Maxema Ethic Pens

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  • Material: ABS Plastic | Item Size: 139 x 11 mm | Item Weight: 0.014 kg

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Pcs in Carton Box Carton Weight Carton Box Size
1000 14.270 kg 40 x 32 x 30 cm

Pen Printing Options

  • UV Printing | Screen Printing | PAD Printing
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Pens Maxema Ethic

Customized Maxema ethic pens are stylish and innovative. They were made from dependable, very resilient ABS plastic. They are strong and secure to utilize as a result. Specially made with a solid white hue, its barrel. Since it has a shiny surface throughout the barrel, it. The Maxema ethic pen comprises two components that make up the entire barrel. The upper portion is colorful, while the lower portion is white. White bands, however, are also present on the bright components. While having an original and inventive clip. As a result, these are great products for Dubai pen suppliers.

Additionally, a large refill is included so you can write smoothly for 2500 meters. A twist-action mechanism is included. So, it’s simple to put on and take off the ball pen. Options for PAD printing and UV printing are included. As a result, you may have these pens made specifically for your business. These can be personalized with the names of your loved ones. These personalized pens are fantastic for promoting small businesses and brands.

  • Produced from robust ABS plastic.
  • Manufacturers of the best pens in Dubai.
  • UV and PAD printing options are available.
  • Pens with a unique design for businesses.
  • Patterned barrel
  • Elegant and original clip.
  • Structure with a glossy finish that is white.

Printing Options

  • UV Printing | Screen Printing | PAD Printing

Pen Printing Details

Ethic Pen Printing

Ethic Pen Printing

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Weight 0.014 kg
Dimensions 13.9 × 1.1 cm
Maxema Pen Solid Colors

03, 04, 09, 12, 15, 18, 22, 74

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