Eco-Friendly Wireless Charger with Mug Warmer | 10W | Type C

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  • Material: Bamboo | Item Size: 183 x 12 x 97 mm | Item Weight: 0.200 kg

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Wireless Charger with Mug Warmer, 10W, Type C

Wireless Charging: This cutting-edge device comes equipped with a wireless charging pad that is able to deliver 10W of power and is compatible with a broad variety of electrical devices that are enabled with Qi. Whenever you place any electronic item that is capable of wireless charging on the charging pad, such as headphones, telephones, or any other device, it will immediately begin charging itself. This includes any and all electronic devices. There is a straightforward approach that can be taken to guarantee that your electronic devices will continue to be powered on throughout the day.

In order to guarantee that your beverage is provided at the appropriate temperature, the mug warmer is designed to suit this purpose. It is also possible to accomplish this goal with the mug warmer that is integrated into the gadget. When you look at the device, you will notice that it is located at the very top. In the future, you will no longer drink coffee or tea that is too weak. You are able to enjoy your beverage at the temperature of your choosing thanks to this function, which guarantees that it will continue to be delicious even during the busiest parts of the day at work.

The fact that this device is equipped with a Type-C port guarantees that it is compatible with the most recent charging standards. Compatibility with the Type-C standard is a feature that distinguishes this gadget. A connection that is more long-lasting and dependable is provided, and it also makes it possible to charge in a manner that is both handy and environmentally friendly. The addition of a Type-C connection, which enables it to be compatible with a wider range of electronic applications, further increases the charger’s adaptability.

It is possible to personalise this promotional present in an endless number of different ways, which increases the quantity of promotional opportunities it presents. To ensure that the recipients will remember you, it is important to include a personal greeting, the motto of your company, or your company’s emblem in any conversation you have with them. The fact that your company’s brand will be clearly displayed on this ingenious and useful item will guarantee that your business will be at the forefront of attention each and every time it is utilised.A flexible addition That Can Be Used with Any Workspace The Wireless Charger with Mug Warmer has a design that is both sleek and elegant, which makes it a flexible addition that can be used with any workspace. The user’s surroundings get a higher degree of elegance as a result of its understated style, which also makes it a fashionable addition to any desk, workplace, or house. The user’s surroundings are elevated to a higher level of elegance.

Ideal for Each and Every Season: With this gadget, you will be able to enjoy your choice beverage at the ideal temperature throughout the entire year, whether it is hot chocolate in the winter or cold iced tea in the summer. It is a present that is both ingenious and versatile, offering the possibility of being adapted to a wide range of preferences.

When using the device, the Wireless Charger with Mug Warmer provides a worry-free and secure experience by incorporating safety features such as over-current and over-temperature avoidance. These features guard the device against damage from excessive current and temperature. As a consequence of this, you can use it without making any reservations.

As a promotional present, this wireless charger that also functions as a cup warmer is an excellent example of the technology that is already accessible. When it comes to convenience, it is everything that it could possibly be. It creates a gift that is not only functional but also distinctive, which the recipients will definitely treasure, thanks to its customizable features, wireless charging capabilities, and warming qualities for beverages. There is no doubt that the recipients will cherish this gift. In order to demonstrate to your business partners, employees, and customers that you are worried about their comfort and convenience, it is possible to display your brand in a manner that is not only appealing but also significant.

  • Wireless charger function: 10W
  • Mug warmer Function that can keep beverages warm (55?C?65?C)
  • Input: Type C | 9V/2a
  • Eco-Friendly

HD Video: Wireless Charger with Mug Warmer | SKU: WCP-BM7

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  • Laser engraving, UV Printing and Screen Printing

Charger Printing Details

Wireless Charger Mug Warmer Printing Details

Wireless Charger Mug Warmer Printing Details

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