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Flyer Printing services in Germany

Flyer Printing

If you are looking for reliable flyer printing services in Germany, you will be pleased to know that there are various options available to cater to all your printing needs.

With the growth of technology, many well-known printing companies have made flyer printing easily accessible and affordable.

You can choose to use popular online printing companies such as Vistaprint and Flyeralarm, which offer an array of options including paper type, finishing options (matte, glossy, UV coating), and size.

Alternatively, you can visit local printing shops that provide similar services, but with the added advantage of in-person consultations and quicker turnaround times.

However, when selecting a printing service, price, quality, and delivery options should be considered. It is always recommended to conduct a background check on the printing company’s reputation, such as reviews and samples of their work, to ensure that you have the right printing partner for your specific needs.

With the help of the right printing company, you will be able to produce high-quality flyers that can successfully promote your event, product, or service to your target audience in Germany.

With knowing all this information, you might consider that in local printing shops they have mostly limited printing methods, and they might not be a right choice for big quantities of printings. In other hands, Big companies such as Vistaprint, Flyeralarm, and other companies, need a longer process to place an order and you might not get a personal consultation for free when you need.
In addition you have to make sure you contact them in their opening timings, 5 days a week with your final printing file saved in their right printing format.

This is exactly what we offer.
We offer 7 days printing services, with free consultation, and off curse we have graphic designer team ready to help you right away.
You can easily call us, or send us a message on What’s App to get your job done.
With HMi, you get all of your marketing and printing needs from one professional and well experienced hand.

Flyer and folded leaflets Printing in Same-day!

When it comes to well-established methods for promoting businesses, Flyers & Leaflets are the top choice for many, especially A5 Flyers & Leaflets which are widely popular worldwide.
This essential marketing tool provides numerous opportunities to showcase your brand, advertise your products and services, and communicate your values to readers.

Effortless Distribution: Whether you intend to distribute flyers at an event, drop them off at specific locations, include them as eye-catching mailers, or insert them into magazines and customer orders, the versatility of flyers and leaflets makes them a preferred choice.

Professional Image: With a wide range of paper stocks and sizes available for flyers, there is a suitable combination for every need, from lightweight options to luxurious, high-impact stocks that leave a lasting professional impression.

Cost Efficiency: Flyers & Leaflets offer the most cost-effective solution in terms of price per unit, making it simple to maximize your return on investment by printing Flyers & Leaflets. Few other advertising mediums, online or offline, provide as much advertising space for such a low cost as Flyers do.

DIN A5 Flyer

A5 Flyers are a great choice for presenting a product, services, business or just publishing an update.
Its has enough space to use images, artworks icons, and etc. In General, DIN A5 Flyers and leaflets printing in Germany are one of the best seller products we provide to our clients at

We dont stop here, instead we create and design you a professional looking A5 Flyer as 1 side, or double side. You can always save money by printing A5 flyers in larger quantity, as offset printing, on 135g paper, with matt or shiny affect, starting from 249€ for 10.000 copies.
If you are looking for a company who can help you to design and bring your ideas to life, and then print your flyers with fastest shipping methods, then you have landed on a right website.

Long Flyers

Long flyers printing are another type of Flyers which has long shape with different sizes called Din Long flyer, or Din A4 Long, or Din A5 Long flyers.
We always suggest our clients to first draw all of their thoughts and try to first decide how much content you like to have on your flyer before ordering.
Due to the amount of content you have, images and graphics you like to have on your flyers or leaflets, we will suggest you the best flyer or leaflet sizes to order.

In fact, our Professional graphic designers can also help you to redesign and change an existing flyer or leaflet format and size into another size on your demand with additional fees.
However, it really make sense to not stay with an old fashion Flyer format, and try always to be updated in front of your clients and customers by ordering a unique flyer printing.

DIN A4 Flyer

A4 Flyer size is the main standard size for printing n matter for what purpose.

DIN A4 flyers or A4 flyer printing in Germany was always big deal for every international company which were visiting Germany for a trade show, seminar, exhibition, or an event. As everyone knows, Paper sizes in Germany are called ”DIN A4” and its nit the same as USA paper sizes. Therefor, many companies face a problem during ordering flyers online in Germany.
Which we as HMI printing company in Germany, offer you a free redesign/ Re-formating your flyer or Leaflets into a Germany standard paper sizes to help you to save time for ordering printed flyers and to save money for making changes in your final printing designs.
Yes, HMi GmbH thinks about your needs in a different way than other companies. We dot try to sell you products or services, in fact we try also to solve your problems by ordering any size flyers and leaflets in Germany online!

