HMi GmbH


We as HMi GmbH based in Germany, have to make sure that our clients gets what is their right all the time.
However for security purposes and safety reasons, we might accept some claims, and some not.
For Example, Delays.
Delays might be appear by any order not on purpose.
It might be happening because of a printer error, system fails, data files mistakes, server problems, host updates, or many other reasons.

Read our ”Delay Policies” and make sure to read it before accepting our terms and conditions and approving your order confirmation.

It is customers right to know their rights before ordering at HMi, therefor we have made everything clear and easy to mark and know.
Every company hast it owns regulations, for this reason we also appreciate you in advance for respecting our policies and terms for working with us.

§1. Delays cannot be claimed at HMi and cannot be accepted for order cancelation, returns, or other options.
§2. No matter if Delay is happening from HMi Production line or if its at delivery, HMi does not accept any claims for that reason.
§3. The only way HMi accepts claims fro Delays, is to mention that before order confirmation to your sales agent at HMI GmbH. This might contain an extra fees which customers will be charged for that separately depending to your order and your services you have selected.
§4. Delays might be from shipping company, which HMi does also not accept claiming for that at HMi, instead you always can contact your shipping company and checke their terms and conditions for your case, they might accept to pay your money back or an amount of as damage cost. We recommend you to read the shipping company terms and conditions and contact them directly for more info.
Delays can also be because of natural happenings such as strike, public holidays, company vacation, accident or other reasons, which for the mentioned reasons claims can also not be accepted.
§5. Delays might also be because of customers late reply or answering, which HMi is not responsible for that and client must be aware that our support team will only wait 30 minutes after sending a message for reply.
For replying after 30 minutes, delays might be also applying to your order depending on your selected product, service or item.

§6. HMi GmbH won’t start printing before a client accepts and approves the art work, however in some case we might start printing before your confirmation if we have an express or same night production option on your order.
HMi Doesn’t accept any claims for that.

§7. If We have purchased or ordered any product, on promotional gifts for our client due to an order, and the shipping to our production and warehouse takes longer time than suppose to be, HMI GmbH does not accept any claims or cancelations request for any reason.
Importing and custom process might not be done on time and might also have delays for many reasons.
So please be patient and call your sales agent to follow up and find a solution if your event is taking place and your order is not ready yet.