Shipping & Delivery Policies

Shipping and delivery policies at HMi

§5. Shipping & Delivery!

We at HMi, make sure to provide the best services, products, prices and fastest shipping possible.

HMi is an advertising , Printing, Marketing professionalist, Web designer and IT services provider company and promotional gifts  supplier from Düsseldorf Germany.
We deliver our orders with most of the post and shipping companies in Germany & Europe.

§5.1 Shipping & Delivery cost
Delivery cost for promotional items is free for orders over 300€  (before the tax added to the total amount) in Germany and some parts and areas in Europe. Because of different size and weight of items, we always look closely to your order to provide you the best and fastest shipping service.
Delivery cost for almost all of the printing items are free for Germany (Except some areas and cities) and for other European countries a standard fee will be added to your invoice.

(1.) You will be clearly informed in your invoice with all the delivery and shipping cost which might be appear based on your order, product, material, packaging and for sure the type of production you choose. Shipping & Delivery costs may be different for each country, city or area and depends on the size and weight of the goods. In bigger amount orders the shipping cost will be our half as thank you for working with us in most cases and orders.

(2.) Samples shipping cost will always be added to the invoice and must be paid by the customer, or client.
* note 1, Sample cost is always on the customer half and must be paid by the customer – Sending or returning any samples will apply the shipping cost as an extra fees and HMi will not accept any responsibilities for that.

(3.) Returning promotional printed items, gift items, printed products, marketing products with no defectives, mistakes or damages must be paid by the customer as 100% and we dont accept any claims for that. (for claiming damages and defective products, please contact our support team before taking any decisions.

§5.2 Delivery and shipping address
The customer must provide us their complete and correct address and location in order to ship their goods in the right time.
If anyhow the given address for delivery and shipping is wrong or spelling wise has a mistake, the delivery might be delayed and this is not our responsibility and the client has no right to claim or cancel the order. In other way also, HMi does not accept claims for shipping delays, if because of delivery information happens.

(1.) For any type of informations, claims, questions, or following up try to contact your shipping company with your package/tracking number to change the address, and if that didn’t help feel free to contact us to change the given address if possible and if not, our support team might be able to help you with returning your order to the warehouse and relabel your order with a new shipping label.

(2.)  Note 1, If the delivery and shipping face any spelling wise mistakes or any problem with the shipping address, the shipping company will send the goods back to us, and for delivery or shipping any item, we have to dispatch it again as a new shipping. In this case, the customer must pay the second shipping cost completely and the order can not be claimed or cancelled under any condition.*

(3.) Note 2: If we have to change the delivery address to another country, or another company, we will charge the customer with the full amount of shipping costs, no matter if the client has already paid for the shipping one time once they order.

(4.) The customer address might be written or given wrong by our staff or might appear an error. This can happen always, and we will make sure to double check the labels and decrease the mistakes or errors to solve this type of problems. In this case kindly contact us and we will fix it for you.
(5.) Note: No claims of returning or order cancellation will be accepted by HMI in this case.

(6.) Shipping address provided by the customer can be changed with an extra fees according to the shipping company tariffs and price levels.
we recommend you to contact our support team or your sales agent to get the correct information regarding your order.


§5.3 Delivery and Shipping time
Delivery and shipping times are always an estimate time which we try our best to deliver the goods always faster. Which in some case it won’t happen because of some errors or some other reasons in or out side the company.

(1.) We as HMi provide different services and products and by printing them, labelling them, repackaging,  we might need more time than usual to deliver them. Please check the shipping and delivery time carefully , while some of our services will be done locally, some of them in Europe by our sister companies, our partners, , some of them in China, some of them in Dubai or other countries depending on your order and required changes.

(2.)Shipping days will be counted as only woking days, weekends and holidays, public holidays and local holidays, are not counted in the shipping and production days.
Therefor HMI does not accept any returns and refunds for delays if your order gets while delivery.

(3.) Shipping & Delivery date will be mentioned in every official quotation and every order confirmation. After confirming an order and receiving the order confirmation, order cannot be canceled with the reason of delivery and shipping time.
The clients must check for each order and item before placing any order and by confirming the order no changes can be applied.
In some cases our customer service team are able to send you an offer and make some changes in your order with additional fees.

(4.) note 1, A change on an order will only be offered the customer decides to increase or decrease the quantity before the production starts or changing the selected item after the confirmation. This option is not available always for all orders while some of the orders might need special production or preparation and in meantime, we started the preparation already.

(5.) note 2: ” Best sellers ” seasons like Christmas, changes in orders might take more than usual time or might not be allowed by our production team, at all.
We suggest you to contact our support team and be patient.

(6.) In some seasons, or times in the year, we might not accept even a small changes to an order. The resin for that is, while as soon as a customer chooses a product, we must update the quantity on the system which might affect other clients depictions for ordering the same products.
By decreasing the available amount in the stock, we have might already lost an order because of that.

(7.) Shipping on time once the goods are dispatched is not our responsibility which is still one of our main vision to reach. Our given shipping time does not does not accept any responsibility once your order or goods left our or our partners facility and warehouses. Any delays, problems or errors according to your shipping will be the shipping company responsibility if the deliver time is passed and over.

§5.4 Ship the goods to you!
When a customer decides for a delivery or shipping with different services such as Standard, Express and etc., this can take place against advance payments. Unless the delivery is in the order included or having a delivery/shipping free redeem code.
The same applies for the delivery of the samples to be shipped by the request of the customer.

