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Graphic Design

HMi Graphic Design services

Graphic Design Services

HMi offers many different services, such as Online marketing, Offline marketing, Printing products, Promotional and merchandise products, gift items and giveaways, Marketing solutions, Webdesign and services.
In order to provide any of the mentioned services, you also need to have a professional nice looking designs. We also provide graphic design services to complete our list of services and make you getting all of your needs from one professional hand.

4 Reasons why to choose us as your Graphic designer?

We offer a large variety of products and services. This helps us to know exactly what you might need, how should wee create a design and how should we finilaze it.
Having a lot information, helps you as a customer to get almost all of your needs from one professional hand.

Fast and professional, is another reason why HMI is famous.

Its not about doing your designing projects right or professional, its about quality job and fast turnover in same time.
in last 8-10 years we have started from small projects and grow with clients to bigger orders and projects.
Knowing well how to serve a big company, how to start a project for big brands, and how to deliver them their needs, was always our concern. We are proud to say, we help you to build and create all of your marketing needs in shortest turnover time possible.

On-time Delivery, means if you are attending an event no matter where, or what size, our professional graphic designer team will help you to get your needs on time. No matter if we have to add working hors, or to add an extra designer for your project without any extra fees, we will try our best to deliver your projects on time.

Brand Marketing and Branding, means all the elements and advertising you ever have created for your brand.
Usually big companies work with different marketing agencies and companies for their projects, which we never suggest that.

Marketing needs a professional team working on a special product or service for an agreed period. We believe a marketing company must get responsibility for a project in a particular time, in order to be able to manage a better strategy for a better result.
HMi Graphic design team, will help you top build the best picture and presentation of your product or brand to be able make 

Display Ads

We design your display ads in a professional way, as you want and as you wish. No matter what display ad you are planning to have. If you are planning to have digital ad, or printed ad, we offer you both display ad designing service.

To create a professional display ad, you must first think about how to present your ad, then colours, graphics and pictures. Display ad can bring your many traffic on your website if you are planning to have an online ad. If you are planning to have a printed display ad, it can turn your visitors to real customers. Display Ad is one of the best way of presentations in trade shows, exhibitions, Malls and Events.

Colors are more than colors


Colour Psychology, can help us to choose the best color matching your concept and vision. Every color has a meaning and every color is good for something. For example for for calm and safety you might use green color. Every color has an attitude and special behaviour, which it all goes under color psychology

Colors can affect your designs and your brand. Colours in advertising can present your messages, and contain feelings such as trust. We use colours depending on your goals and visions to make sure you get a better result of your advertisings. 

Combining colors can attract more visitors into your website. Imagine using black and white color in your website, how boring can be your content and website. This is why we believe colors can affect really your website and presentation. Read more about colors by visiting colors page.

Web design and Graphic Design

Like everything, a professional looking website needs also professional graphic designers who know what picture to use, what size to save, and what format to upload.
Yes every single point matters in a Webdesign and a good looking website needs also to designed on a special rules for better result.

We offer Web design services, which means we design every single page and every artwork on the concept of your website. We first create a plan, by analysing your concept, target market and customers, and then we make changes in plan. We make changes to our plans to end up with the best possible way to design your website. 
Its not only Web designing service what we offer, instead its Professional Web designing what we offer.
We look closely to every element, every icon, every affect and make changes one by one to make a great website. Great website has different aspects, it need to contain a perfect content, it needs to contain a great structure with professional pictures.
Pictures can help your customers to stay on you website for a longer time and to get good feeling by staying on your website.

Web designing means, creating a whole website, from structure to banners, from pictures to every single element you see on a website.
For understanding better, we have made a picture which you can see the difference of basic Web design and professional Web design.

Generally Web Design means the complete system of a website including the content and graphics which are based on a special system and structure. A professional Web Design can help your website to grow online and get better organic result on Search engines. Researches shows us that A professional Web Design has a direct impact on Search Engine rankings. 

We Provide Web Design services in 4 different levels called,
• Basic Web-designing
• Silver Web-designing
• Professional Web-Designing
• Premium Web-Designing

Our Web Designing packages are made on standard needs and inquiries. You might need some special services or you might have a special Inquiry, which you can easily contact our IT team to get more information.

Graphic Design

We provide Professional Graphic design services

We offer different types of graphic design services to small and start-ups and big brands and companies.


Creativity is one of the key elements of designing and creation an artwork. Creativity means using a new concept, new idea and combine them with nice and professional icon and graphic.

Unique and special designs can help your brand to look special and professional. Using your own made designs and advertisings, can make your brand special and looking better than your competitors. There are many ready made designs and templates online to use, for purchase or free using. Be creative and create your own presentations, icons, designs and graphics.

3 types of Graphic Design Services

We offer graphic designing services in 3 different main methods, as on Budget, Hourly, and per Project. Depending on your needs and the type of your project, We offer deferent graphic design services.

On Budget

We offer professional designing services on your Budget, on your demand.


We offer professional graphic design services hourly starting from 3 hours only.

On Project

Depending on your project and need, we offer On project graphic design service.

Our professional Graphic design team will help you to achieve the best quality of designs and graphics. No matter what designing service you need, with what colours, formats and sizes. We create all of your designs due to your brand and business type, with the most professional looking designs.

Logo Designing

Logo means your brand and business sign. Some say, Logo is your brand identity and the first click of your brand. Usually yes, Logo is the first element that your clients and customers will look at and either remember you. A professional Logo can help your brand look more professional, and poorly designed Logo can destroy your brand impression.
Logos can be created and design in different methods. 

Are you interested in our services?

Great, We are waiting for you. Contact us and enjoy our free consultation service.

Start your project with us!

