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Quantities are subject to change any time and are not final. Note that we receive new shipments on regular bases or many times can be manufactured based on the order. If you require bigger quantity, please contact us for delivery time.

Colour of the actual product may slightly be different from the image shown on the website.
You might order a sample before placing an order if colour is important for you.

Size, Some product size have been indicated in cm/mm. Actual size my slightly vary from those indicated. 
Some product sizes might be change due to the new shipments, which we will update them regularly. 
Changes and updates might take time to take place, because of the high volume of the content we have on the website.
*Note: If the product size is important for you, we kindly suggest to ask your sales person to make sure.*

Product details, We make sure important product details is provided, however due to volume of information some info you need or looking for might have not been included.

Product size details, Product weight & packing size have been indicated, however it might change due to change of packaging, please finalize & confirm your order so we can provide you the accurate packing & shipping details.

Shipping information, Shipping weight and volumes are estimates and actual may vary from the estimated weight and volume. HMi is not responsible for the difference in the shipping cost if it occurs.

Trademarks and logos shown on products are simply examples of imprints only.
We do not use any logos or graphics as our advertising without permission or mentioning the source.
– If you have found any logo, graphics, pictures, or artworks used without permission, or if you are the owner of any element used on our website, we apologise in advance, and kindly ask you to inform us via mail to make apply changes immediately.
Please note that we use most of our artworks and graphics, with the license of HMi GmbH from popular stocks online.

Artworks and graphics, Color of the actual products may be slightly different from the image or artwork shown on the website. 
We try our best not to change any specific detail on the images however in some case we make changes to make sure our images and artworks looks better on the website.

HMi GmbH will not take or accept responsibility for different in the shipping cost if it occurs.
Quantities mentioned in our website are subject to change and are not final in most of the cases. 

• The products and items by HMi include products of standard type and quality from industrial production, the customized goods which includes differences in the length, weight, width, and color do not permit the customer to claim any warranty right.

*Note: Only some of the products may include the warranty and check products detail page for more information.*

Graphic Design, We design on your demand. Means we gather some information from you, such as main color, subject, size, and use of the design, and we create the design on that.
If any changes must be made on your project or printing file, you must let us know before you confirm the soft copy or the digital version only. After confirming and finalising your design, changes will contain extra costs if possible.

Printing documents, printing products and customized printing items, will need always an exact size, and if the client rejects to provide the correct printing size, delivery and shipping appointment might be affected. In that case we do not accept any order cancelation, claims or return at all.
We kindly suggest you to keep in touch with your sales agent to make sure everything is correct for the printing.

Printing artwork, will be provided to the customer before starting the production. In some cases such as ultra express production, same night delivery, Express printing, or similar to that, you might not get a digital version of printing artwork before production due to the timings.
If you need to get an artwork for every item you have ordered, you might mentioned that by ordering with your sales agent.

Printing colours, Printings are done mostly on CMYK basis and other colours such as Gold color, Silver color, matt Effect, Shiny Effect and Pantone colours are only doable with Inquiry and additional cost. Special colours need a longer production time in most cases.

– We might make an update on any page any time of the day. Its is HMi GmbH right to make changes and update regularly any point, to add or remove any of the mentioned information.

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If you see any point that you don’t like or you must add or remove a point, you must only inform our sales team before placing your order.
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