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HMi Copy Center (HMi Copy centre) Is a same day printing service shop based in 2 cities of Germany Düsseldorf and Bochum. We provide different services and printing products with same day and 1 day delivery only.
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SEO or Search Engine optimisation, means an organic online marketing for ranking better on search engines.


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" Search Engine Optimization "

Get More Accurate Data by Analysing before taking decisions. To know exactly what are you strong points and what you have to focus on you also will save cost of marketing online risks. decreasing the cost of online marketing doesn’t mean to invest less or to get more result with less investment. Saving in online marketing cost means, investing on a right strategy and activities to get a better high quality result.

In order to get a better a result of online marketing you might consider 3 main key elements all the time.

  1. Professional Website
    You need to create a professional website, with a modern look and professional structure for your visitors. Researches shows us, visitors will stay longer on a professional website than a simple beginner looking websites. Knowing the basics of Webdesign cannot help you in this matter, while in order to create a professional website you need a team of professionals not a single person.
  2. Professional and high quality content
    Knowing where to write what, and how to present your self online is another key element of successful online marketing.
    Many companies and freelancers provide Content writing, but who can create a high quality of content? Who can write a real content without using content generators?
    To answer these types of questions, it’s always good to see results first. We believe who ever is offering content writing services, might create a high quality content for them self first, and show you their result on search engine. 
    Content Writing can cost you few hundred Euros per page, depending on the amount of content provided per page. professional content writer needs also professional graphics, pictures, and design in order to create an attractive page for your website.
  3. Know well your target customers and their needs!
    For a successful online marketing you have to know well your customers, and their need in order to be able to provide them what they are looking for. If your customer is looking for a service and you are a provider of a service, you have to create the situation first for your self before creating a website.
    Means, if you are a providing event management services, you have to put your self in the place of your customer to find out what they will look for online, what time the might search for you, and where does the most customers come from. Do they come from social media more than other places, so you might consider to create a high quality of social media page, if they are searching on YouTube, you might consider creating high quality video for YouTube users.
    Knowing exactly how your customers will look for you, and simulating their situation can help you to know all the possible ways to attract more traffic, visitors or customers on to your website in most cases.
Search Engine optimization in Germany | Make your website ranking better on Search engine with HMI IT | HMI IT offers best Online marketing services


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Google ad can help your business to grow faster. Google

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Search Engine Optimization

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We provide different packages of SEO to our clients depending on their budget, target customers and market. SEO is the best possible way to create organic traffic for your website nowadays.

Start SEO today with us, and make a real difference in future of your business.

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Our expert Online marketing team, will start with data analysis in your local market and move on to International market.

Our expert online marketing team start every project with analysing your market. For start, we look professionally to every element of your business. This helps us to find a creative solutions to create a top and high quality content for your website.
After analysing we gather all the result in a excel list, and we check one by one in your business. What have you done in past, and what result you have got can help us to know what strong points are in your brand and business.

We go through all the possible ways, and methods which can affect your business online. With analysing your market, and testing all the possibilities of online marketing methods, we increase the chance of helping your brand to grow Organic on search engines.

HMI IT Offers SEO services in Germany | Start SEO in Germany with HMI GmbH | HMI IT offers Search engine optimization in Düsseldorf


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Our commitments at HMI IT | We provide Online marketing services | HMI IT Seo Services in Germany

Our Commitment

We never leave you in the middle of your project, instead if we need to do extra job to help your brand to get more result we will do free of charge. For us, its not about the money instead its about getting a prefect result for you, which it makes you to keep working with us for a longer time. We believe, keeping you as a long time customer can help us to profit more than charging you more for a shorter time period. Who doesn't want result? Our plan is to help you to get real organic visitor, and help you to make more sales. Our success will take place when we help your brand to grow in a professional way, and attract more customers.

Our Vision | HMI IT Vision | SEO Service provider in Germany number one | Best SEO Services in Germany


We provide services to big brands with the vision of growing our company and brand. We believe the best advertising for us, is your success. If you get a great result in Online marketing, and search Engine optimization, we will get many Inquiries and requests for corporation. on another hand, if you fail in your project with us, there might be lower chance of getting new customers from your side. For this reason, we concentrate on your project, and we try our best to help you to succeed. Getting a good result in online marketing, and helping you to grow better online, can bring us more real organic traffic.

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Our Strategy

We as HMI IT, use our own strategy to help you get better results. We create our strategies depending on your budget, on your target customers and market. We also take benefit of our Experience and previous projects we have done for other customers. We have done many projects for different clients from all over the world. We have learned many positive and negative points from our previous projects which they all can help us to create a better strategy for you! We Create strategy with completely new marketing idea, and designs to surprise your old customers.We first create a simulation of our expectations and then we test our concept, and after that we start only!

Search Engine optimization in Germany | Make your website ranking better on Search engine with HMI IT | HMI IT offers best Online marketing services


Do you have your design and and concept for your marketing? What results did you get with your strategies? If not, you might use our remarking system to get better results. Remarking means changing a running marketing strategy with complete design, concept and the presentation way.