" HMi Services "

HMi GmbH is an Advertising, Marketing, Printing & IT Agency.
We as HMi, concentrate on mostly advertising & Marketing products and services. However in now days marketing without printing and online advertising make no sense anymore.

We have developed our system to a better system, we have made a lot of research and we have found what exactly is missing in the market.
What is very necessary in market, is to find a professional marketing company who can offer you a real and professional online and offline services. Its not only about talking or saying that, its also about showing a result to the customer.

Lets say, we believe that we are already a great advertising and marketing company, but the question comes when believe that directly to the mind, how do I believe that? can I improve that to you as a client?
Yes, for us as HMI GmbH is very important not to only say and believe, also to be able to show you a result and make you believe who we are and how professional are we.

HMi GmbH is stablished in Bochum in 2018, with the goal of growing and developing to every city of Germany, and off curse to develop to the international market and be able to serve big brands and small names at the same time.

For this reason, we never sit back and speak, we always read, learn, update, analysis, change and try to keep in mind what is our main goal in most of the times.

How was HMI made, is actually a real 0 to 100 story of a successful company who didn’t try to satisfy clients to work with, instead let the professionalism do the work and attract the real customers from all over the world.

HMi GmbH along with HMi Agency team doesn’t try to offer every single advertising and marketing services and products, instead we try to offer some products and services but a high quality for of every single product and service what we offer.

Let the quality and professionalism talk!

''HMi GmbH''


3 Main Services


Near to 2 million Printing Products.
Over 35 years of great experience in Printing products and printing solutions.
We believe Printing never stops and never get old, instead it changes the way it is, and gets modern to satisfy people as everyday technology grows and expands.
Printing can be small and in hand products such as business cards and leaflets, up to large format presentations and advertising which can be found on highways and fair trade shows.
Printing in different sizes, different materials, for different usages are the reasons why printing gets never boring!

Promotional Gifts

The easiest way to describe Promotional gifts and promotional products, is to create a question.
Is there any big brand that doesn’t use Promotional gifts?
Believe or not,  the answer is no!
Almost every single brand and name, no matter what field and no matter where are they locating, are using somehow a promotional gift in different ways! HMI GmbH is one of the most powerful agencies in Germany for supplying promotional gift items and giveaways in Germany with printing in 24 hours and best prices in the market.
We print promotional gifts, promotional products and giveaways in house with your logo at HMi.

Online Marketing

When it comes to marketing, online advertising, and online marketing in Germany will make you to decide for it.
There is no other marketing methods nowadays in the world to be replaced with online marketing specially in Germany.
How companies & people search on Google for almost every thing online is the main reason why online marketing is growing so fast and gets so much clients from all over the world.
However depending on the type of marketing the cost of online marketing can be different, if its an organic marketing such as SEO or a paid ad such as Google ad.

Printing Services

We offer different printing services for start up businesses and big companies world wide.

Offset Printing

Laser Printing

order printing products to HMi GmbH printing company with special finishing in Germany | Printing products with special finishings and special material | Customized printing products in Germany | HMi GmbH

Special finishings

Laser cutting in Düsseldorf | Laser marking & laser cutting in Germany | HMi GmbH offers laser marking & laser cutting services from Düsseldorf in Germany

Laser Cutting


3D Laser Sampling


Laser Marking on Metal

Epoxy coating on stickers in Germany | Printing services in Germany with HMi GmbH | 3d UV effect printing in Germany | HMi GmbH

Epoxy Coating

Gold foiling in Germany | HMi GmbH offers gold foling printing in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH offers printing services in Düsseldorf | Gold foiling in Düsseldorf

Gold Foiling

Large signages printing in Germany | Printing in Large format in Germany | Printing services in Germany | HMi GmbH Printing agency from Düsseldorf

Large Signages

Large format printing for outdoor in Germany | Outdoor advertising printing in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH offers outdoor printing services since 2018 in Düsseldorf

Outdoor signages

Large format printing for outdoor in Germany | Outdoor advertising printing in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH offers outdoor printing services since 2018 in Düsseldorf

Indoor Signages

Business signage printing in Germany | Advertising signages in Düsseldorf | Outdoor signages printing in Germany | HMi GmbH pffers printing

Business Signages

Large format printing in Düsseldorf | Printing services in Germany | HMi GmbH Offers printing services in Germany since 2018 | Printing in Düsseldorf

Large format Printing

Large signages printing in Germany | Printing in Large format in Germany | Printing services in Germany | HMi GmbH Printing agency from Düsseldorf

UV Print

Large format printing for outdoor in Germany | Outdoor advertising printing in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH offers outdoor printing services since 2018 in Düsseldorf


Bachelor Thesis

Master Thesis


Other Services

HMi GmbH offers different advertising & marketing services to Companies. Explore more about #hmigmbh and HMi's Services.

