Two-toned Backpacks 600D Polyester Material

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  • Material: Polyester | Item size: 390 x 175 x 590 mm | Weight: 0.305 kg

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Two-Toned Backpacks, 600D Polyester Material

In addition to having a two-toned design, the backpacks are also lightweight. The material that they are made of is 600D polyester, and they are manufactured from that material. Furthermore, they come with padded straps, additional zipper pockets, a mesh pocket on the side, and a zipper closure. All of these features are included in the overall package. A pocket that may be secured with a zip can also be found on the right side of the front of the garment. Because these backpacks are not only fashionable but also practical and long-lasting, they are an excellent choice for promotional presents due to the fact that they combine all of these traits. There are a lot of unique traits that set each and every one of these backpacks apart from the others. These characteristics include the following:

By utilizing 600D polyester, it is ensured that the quality will be preserved for a considerable amount of time and that it will be resistant to damage and deterioration. This is a guarantee that cannot be broken. The knapsack is known for its endurance and resilience, which means that it can withstand a broad variety of circumstances and, as a result, ensure that it is dependable for day-to-day use. This is one of the most distinctive characteristics of the knapsack.


The use of a color scheme with two different tones significantly enhances the visual attractiveness of these backpacks when compared to alternatives that are only available in one color. To be more specific, this is because the color scheme that consists of two different shades is more visually appealing than the options that just use one color. The contemporary style has the potential to attract a wide range of individuals, including students, professionals, and those who are travelling. This is a plausible scenario.


The main compartment, which has a zipper closure for security, offers a sufficient amount of space. This compartment is designed for the purpose of keeping essential items such as books, computers, and clothing. Every single one of these divisions is designed to fulfil a specific function. You will be able to discover items that are conveniently accessible in the front right-side zip pocket. Some examples of these items include keys, wallets, and transportation passes. One of the beneficial features of this pocket is that it enables you to swiftly access the stuff that you are carrying.


There are two additional zipper pockets on the backpack, which greatly increase its storage capacity and allow for more organization of personal goods. These pockets increase the number of storage options available. Placed on the rear of the bag are these pockets for your convenience. These compartments are located on the exterior of the backpack, which is where you will discover them. Increasing the utility of the backpack is accomplished through the incorporation of a mesh bag on the side. This pouch is a perfect complement for activities that take place outside because it offers a convenient storage area for tiny umbrellas or water bottles when they are packed away.


Due to the fact that the rucksack is designed to be ergonomically constructed for convenience of use and that it features padded straps that promote comfort across the entirety of the bag, it is much simpler to transport, particularly large objects, with its assistance. Because customers who wear the pack for extended periods of time will be able to enjoy its benefits, this capacity will be of the utmost value to both of these groups of customers.


Businesses that are looking to market their brand will find that the rucksack is a fantastic alternative because it offers a significant amount of space for branding. Businesses have the ability to tailor it by including their logos or phrases, which gives them the opportunity to ensure that they receive a significant amount of exposure overall. There is a chance that this will occur. Backpacks, which are frequently used in public places, make it feasible for businesses to interact with a larger audience because of their capacity to serve as mobile advertisements. Backpacks are also commonly used in public places.


Applications that can be employed for a wide range of different occasions and functions These backpacks are quite versatile and may be used for a wide range of purposes, including academic efforts, professional engagements, travel, and activities that take place outside without the need for additional storage space. Because of the widespread appeal that they possess, they are an excellent option for use as promotional gifts for a wide range of events and organizations all over the world where they are being distributed.


When opposed to promotional goods that are either disposable or of inferior quality, selecting a product that is both long-lasting and of exceptional quality, such as a backpack made of 600D polyester, can be regarded as an ecologically responsible option. This is because environmentally responsible products are more likely to be used for a longer period of time.


Dual-colored backpacks produced from 600D polyester are an excellent option for a promotional giveaway because of their mix of durability, practical layout, and fashionable appearance. Other reasons for their popularity include their fashionable appearance. As a result of the fact that they are a blend of these three qualities, this is the reason why. It is highly probable that the recipients will continue to make use of and appreciate these goods, which will, in turn, ensure that the company will continue to be visible at all times. These things are not only useful and versatile, but they also offer a fantastic platform for the advertising of a business’s products or services.




  • Two-tone Backpack with zipper closure, front right-side zipper pocket, and padded strap
  • 2 zipper pockets and a side mesh pocket
  • 600D Polyester material


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Backpack Printing Details

Backpack SB-12 Print Details

Backpack SB-12 Print Details

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