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Why to Send us Inquiry?

The process of sending us Inquiry, means to provide information about your needs exactly.
What product, what Item, printed or unprinted, what type of printing method, what quantity, what packaging to choose and order.
After we receive your Inquiry, We will check our stock and calendar to make sure we are able to deliver you your order on time.
In Addition, after confirming all the point with our support team, we will move to accounting and finilizing your invoice.
We come up to the packaging quality and the packaging options.
If you need a premium type of packaging or a cheap packaging or maybe standard without packaging.
All the point will be checked, confirmed with our clients before finlizing the order confirmation.
To make sure you get your order on time, we might also need to ship and deliver your order with express, or special delivery company.
Which we will also discuss that on order confirmation with you.


Upload a file

Upload your design, Logo, or files

Upload file page” is created to help you to send your printing files if needed.
You might have to update your printing file, or make changes. Therefor we have created ”upload file” page to make your job easier.
Simply fill up the form, and upload your file.
We recommend, to save your files on our printing size, with cut lines, and secure space on your design. Contact our support team to know the exact printing size of your product. 
We check all the uploaded files before we download them with online Anti virus App to make sure we download a secure files from our clients.
• Please be aware, We never accept a new printing file or re upload a printing file without a confirmation from support team. 
• Please make sure about all the details on your printing files before uploading and finalising your order.