With only 3 steps you can start your project with us and get an amazing result from our professional Graphic design team.

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Send Inquiry

Send Inquiry or contact us, tell us your needs. First we make a research due to your needs, to see who are your target customers. Then we move on to creating a plan, and a concept.
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Confirm your Offer

We send you a digital version of our end result, with all the details you needs, from concept, colours, size, formats, licenses, and prices. By confirming the offer We start your project, however you can make revisions with no end!
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We Print & Deliver!

We deliver your digital or printed orders on your demand and deliver you in shortest time possible. We offer same day services for clients who have less time as Express production and same night printing.

Our services

Logo Design

Professional Logo design, redesigning Logo Design and creating Logo from Sketch. We make the best Logo possible for you depending on your business and brand.

Icon Design

Icons are your second level advertising element. We create an Icon by using your concept, logo, colours, story, and the type of business you have.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity means all in one branding solution. You need to have many different designs such as Invoice design, Email Signature, etc. to show your brand professional.

Brochure Design

We create you a complete brochure, starting from design, colours, photos, icons, and graphics. We make your company Profile, presentation of your product, or services in a professional way.

Flyer & Leaflet Design

For every product, service, business or brand you need a professional flyer. Flyers and leaflets can be designed in any format with many different usages such as advertising, or presenation.

Business card Design

The only product you will use daily in your business, will be business card. Having a professional eye catching business card design can give your brand a great value. We design your business cards professionally.

Design your Letter head professionally with HMI advertising agency | Print your letter heads in Germany with HMI GmbH | HMI offer professional Graphic design services since 2018 in Germany

Letter Head Design

Letter head design is another product which you will use for every official letter or offers. We design your Letter head matching your brand identity, logo, colours and concept to make your business look more professional.

Order your own Stamp to HMi GmbH in Germany | We create you professional Stamp with fast production in Germany at HMI | HMI No 1 Advertising Agency in Germany | Order your companies Stamp to HMI | We design your Stamp

Stamp Design

Every business needs a stamp. Stamps can be used on any document, invoices or letters. No matter how simple or how complicated you want your stamp to look like, redesign your stamp in the best way possible.

Voucher printing | Voucher cards designing in germany | Graphic design companiy | Professional marketing and advertising agency | HMI offer designing services

Voucher Card Design

Voucher cards can be in any size, depending on your business and your brand. We offer all type of voucher designing in both digital and printable formats. You can use vouchers to impress your clients for their next purchase or order.

Poster Design

Poster can be also in any large format and size. Posters are usually used to get more attention and to present a sale, event, conference, and many other occasions. A professional looking poster can help you to get more impressions.

Catalogue Design

We offer Catalogue design, as product catalog, brand catalog and services catalog. Catalogs are usually made from more pages, which we know well how to make a plan and create a professional catalog from scratch depending on your usage.

Print your logo on T-shirt with HMi | Order your own T-shirts to HMi GmbH in Germany | T-shirt printing services in Düsseldorf | HMi offers T-shirt printing services in Düsseldorf

T-shirt Design

T-shirt designs, can be a simple T-shirt with a single logo, or a T-shirt with logo and some nice design to get more attention. We design your T-shirt digitally and by your confirmation we print your own T-shirt depending on your use.

Vehicle Ad design

We provide a wide range of designs for cars, trucks, vans, buses, and delivery bikes. We offer also design your car wrapping design in a professional way to help your brand look more professional on the streets.

Web design Services with HMi Marketing Agency from Germany | Enjoy a five star quality of web design from a German company called HMi IT agency | HMi offers online advertising and web design services

Web Design

We provide custom made website, as presentation, E-commerce and online shops. Depending on the type of your business we create you a nice and professional website. We create website for start ups and also for bigger companies.

Website Graphic design withh HMi Marketing Agency | Marketing services with best prices from HMi Germany | Start your website today with hMI IT company

Website graphic Design

A Professional Website needs many graphic designs, such as effects, colours, pictures, stock images, product images and graphics. We design and create all the elements you need for your website with exact sizes and high quality.

Online Advertising Design | Create your company a professional online advertising to improve your sales | HMi Offers the best online marketing services in Germany | hmi-ad

Online Ad design

We design modern looking and professional online advertising for your business. No matter where you want to advertise, if its for search Engine, social Media or Email Marketing.

Banner Design

We create online banners and also printable banners with professional designs for your brand. We make sure to deliver you the best possible designs to increase the impressions for your business.

Start advertising online with HMi marketing company | HMi offer digital advertising services to clients internetionally | Start your online marketing with HMi marketing agency | offers professional online marketing services to companies and businesses

Digital Advertisings

We design also professional your online and digital marketing images. No matter if it comes to mock-ups or real graphic arts. We also turn your drawings and concept to a real and professional digital version.

Why to choose us?

There are many different reasons to convince you why to choose. Reasons such as Loyalty, Professionalism, Experience and All in one Services and products provider.

Its is great to have a marketing company along with your activities who can help you not only in printing and marketing services, also in Designing and creating professional design for you. Another reason is for sure our Experience. We are in this field since 1989 in Middle East and we have served many small to big brands with many different services and products. It is always good to know first why to choose a service provider, is it because of price or quality. We never try to be the cheapest, but we always try our best to deliver hight quality and fast services to our clients. 

Knowing the best technologies for designing and creating a high quality marketing elements helped us in last previous years to achieve to a better place in our business.

Another reason of choosing us, is our licensing system. We never use free pictures without permission or mentioning the source of image. We have our own commitments to the pictures and and design online, which we use all most all of our graphics as 100% created and designed for our company in most of the times. We use high quality professional pictures and stock images with licenses for us and our clients.