Menu Making

Money folder in Germany | Order your leather products in Germany to HMi | HMi GmbH advertising agency since 2018 in Germany | Leather products

Leather Products

Packaging in Germany | Order your customized packaging in Germany | Order you own packages with logo in Germany at



Adhesive tape

Laser cutting in Germany | Laser cutting in Düsseldorf | Laser marking & cutting in Germany

Laser Cutting


Architecture Services

Paper lamination in Germany | Large format print and laminating in Germany | Printing company in Düsseldorf | is a printing company in Germany offers lamination services


print in large format in Düsseldorf | Printing in Duesseldorf | Plan and CAD printing in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH

CAD & Plan Printing

Listing & file organisation in Germany | HMi GmbH printing and advertising agency in Düsseldorf offers online and digital services

Listing & File Organisation

Data transmission in Germany | Online services in Düsseldorf | Online advertising in Germany | Digital advertising and storing data online in Germany with HMi

Data Transmission

Scanning-in-Germany-_ Scan-in-Düsseldorf-_ Scanning-in-Düsseldorf-_-Scanning-in-Germany-with-best-prices-at-hmi-


Edit & Artwork for printing in Germany | Graphic design services in Düsseldorf | Artwork creating for printing | Designing agency in Germany | HMi GmbH advertising & marketing company

Edit & Artwork

Presentation & Branding in Germany | Branding services in Germany | Marketing & branding services in Germany | HMi GmbH |

Presentation & branding

Stamp making in Germany | Stamp maker in Düsseldorf | Stamp for brands in Germany | HMi GmbH offers tamp making in different sizes and prices

Stamp Making

Name badge ordering in Germany | Name badge in Düsseldorf | Order your own badge in Germany | HMi GmbH

Name Badges

Button-Badges-in-Germany-_ Buttons-in-Germany-_-Button-badges-printing-in-Germany-_-HMi-Printing-company-offers-Button-Badges-

Button Badges

Car-foiling-in-Düsseldorf-_-Car-advertising-in-Germany-_ Car-foiling-in-Germany-_-Hmi-GmbH-and-advertising-

Car Foiling

ID Solution in Germany | Id card printing in Germany | Order your ID card in Düsseldorf at HMi GmbH | HMi GmbH Printing company in Germany

ID solutions

Online & Internet Services

We offer a high range of professional online and internet services to help you and your business to grow locally and internationally. Find out more about our online services.
Online services & online marketing activities are under HMi IT company brand.

Web design in Germany | HMi IT offer Webdesign services | Web designing services in Germany | HMi GmbH

Web Design

Web design in Germany | HMi IT offer Webdesign services | Web designing services in Germany | HMi GmbH

Web Development

Content writing in Germany | Professional content writing in Germany | Content writing for websites and web design in Düsseldorf | HMi It offers online services since 2018

Content Writing

E commerce services in Düsseldorf | Start your own online shop in Germany with HMi IT and HMi GmbH | HMi GmbH online services since 2018


App creation in Germany | App creator in Düsseldorf | HMi It company since 2018 in Germany | Create your own App in Germany with best prices

App Creation

Online marketing in Germany with best Advertising company in Germany | Hmi GmbH offers online marketing with best results since 2018 in Germany | Hmi GmbH online marketing services in Germany

Online Marketing

SEO in Germany | Professional SEO services in Germany | SEO services in Düsseldorf | Search engine optimization | SEO for your website in Germany | HMi GmbH offers Professional SEO services


Branding for your company and your brand online | Make your brand famous online with organic marketing online in Germany | HMi IT offers professional organic marketing online services | HMi IT | HMi GmbH

Organic Marketing

Google Listing

Google my business services in Germany | Advertise on Google with HMi It and online service agency | HMi GmbH offers online marketing and online advertising

Google My Business

Social Media Management in Germany | Social Media Services in Germany | Social Media Advertising in Germany | Social Media Marketing in Germany | HMi GmbH offer social Media Marketing and services in Düsseldorf

Social Media Management

Facebook ad campaign in Germany | Start advertising on Faceboon with HMi GmbH | Facebook advertising and Facebook marketing | Facebook advertising | Facebook paid ads in Germany

Facebook Ad Campaign

Social Media advertising in Germany | Social media paid ads in Germany | HMi IT offer online marketing and advertising | Social Media advertisement | HMI GmbH

Social Media Advertising

Instagram-advertising-_-instagram-paid-advertisement-_ social-media-advertising-in-Germany-_ Online-advertising-services-in-Germany-with-HMi-GmbH

Instagram marketing

Search Engine Marketing in Germany | Search Engine advertising and online organic marketing | HMi GmbH offers SEM services in Germany