HMi Designing Policies

Design Policies

We have relied many times our regulations, policies, rules and conditions to make sure we keep our 100% safety and right and on the other side our customers get also the complete guide and information.

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HMi Designing Policies

§1. All the designs, artworks, Icons, Logos, Pictures, Graphics and design samples you as customer receive, or we use in your printed Flyer, catalog, brochure, business card or any other printed and digital files, are a property of HMi GmbH in Germany, and will stay a part of HMi GmbH Property unless you purchase the right of using each one independently in a written format including License/ Permission.

§2. If you order any printing product, and you receive a free designing service in your order, you as a client will only receive the printed version not a soft copy, digital copy or data file from HMi. For receiving any data files, or original designed files, you need to place an extra order and depending on your job order or your printed product, you will be charged separately for soft/ Digital Copies with additional fees.
If you have received an Original file somehow, you as a clients or customer don’t have the right to reuse the designed files by HMi top print in other printing companies anywhere around the world.

§3. All the Designs, Changes, Revisions, and any designed material made by HMi, are a property of HMi GmbH and if anyhow, or with any reason you use the soft copy received from us to print at other printing companies, printing shops, or even by yourself, is 100% forbidden. HMi Does not accept any exception in this case.
For using any Design, artwork, or any digital version of our previous jobs, you need to get a 100% ownership by purchasing the rights before you take any action. We as HMi GmbH will keep our rights for designing projects in future at our main company and sister companies to make sure we get our job done professionally for our customers, with the difference of giving the right of data file or keeping the rights for HMi GmbH.

§4. We at HMi, work for day and night on your projects, job orders and designs to make sure you get a perfect result by choosing us and ordering at HMi, therefor we try our best to help you and our customers in general to achieve the best. For this reason, we respect you and try our best to help you by designing your advertisements with no extra charges, and we expect you to respect us and our policies under any circumstances and not try to use our project, designs, files, Logos, or any other artworks without having the our permission and regular rights.

§5. We design Logos for free for our customers, it does not mean that the customer has the right of using the Logo on their demand. If you get a free Logo Design service from us or our sister companies, you as the consumer has the right to use the logo as far as you work with HMi, and as soon as you change your marketing, advertising, or printing partner, you must understand that you as a business owner has no rights to use the Logos, designs, icons, or any artworks designed for you and your business by HMi GmbH.
You only get Logo ownership by paying the rights to HMi, which Logo designing services starts from 249€ depending on your Logo type.

§6. We charge our customers depending on their order amount, order size, and the type of contract they have with us. Therefor we never accept any claims for price difference between 2 orders, 2 jobs, 2 projects or 2 designing services by any customer.
You might have an order of +1000€ and your Designing needs +70 hours, and a client might order the same amount but needs only 5 hours of Designing services. Therefor we check all the job orders enter our company one by one, and off curse by the timing and effort each order needs. Then we offer an end price to the customer specially for their Inquiry.

§7. Meaning of shortcuts mentioned in Offers, Quotations, Order confirmations and Invoices at HMi GmbH:
Incl. Design: No data file transfer Included/ Only Design is included without any rights given
Incl. Design- No Data File: No data file transfer Included as mentioned/ Only Designing service included
Incl. Designing without Data: No data file transfer Included/ Only Design is included without any rights given

Incl. Design- with Data File: Data file transfer Included/ Designing with original File

§8. Depending on how fast you need your designs to be done, your artwork and graphic jobs to be created, you might be charged extra for faster jobs from 100-250% extra depending on timeline you have for delivery.

§9. If you come back after a while, and need a soft copy or a digital version of your old orders or Logo, you must pay a complete amount of a new graphic design service prices due to the date of providing the files.
Remember, we never charge our clients with old prices at HMi.

§10. By choosing HMi as your graphic designer, it does not mean that you have the right of keeping and using any soft copies and digital forms of the final designs. In any case of using Designed files by HMi, you must first have the 100% ownership certificate from HMi, and then you have the right to use it legally.

§11. You get designing services for free at HMi, as an extra service to help you to have professional marketing, advertising and to improve your branding. We highly respect you and your business and help you however we can, and we expect respect on the other side from you as our client. By signing HMi Designing Policies you accept our Policies as written on this contract and you must follow the rules as mentioned and explained.

§12. We don’t accept any returning, cancelation, or claims to stop a contact after signing this contract as we provide Individual and customized services and products to our clients.
We understand that under the German Law, there is a returning rights for ordering online, or for purchasing a product, however that doesn’t include the custom made products and custom made/ Individual services.