'' Where we are ''

up to this moment, we have 2 main sales offices.
One in Bochum, and one in Düsseldorf Germany.

We also have sales office and sourcing offices in other countries world wide.
• HMi GmbH •

Updated on 09.2023

Where-is-HMI-GmbH-_-HMi-GmbH-_-Advertising-company-in-Düsseldorf-_ HMi-Marketing-agency
Where-is-HMI-GmbH-_-HMi-GmbH-_-Advertising-company-in-Düsseldorf-_ HMi-Marketing-agency

Where is HMi GmbH

Find your way to HMi GmbH in Germany.
HMi GmbH based in Düsseldorf & Bochum in Germany since 2018.

Where is HMi GmbH?

HMi GmbH is based in Germany, Düsseldorf & Bochum. We offer only with appointments meeting in Düsseldorf.

How to find HMi GmbH sales office?

HMi Offers online services, and also personalised last minute marketing, advertising, printing and online services to Germany and international customers.

Where is HMi Ad?

HMi Ad is a brand of HMi GmbH in Germany. HMi Ad is a short form of "HMi Advertising".