(1.)  fulfils its delivery obligation with the delivery of the product to the contractor commissioned for its shipment.
the risk for damages, if any, to the products and goods is passed over to the customer at the time of delivery which the shipping company will make sure not to have any problems in most of the times.

(2.) HMi will not accept any claim for shipping or delivery damages , while the shipping companies will ship the goods with insurance most of the time and therefore, they are responsible for any damages or delays during the shipping process. 

§5.5 Missing the delivery in mentioned time
Usually a standard printing promotional gift items according to the quantity is 10-14 days.
(1.) note 1,We always try our best to decrease the shipping time and increase the quality and speed of production and printing, with this reason at most of the time we reach the minimum shipping days and we ship the goods within 4 to 5 working days, but this doesn’t make us to change the delivery time, which we calculate the real and standard time for all the delivery and shipping’s unless its mentioned as a new obligation.
Which this does not mean that every service that we provide must be done and delivered within this time.

(2.) Printing product such as business cards, flyers, catalogs, leaflets, lanyards, posters, brochures, and other items might take longer time during the printer errors or other unexpected reasons.

(3.) Designing, Website and IT services, app development, and app writings might take longer time as estimated because of human needs in these fields. Our staff and professional team will try their best to decrease the delivery time, which for health reasons or other private purposes they might be off dor days and this could always affect the delivery time of a project.
The client must agree with these conditions and changes, before the order confirmation which after that is not possible.

(4.) If your promotional gift items didn’t deliver in the right and confirmed time, the client might receive notification with updates. after we get an update in system, automatically
(5.)  note 1, This can happen because of delays and/or problems with our suppliers or partners also.
(6.) note 2, If you didn’t receive your goods within the mentioned and agreed time or date and didn’t receive any delays notifications or updates, contact us immediately and you will receive an email within 72 hours. If this did not happen, it might be an error and if no error found for until this step, the customer has the right to cancel the order or change the order on their wish only, if the customer service team approves.
(7.) If your printing products didn’t deliver in the right time and you didn’t receive any dispatched notification of your goods, contact us and let us know immediately so we can follow and find the issue manually.

(8.) We use many different apps, plugins, softwares, systems to make your online experience easier, however by facing 1 single error, all of the other steps of the order process might face a problem. We apologise in advance if anything similar happens to you in any case.

(9.) note 3: Printing products might always take few days more for production because of printing or system errors.
For IT and webservices and application development, you might always expect longer time. Your revisions or extra wises could affect the delivery time.
If you ordered a designing package and didn’t deliver in the right time, please let us know to help and serve you better.
(10.) note 4:  Revisions, changes and updates will affect our delivery time.

§5.6 The goods get lost while shipping.
The goods can get lost because of any reason by the shipping party, driver, or shipping centrals or our other partners while transferring, packing or printing your order. This might happen one out of million orders which we will make sure to solve this issue by finding the problem in the shortest time.
(1.) note 1: By facing this situation (lost/ or not delivers a shipping) please contact the shipping company immediately and if they couldn’t help you, we are always here to support you. Dont hesitate to contact our support team vial mail, or contact us page.
Any responsible party of this happening must take the responsibility and take action in order to fix the problem.
)2.) note 2, Most of the shipping companies are offering insurance on every shipping that they make, most of the time this type of issue will be solved at this point.

(3.) In other cases, Customer takes on full liability for safety and validity of delivery address given to us.
(4.) note 3: We will ship the goods to the address which the customer provide us in delivery and shipping form, and the safety of the delivery address is not our responsibility and if anything happen or the goods get lost or damaged after the delivery, We on our half and the shipping company on their half and/or other parties will not accept any responsibility and the customer  has no right to complain or claim.

(5.5) Due to the high volume of the deliveries and shipping in Germany and European countries, we always suggest you to make sure before you entering the shipping address for your order.

(5.6) HMi will not accept and take any responsibility for delays and damages from Acts of God, Revel, Riot, Sanctions or any other acts outside of our control.

§5.7 Collection
The ordered goods and printed products will shipped to the address given by the customer, but sometimes the shipping company cannot deliver the goods because of delivery timing or other reasons which you as the customer will get a notification either from us or the shipping company and at this point collection and pick up points comes to work.
(1.) The ordered goods can also be picked up personally or by the authorised third party at a specified pick-up and delivery shops chosen by the shipping companies. Please contact the shipping company for more information and make sure you find a solution with the shipping company directly, if not, our support team will be happy to help you to find a solution.

(2.) Pickup shops and packet shops in Germany and Europe are now a days getting more famous. Easily find the nearest post shop (Authorized with the same shipping company) and contact the shipping company for directing your goods to them.
This might help you not to waste more time for delivery to your address, and it might also be faster that expected in most cases.

§5.8 Delivery and Shipping damages
When the goods left our factorym the responsibility of any happening purposes is on shipping company until its delivered and after that is on the customer responsibility.
We usually pack the promotional gift items, printing products, giveaways or any other advertising products printed or unprinted very carefully and safe, and for the printing products, our printing factory usually includes 5 to 10% more quantity in addition for shipping and packing damages most of the times.

(1.) If your goods are delivered with any kind of damages, please such things to the shipping company and kindly contact us for support if needed.
(2.) note 1, For claiming, you might need proofs of damaged shipping, such as pictures and/or videos which it can be helpful for claiming from the shipping company. 

(3.) We suggest you to take pictures, and call the shipping company for claims, or feel free to contact our support team any time by clicking on the link mentioned.

(4.) If you find any systematic errors, or any type of errors or damages on your goods, we will try our best to help you to solve your issue.

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