Design & Printing

We Design & Print Your Flyers

We design your flyers and leaflets with the most eye catching design and graphics with fastest turnover time.

We have created millions of Flyers and leaflets for clients from arround the world in different formats, sizes, layouts, designs, with different colors, images, and graphics.
We have done many award winning designs for flyers in Germany for other brands. It all ends up to 1 point, knowing well how to present a product or a company!

No matter what type of Industry are you in, no matter what type of business are you doing, Flyers and leaflets cannot be done by an amateur and beginner team while, it realy needs an experience and well trained team to design and print.

Experience shows us nothing can take place of printing flyers and leaflets instead,, you might also start digital version of Flyers in addition for some clients who prefers to see your flyer on there pc, laptop, smartphone or tablets.

Yes, we as HMi offer you also professional Digitalization of Flyer and Leaflets by creating a customized QR-Code and linking it to pdf version of your flyers, or a completely build in page of your flyer in a nice modern looking digital layout.
We as HMi, never stop developing our sytem, while technology never stops in anywhere or any industry.
In fact paper qualities are getting better and better every day, Flyers can be printed with different and new finishings everyday and many more.

We as HMI printing company try to be updated with all of our services not only printing flyers online.
Start Professional marketing by hiring us as your Marketing partner, and see the result within next few week, you will be surprised by cooperating with HMi for your marketing with 100% guarantee!

Flyer Sizes

A6 Flyer (Horizontal) | (Vertical)

A great small flyer choice for who want to have a small size flyer. A6 size is a great choice form less details and information.

A5 Flyer (Horizontal) | (Vertical)

Half of a standard paper size, a great flyer choice for any occasion and use. A5 size has middle range space for your information.

A5 Long Flyer

Standard paper size, with a great space for more information and images. one of the best seller Flyer and leaflet sizes.

A4 Flyer (Horizontal) | (Vertical)

A4 Flyer printing in Germany on hmi-ad website | We print your flyers with fast shipping in Germany | Professional Designing services and printing flyers in A4 size with HMI GmbH in Düsseldorf

Standard paper size, with a great space for more information and images. one of the best seller Flyer and leaflet sizes.

A4 Long Flyer

A Unique Looking paper size, great option as Flyer, Leaflets or Catalogues. Order A4 Long size Flyers at with top deals and prices.

Square Flyer 148

Professional Flyer printing in Düsseldorf with HMi GmbH | Square flyer printing in Germany with HMi | Order your flyers at hmi-ad in Germany | HMI offers flyer pritning services

Unique brands and unique Companies mostly look for a unique layout of flyers at hmi-ad. We print and deliver you a nice looking Square shape Flyer at

Graphic design

Graphic Design services in Germany with HMi GmbH | Start your Flyer designing with HMI in Germany | HMi offers professional Flyer Design services and Flyer printing in Germany

We offer you professional graphic design services at We create you customized design with custom colors, along with professional looking layouts starting from 199,00€ only at HMi.

Digital Version

Digital Flyer | We design you a professional digital flyer in Germany with top prices and quality | Order your flyers online to HMi GmbH in Düsseldorf | HMi offers Flyer Printing services in Germany

We create you digital Flyers and Digital Advertising with modern looking, customized content and images at HMi. We make you a QR-Code and link it to your online Flyers and advertisings at

Quality & Price

Start your marketing with Hmi GmbH IN GERMANY | HMI DESIGN And print your flyers at best prices possible with high quality and fast shipping options | Print flyers in same night in Germany with HMi GmbH

We never try to be the cheapest in Market, instead we have always tried to be the best in Germany and international market. We offer you top quality design and printing services and fair prices at HMi!

Printing in:

Only as CMYK
For PANTONE Colours/ RGB Colours send us Inquiry or contact us!

Data check:

Full Data check
We don’t charge any extra fees for Data Check.
Note: We send you updates if we find problems or mistakes in your final uploaded printing file.
– We also offer Professional Data check with edit and revisions if needed with an extra charges only. Contact our support team for more details.

4 Points to remember before ordering Flyer!

4 Important important points to remember before ordering your flyers!

We offer Graphic design services to clients who don’t have final designs, or complete printing files. 
If you have one and you need to make changes in your data files, we also support you in that matter and we will help you with that.
We design your advertisings, flyers, leaflets, brochures, posters, and any other marketing needs you might want to order.

When it comes to Design and creating a complete presentation, we will help you to create from A to Z all of the elements you must have to be able to present your brand, services, products or business.
Our Graphic designer team will take care of your needs anytime you need, no matter how fast you need you job to be done and when you want to order.

Sizes are different in Europe with USA, with Australia, Canada, UK, Middle East and other countries.
But don’t worry, we will help you to find the best matching sizes for your flyers, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, posters and business cards.

Every Size of printing products contain different volume for the information you want to present, this is why you have to first know how much content and information you want to present on your flyer or leaflet, and then we can help you to find the right choice for you.

We also offer custom sizes for printing, however custom size printing needs a longer printing time and cost you Moree than standard sizes.
contact our support team to get more info for your order.

First you have to choose your final product, then you have to choose the size, after that you must have your final printing file, and considering your timing to your upcoming event, you have to choose the right printing method.

We offer different printing methods, in fact for different products and quantities. For 10.000 pcs of leaflets we Never suggest you to go for a laser or digital printing, however if you have less time they are the only printing option you might choose.

Which printing method to choose? If you don’t know about that, contact our support team and get a free consultation to be able to choose the right printing option.

We offer different types of shipping methods and delivery options depending on the type you choose for your order.
We are able to deliver you also in same night, in some cities of Germany.

Visit our Shipping methods page to get more information or kindly contact our sales team if you need to arrange a faster shipping option for your order.

We offer free shipping for Printing orders above 299,99 € as standard shipping method.
Standard shipping method takes usually 2-4 working days to be delivered.

Consider Before ordering!

"Considering the 3 important following points before you place an order for printing orders"

Flyer printing in Germany on hmi-ad website | Colors must be in CMYK for flyer printing at HMI GmbH | Order your flyers to HMi with top printing prices in Germany

Colours must be in CMYK

If you have saved colors as RGB or Pantone, we will switch them during the last check to CMYK. This Process might affect your colors and you may expect color change/ color shift after printing. • HMi does not accept any responsibilities for color changes.•
Flyer printing in Germany page on hmi-ad | Order your flyers in Germany to HMi GmbH with over35 years of experience | Flyer designing and printing in Germany with HMi

File size must be correct

You must check your Cutting Lines, fold Lines, secure lines and the end format you send for your printing products. If you confirm your printing file and uploaded, we will not accept any responsibilities for mistakes in your final printing files.
Flyer Printing in Germany with HMi | Professional designing service for flyers in Germany | Top quality flyer printing in Düsseldorf with HMI GmbH since 2018

Make sure about your design

Make sure you don't use any designs, Logos, icons, or images without copyright or having permission. HMi does not accept any responsibilities if the owner of the design claims it.•We only Print, and we cannot check every element on customers designs.•

Flyer Printing

We design Your Flyer with modern graphics, pictures, icons, and elements to make sure you get an eye catching flyer as result. Flyers Printing at starts from 99,99 € for 2000 copies.
We offer different paper thicknesses and different types of papers in general for our printing products. Depending on the type of printing you choose, we offer different papers and different prices.

We print you’re leaflets and flyers in Black and white or color as your request. The most important fact of ordering flyers in top quality and the same time with cheap prices, is to order in larger quantity.

Leaflet Printing in Germany 

Print Leaflets with your own custom design with high quality and premium finishings in Germany.
We offer same night printing services in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund, Essen, Bonn, Bochum, and radius of +40 KM  to Düsseldorf.
We charge extra for same night printing and special same night delivery services. Depending on your order, on the quantity you order we offer different prices to our clients.

Order your leaflets to HMi in Germany and get a free data check, fast production and fast shipping depending on your selected size and paper type.

Cheap flyer printing online for Trade shows, Events every occasion in Germany.

We always say, that we don’t try to be the cheapest in the market however we have some budget friendly offers for who might look for cheapest flyer and leaflets printing in Germany.

Printing Flyer in Düsseldorf | Printing Flyers in Dusseldorf | Printing services in Düsseldorf | Print leaflets in Düsseldorf | Printing services in Germany with fast shipping | Professional Printing services for trade shows in Germany with top prices and same day delivery | We design and print your printing products in same day with top prices