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Germany has over 130 billion Euro Exports as Trading Economics says.
Germany is one of the top 3 countries with highest number of Exports in the world.


Germany, The third largest Exporter in the world.

Everything about Germany

Germany or Deutschland, is a country in the western region of Central Europ. Germany is the most important country in European Union. (as said in wikipedia)
Largest city and capital of Germany is Berlin, located in northeastern of Germany.
Germany’s official and first  language is called German or Deutsch.

History shows that there were humans present in Germany 600,000 years ago.
This means, Germany has a long and old history.

Everything about Germany,
Germany is an incredible nation that never fails to amaze both its inhabitants and visitors. Located  at the very heart of Europe, this country is enveloped by no less than nine other neighbouring countries, which adds to its appeal. From the mythical legends surrounding the Bavarian castles to the modern luxuries of Berlin’s nightlife, Germany has a rich history that is simply way too irresistible to ignore.

In addition to being home to world-renowned major cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Berlin. Germany has a unique flavor of hospitality that is unmatched anywhere else. The country has been globally recognized for its impressive contributions to world history, primarily the two major wars that influenced much of the 20th century.

Moreover, the official language spoken in this country is German.
German Language is on of the hardest language but used in 6 countries official and has over 95 million native speakers world wide. Researches shows that German Language is one of the major Languages of the world.

The currency in use is the Euro. Germany has earned a reputation globally as a leader in renewable energy, with its ambitious Energiewende plan aiming to attain 80% renewable energy use by the year 2050. As a nation, Germany is one of the major world powers, and its political and economic influence is undoubtedly felt on a global level. The country remains committed to fostering innovation and promoting sustainability for future generations.

Germany is known for its famous beer festivals, such as Oktoberfest, and is renowned for its engineering and technological advancements.

Car Industry in Germany

Germany has one of the most famous and successful car brands in the world. Brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Opel and more.
A great range of cars, technologies, modern systems, top Engines, Intelligent systems, strong, and high quality cars.
Germany owns a big part of Car industry in world. Starting from law prices up to highest prices and newest technologies. Along with Germany cars, also many card brands from all over the world use Germany’s Engines for their own cars and brand such as Lamborghini

Facts of Germany

Football in Deutschland


Germany has one of the most powerful and successful football teams and leagues in world. Germany has won 4 time the World Cup and 3 times European champions league.

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About Germany
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Germany is one of the most Industrial countries in the world. With large number of productions every day in different fields such as machinery, cars, printers, Technologies, and so on.
This is one of the reasons that so many conferences and fair trade shows are happening every day in all over Germany.
The number of conferences, exhibitions and fair-trade shows in Germany shows how important is Germany in the world as it plays a main role in Technology and quality at the same time.
When it comes to softwares, Germany is also leading country in Softwares and IT purposes.
How important will be Germany in Future is hard to say, however history showed us Germany will always stay as one of the most advanced countries in in the world.

This makes Germany special, the real meaning of technology and Industry at the same time helped the country to stand always at the top 3 important countries in world.
It doesn't stop at there, it also goes further to Sports, and clothing brands as well.

German Brands and German Names

Germany has many famous brands in different fields around the world, we have gathered some of Germany brands in order to help you know more about Germany on!

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Merces Benz

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Deutsche Telekom

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Most frequent questions and answers about Germany

The modern state of Germany was officially founded on January 18, 1871 as Quora say’s.

Germany is a broader term that encompasses the entirety of the country, whereas the term “Deutschland” specifically pertains to the language and culture of Germany. The designations of Deutschland as Germany also highlight the differences between the German and English languages in terms of their linguistic implications.

Germany has 2.056 cities and towns.
However Germany has officially 80 cities only.

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is famous for its extensive selection of iconic sites, dynamic cultural environment, and a lifestyle that effortlessly combines constant activity with a laid-back atmosphere.

Berlin, is the largest city in Germany with population of +3.8 million people and capacity of .
Berlin is one of the busiest cities of Germany with over 11 million visitors annually.

Researches shows us Wolfsburg is the richest city in Germany.
Along Wolfsburg, Frankfurt is ranked #2 as the richest city in Germany.
However, our local researches and facts shows us that Düsseldorf is the richest city in Germany.

Education in Germany

Many people travel to Germany because of studying in Germany universities. German Universities are great, ranking high in world, with low cost makes sense to chose and move to Germany.

German Universities courses are in German and English language which makes it easier to attend for international students.
Even schools are great in Germany. Many international students prefer to to finish their school in Germany to be able to get universities confirmation easier.

Germany first Export is Vehicle with over $258 billion annually from different brands and different companies.
Germany has one of the most selling car brands in the world, however German cars are famous world wide because of quality, material, finishing, technology. 

German car brands are known as luxury cars around the world.
Some of the German cars brands are: Mercedes benz, Volks Wagon, BMW, Audi, Opel, Porsche and etc.
Germany has the ranking #1 in Exporting car in world with +2.9 million cars per year.

Its not only cars which Germany Exports in World. Germany also is exporting around 15% of machineries including computers to the world.
Germany exports over $260 billion machinery devices and over $180 billion of  electrical machinery devices and equipments.

This shows how Germany play’s a main role in Technology and different industries in world. 

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