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Signages & Outdoor Advertising
Order your signages and outdoor advertising to HMi in Germany!
Posters & Backlight foils
Order your outdoor posters with best prices in Germany!
Large format Printing
Order your large format printings to HMi in Germany with best prices!
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We are HMi and known as HMi GmbH


We are known as HMi and we are an advertising and marketing agency from Düsseldorf Germany.
We have served over thousands of customers monthly to reach at this point. Knowing what to offer, to who offer and how to target customers.
We have gathered all the professionals from all over the world to be able to offer you great quality of products and services.

Info about HMI GmbH | Get to know HMi GmbH | HMI GmbH in Germany 7 HMi Germany | HMi in Bochum | HMi advertising agency in Germany | Information about HMi GmbH
Info about HMI GmbH | Get to know HMi GmbH | HMI GmbH in Germany 7 HMi Germany | HMi in Bochum | HMi advertising agency in Germany | Information about HMi GmbH

Promotional Gift items

We offer Promotional Gift items printed and branded with fast turnover and shipping in Germany and in Europe.
We offer +1 Million Promotional gift items with different qualities, brands, and packaging to make sure you find the best matching products to your need.
We offer Promotional gIft items from Different brands and names, such as Hugo Boss, Dorniel, Fruit Of the Loom, Cerruti 1881, Roly, JBL, B&C Collection, Sony, Bang and Olufsen, Stabillo, Steadler, Uma, Parker, and more.

Promotional Gifts printed in Germany are now aways much more used and traded in Germany.
Therefor we have developed and expanded our services, our brand and company in more cities, and places in Germany.

Giveaways and corporate gift items germany

We Make sure to import and offer you the best selection of corporate gift items in Germany
Not only offering you best and usable giveaways, we also try to offer you the best possible printing solutions for branding your corporate gift items in Germany.
Giveaways and corporate gifts are good for marketing purposes, and increasing sales and profit at the end in your business.
Printed and branded Giveaways can be used in many different occasions, such as Christmas gifts, anniversary giveaways, fair trade show giveaways and many other occasions.

Printing Products

Its nice to find an advertising and marketing agency who offers also printing products and printing services. The reason is for sure that yo dont need to think about designing, printing file, type or shape of the printing file, format or material to order. 
Instead they will take care of all the needs you have in your business by knowing exactly what is better and what suits your business more.
We offer Printing Products in Germany no matter what quantity, size, finishing, material or type of order might be.
Knowing all the elements of printing and knowing how to create a right printing file, might be a big challenge for you or the customer, which we have also thought about that. Our professional Graphic design team will make sure to control all of the printing files before printing and production starts with no extra charge.

Printing T-shirts with your logo

Printing T-shirts with your brand, name, Logo, or your message can be used in for any occasion.
Branded T-shirts can be used as commercial use, giveaways, gifts, or as promoting a brand. We have imported over 76 different brands of textiles in to Germany, to make sure we offer almost all type of shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts and textiles principally.
Printing on T-shirts has different solutions and can be done in different ways. Our Printing team called HMi Printing company, which offers T-shirts with digital Printing, T-shirts with screen Printing, T-shirts with direct print to garment technology, T-shirts with What toner printing technology, T-shirts with Special UV printing, and more.

We believe tits not about the brand of T-shirt, or the way you print your logo on it, instead its about to know exactly the use of printed t-shirt with your logo.
Are you going to use your branded T-shirt for a short time, or for a fair trade show, maybe for an event, or maybe as uniform of your business.
Knowing exactly the usage of your Branded T-shirt will help ups to offer you the best matching brand and printing technology.

For completing our Printing on Textile services, we have also added stitching on T-shirts in 2022. Definitely with best prices possible in Germany to make sure you get all of your printing needs from one professional hand called HMi GmbH in Germany.

Printing in 48 Hours

Print your printing products within 48 hours only with HMi.
With our printing factory we make sure to print and deliver to you or your clients within only in 48 hours. No matter what you need, no matter what printing inquiry you have, we try our best to print in best quality and deliver to you within 48 hours only.

Express Printing

For customers who are in hurry and need their orders to be delivered within 1 day, we as HMi GmbH are able to print and deliver your within 24 hours. Are you looking for a company who can print for you and deliver you within 24 hours only. HMI GmbH offers also Express Printing and depending on your city, we might be able to deliver you in same day in some cases as well.

Same Day Printing

We are able to print near +700 thousand pages daily in different sizes and with different finishings.
Same day printing mostly are offered by companies who have their own printing facility in house. We have printed and delivered many orders in last week and months in all over Germany and other countries in EU.

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Its not only about offering many products or services, its also about how to provide the services to the clients.
We have experienced over 3 decades in marketing, advertising, and printing field. Experience helped bus to develop and grow and know how to provide services to our clients and customers.
We never tried to be the cheapest in the market, but we also offer on budget promotional products and also on budget printing products to make sure our clients gets everything from one professional and secure hand.


We control before we print and we make sure that your printing file matches our sizes and printing size product orders.


We deliver to you or your event within the same day depending on your location in Germany.


We never try to be the cheapest, instead we try to be the best and offer you the best combination of price and quality.


A large selection of Promotional Gift items, Corporate gifts, Giveaways, Marketing Products, Printing products and more...!