Printed Trade show Giveaways in Germany

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Printed Trade Show Giveaways in Germany

Are you looking for giveaways with printing option for your next fair trade show, event or exhibition in Germany?
You have just landed on a right website.

Branded Giveaways


We offer Giveaways with same day delivery in Germany with different printing and branding options.

There are no doubts about the grow of Eco-friendly Promotional gift items all around the world. The point is who is well experienced and where to source them online with best prices. HMi has created in last few years a line of eco friendly promotional products and called it Eco line gift items as the Inquires and the orders increased. No matter what occasion, what event, and what brand, almost every single company are trying to use this opportunity and do their branding with Eco friendly products. Depending on their field every company goes for a particular eco friendly gift item. Some goes for Eco-friendly pens, some for Eco-friendly speakers, some goes for Eco-friendly notebooks, an so on.

Eco Friendly products are usually made for saving the future of human life. Generally Eco friendly promotional products are made from natural ingredients and are easy to recycle while many other promotional products are not made with this goal.

Eco Friendly Giveaways

Giveaways are usually any product with fair price and quality which has the option of branding and printing on it. Giveaways products are usually made with no brand or names on the surface to give the chance to the advertiser to use their logo or message as part of their marketing.
Since 2015 Eco friendly giveaways has got real demand and supply in Europe. As the world has done everything to keep eco friendly products, cars, fuels, productions and giveaways in a modern way, we have also turned into green line products to make sure we follow environment friendly strategy. Since then, we have supplied many orders from all over the world with Eco friendly giveaways to small and no name companies, up to biggest brands and companies. 
Ordering Eco friendly giveaways  on hmi-ad has given us many positive feedbacks and our loyal customers loved our large range of products we offer.
Yes, With getting so many positive feedbacks, inquires and orders for Eco friendly gift items, Eco friendly shirts, Eco friendly shopping bags, Eco friendly catalogues, Eco friendly business cards, we have decided to develop and added every single month few Eco friendly products to increase the chance of supplying.
Many people ask us Why to order Eco friendly Notebooks instead of PU leather Notebooks?
It’s simple to answer that, it might cost you few cents more, but you might save the future of humans by investing few cents more in Ecological marketing solutions.

Sustainable Corporate gifts

You can choose different finishings for your brochures, such as stapled, binding, or only folded.
Stapled: Long lasting and easy to read, looks professional and can carry up to 500 pages.
Binding: Looks professional, used usually for magazines, catalogues and brochures, gives a premium look to your end result.
Folded: For single page numbers, such as 4 pages of a6, 4 pages of A5, 4 pages of A4, or 4 pages of A3.


Why to order branded giveaways for trade shows?

It’s easy to answer this question.
In Trade shows, exhibitions and event you have to make your best to get more visitors, and try to stay in their mind for a longer time.
So why not to use this chance and offer printed giveaways to your clients and visitors.
Giveaways generally are one of the best marketing methods for attracting more customers, which it ends up at the end to more sales.

Best Seller Eco Friendly promotional products

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Why to order Eco Friendly products?

Its is easy to decide between paying more but living longer or paying less to live less.
We prefer to say it in this way, to make the meaning better understanding. For making changes in future every one of us has to take a step for better tomorrow.

Eco friendly can affect the future of our life, or our lived ones. So its better to ask from our self why not to order eco friendly promotional products for our business branding, or why not to order eco friendly printing products if it is possible. 

How can Eco friendly Promotional gifts affect our life?

Imagine you order instead of a promotional aluminium pen or promotional plastic pen, a recycled coffee pens branded with your logo. In this way, you have bought a recycled promotional gift, which it makes us and our suppliers to produce more and the supply more. because of supplying more recycled promotional products, prices will decreased and it will be much more cheaper to order eco friendly gift items.
Very soon, most of the companies will start ordering only Eco friendly promotional gifts while it starts being a trend category of products in all over the world.

What are the best seller Eco friendly Promotional products?

Depending on every company, every business, every brand, depends also to occasions, time of the year, and off curse the customer budget for marketing.
As Eco friendly promotional product line is growing, we at him-ad offer over 45000 different gift items with the title of Eco products. We offer Eco friendly promotional products in different colours, sizes, capacities, qualities, and brands depending on your budget and need. To complete our mission, we also offer Eco friendly printing products and eco friendly printing methods in Germany.

Eco Friendly promotional gifts on HMi!

Promotional Environmental friendly products helped us to grow in last few years as the inquiries has increased every month. Companies now days are well aware that Eco-friendly gift items and Eco-friendly promotional gifts can affect their branding result no matter where they are based. Therefor we have increased our Green line and Eco-friendly promotional products to make sure you get all of your needs from one professional and experienced brand called HMi.
We also offer branding and printing options to make sure you use the benefit of using customized promotional gifts combined with Environment friendly gift items at the same time. Explore our large variety of Eco-friendly gift items and Eco-friendly promotional products on