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To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

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Regulations and rights

§23 Track Your order

§23.1 Your tracking number might not work, might not contain a correct tracking number. This can happen at any time to any order. We suggest you to contact our support team or your sales team to follow up your order.
§23.2 Tracking numbers are created in most of the cases if youur order is big, or heavy. In some cases for smaller orders we might not deliver your order with tracking number instead with only a shipping number.
Note: Depending on your order, type of delivery, type of printing and other points.
§23.3 Tracking numbers can be from any shipping company, it can also be from any logistic companies which we ship your items with. For this reason, HMI doesn’t provide a must for Tracking ID’s generally.
Some Logistic companies and shipping agencies might not provide any shipping or Tracking id.
Note: Depending on your order and your order type.
§23.4 Tracking numbers are most of the cases clickable, which means we link the tracking page behind every tracking number to make your job easier and help your to track your packages and orders faster with HMi.
§23.5 Tracking youur order, might not be updated by the shipping company every minute and it might take time to be updated on their system. In this case HMi GmbH does not accept any claims, complaints or order cancelations for this matter.
As we are not responsible for other companies errors, or system delays, or other matters.
§23.6 Requesting for Tracking ID of your shipment, order or delivery might take up to 7 working days.
If you did not receive any updates, please call our support team, or use another contacting way such as Messaging on Whats App or …
§23.7 IT, Service, Online, Hosting, or our in-house system might face a problem at anytime.
It might be a problem with logistic team, or we might have a problem on our system or server which we need to repair, or update, taking backup, or other tasks to be able to provide services again.
In this case we don’t accept any claims, any cases, complains for order cancelation or order returning.

Please be inform, by accepting our Terms and conditions before confirming your order, your are automatically accepting our regulations and terms.
We suggest you, if you need to change any term or rules for your order, you must ask our support team for a special contract under special regulations.
In that case, you might have to sign a contract not for 1 time ordering or for a small printing job order, or project.
For more info please contact our support team via tel or contact form.

Read more about our policies, or visit FAQ page to find the answer of your questions. If you still need to contact us, send an Email to support@hmi-ad.com