TEZKAR GIFTS PREPARING LLC is a master distributor of promotional products. We proudly supply to more than 1000 distributors and resellers.

We provide printing equipment and supplies to agencies so they can brand the products in-house. However, many Advertising Agencies and Resellers prefer to take advantage of our state of the art printing facilities. We supply the agencies the orders with the client’s logo printed in high quality.

We work hard taking care of the production issues so the reseller can focus on their marking efforts with peace of mind.

We always support our resellers by providing quality service, in timely manner, at reasonable prices. In addition we provide tools to help resellers in their marketing efforts. Some of the tools are as follows:

Catalog Printing Service

Our catalogs are available without our name for the resellers to purchase (at our cost price). And for quantities, as low as 50 catalogs, reseller contact and logo can be printed on the catalogs.

Online Catalogs (PDF Files)

You can download our catalogs in PDF format from our website and email to your clients.


Samples can be purchased from office at wholesale prices. Or you can leave a deposit to take a sample and when returned the deposits are refunded.

Reseller Websites

We have even taken a step further and have decided to design and host websites for our resellers. The idea is that, we would create a website that has the logo and contact of the reseller but our products are displayed. We have different package as follows: