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We do not use any logo for commercial use.
All logos and companies, organizations mentioned have either directly or indirectly ordered from us.
We have the pleasure to say that we have served big names and big brands from all over the world.
All logos are linked to the owner’s/ Main brand website and we do not guarantee the content of third party websites.

For us was always a goal and main vision to provide services to companies from all over the world and not only local or inside Germany.
Therefor, we have created a page with the title of ” our customers ” to gather all the informations about our partners, our customers and clients.
Providing services to Big companies and brands turned us to a well experienced marketing and advertising agency in Germany.

Wir verwenden kein Logo für kommerzielle Nutzung.
Alle Logos und Firmen, Organisationen, die erwähnt werden, haben entweder direkt oder indirekt bei uns bestellt.
Wir haben das Vergnügen zu sagen, dass wir große Namen und große Marken in der ganzen Welt bedient haben.
Alle Logos sind mit der Webseite des Eigentümers verlinkt und wir übernehmen keine Garantie für den Inhalt der Webseiten Dritter.

We have served big brands and big names from all over the world, We are HMi!

We have supplied and served big companies and big brands with different names in Europe and all over the world.
We have customers from the USA, Canada, Asia, Middle East, India, United Arab Emirates and many other countries and cities around the world.
We print promotional gift Items, swags, Merchandise, giveaways, Printing products and marketing items from budget and cheap promotional items to high quality and branded promotional gifts for customers.
We also offer our customers branding services along with supplying gift items.
We print your logo, name or design on over 2 million products with various printing techniques and provide you with the best prices and fastest production time.

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If you are looking for a professional marketing and advertising company who can offer you at the same time your online and offline marketing solutions and products
then you have landed on a right website.

HMi provides all of your marketing and advertising needs in professional way, with top quality,
no matter if you want to printing advertising products or do an online marketing.
HMi offers you marketing services with over 35 years of excellent experience in Germany. 

Our Customers policy on hmi-ad §1:
We dont use any Logo as commercial or advertising, and we never mention our clients name and logos if they want to be not shown to the public. 
We respect our clients privacy in the way of mentioned in contract if there is a contact available.
You might consider that as a customer, you can always ask us not to go public with your brand name.

Our Customers policy on hmi-ad §2:
By using Company names and brand logos on this page we never try to buy your trust in any way. Instead we try to present our self to our visitors and help them to trust us in a better way. Serving big brands and names from all over the world, gives us an honour to actually be HMi.
In general, we never buy trust and loyalty,, as they are our achievements in last 35 years of experience.

Our Customers policy on hmi-ad §3:
We have served many companies which you cannot find their logo on this page, however it might take longer than usual to have an update on every paghe on hmi-ad.com. We have a large amount of content, pages, information, pictures and artworks which you might find an error,wrong link behind a button or logo. We apologise in advance. We try our best to find errors and bugs on our websites, pages, information and texts and update them. However if you came to any mistakes,, problems, errors, bugs, or wrong linking behind a button, we will be happy to hear from you in order to repair the problem.

* If you see your company, brand, business logo, and you would like to be removed, you can always ask our support team at IT department and we will take care of your requirements ASAP.*

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