter which area, which country, which city and what brand.

We believe in our marketing system, because we have got many results with our strategies.
Results cannot happen without a perfect plan, research and system.

We have tested, we have created, we have made many mistakes to be able to understand how does marketing work locally and internationally.
We have served clients from middle east with the goal of organic branding and we have turned a 100k € ad campaign to 0€, but the result has been exploded with our ideas and solutions.
Thanks to our marketing specialists and advertising team, who have made very single impossible task possible and made ups grow in last 6 years internationally.

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About Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf is one of the richest cities in the Germany with top brands shops, biggest brands branches, professional companies, and much more.
Düsseldorf has attracted so many companies, brands and visitors from all over the world.
Safety is another reason why people mostly like to live or do business in Düsseldorf.

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