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Printing Products & Giveaways for Events & Concerts in Germany

We design and print your advertising and marketing products for your next event or concert in Germany at HMi! No matter how big is your event, or concert our professional team will help you with all of your needs!

Gift items for Events & Concerts!

We offer professional printing and marketing services for events and Concerts in Germany!
We design and print your full marketing needs with custom design and concept at best prices in HMi! No matter how big or how small is your event, our professional team will help you to get a general idea about professional marketing in events, and then they will help you to decide what products to order!
You dint need to invest always a big amount, instead we think its better always to invest in a right way for everything!
When you talk about marketing and printing, HMi is the first choice if you want to deal with professional team! down waste your time, call us today at (+49) 234 93 82 88 52

Conference Marketing product Ideas!

We offer many different printing products at hmi-ad. From Business cards to Posters, roll ups, Paper bags and paper cups, Letter heads and many more. We have divided our printing products into different categories to help you find easier the products you are looking for.

We design and print your ticket in a professional way in Germany at HMi | We print your Entry Tickets with fast delivery in Germany at hmi-ad

Individual Entrance Tickets

Imagine an event or a concert without entrance ticket! We design and print your professional Tickets at HMi!
Custom signs printing in Germany at hmi-ad | Signs for your event and concerts in Germany | Print Banners for your event at hmi-ad | HMi offers marketing products for your events

Signages and Signs

You definitely need signs for your event or concerts to design and print in order to guide people!
Print custom stage background for your events in Germany at HMi | We design and print large format advertisings with high quality at HMi | HMi offers Event and concert Marketing Products

Backgrounds and Large format

We design and print on any surface in large format for different usages such as backgrounds, banners, roll ups, signs and more at HMi!
Print Posters for your event and concert in Germany at hmi-ad | Print your advertising in Germany at hmi-ad with over 35 years of experience | High quality Poster designing in Germany with HMi from Dusseldorf | High quality poster printing in Germany with top prices at hmi-ad

Printing Posters

No matter what type of Event are you planning to organise, you need for sure to design and print some posters to remote your event in different places in town for attracting local customers to your event! Need a poster for your event or concert? Dont worry, we design and print your posters in and size on 280g paper, full color, shiny or matt, starting from 199€ for 100 Pcs!
Print Banners with your own designs for events and concerts | Customized Banners with top quality and fast delivery in Germany with HMi | HMi offers printing products for Events & Concerts in Germany

Custom made Banners

Banners in general are useful for everywhere. You can hang your printed banners on Gates, doors, around the event walls, for attracting people or as a signage! Banners can be printed in large format and XXL with EYELETS and without! One of the benefits of printing Banners, is their printing method which makes them water and UV light resistance with longer life time available at top prices on

Looking for Event and Concert Printing Products in Germany?

Get a free consultation from our professional sales team at HMi!

HMi is your only Solution

We offer all types of printing products for Events and concerts in Germany with self designing services at HMi! Explore our nice and large variety of Printing products along with giveaways and gift items branded with your Logo at hmi-ad.

Advertising for Event and Concerts!

You might think why to advertise in Event and concerts in general!
Here are 3 reasons why you need to make professional advertising in Events and Concerts!

1- To promote your brand or name!

By advertising professionally in events, you can promote your brand and business to attract more real customers. We suggest our clients not to lose the chance of promoting in Events and concerts no matter how, and no matter with what budget!

2- Make a nice memory for people in an event by making them good moments!

It might look special, but it isn’t that much special and hard to achieve it! Promote your business by using the chance of being in an event or a concert with some fresh ideas.
Try to give some custom made T-shirts printed with your logo to people, and ask them to take a selfie and post it on social media to get a free drink or snacks!
Try anything that can create a good moment for people!
By being in people good memories, you will stay in people mind!

3- Its a great marketing strategy!

As a marketing agency, we always try to find the best places and spots to promote our business, why not in events and concerts!
Visitors and attended people in events and concerts are friendly and easy to affect their mind. They mostly attend events, festivals, or concerts to enjoy their time, this is why they are open to offers and ad campaigns in most cases!

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Most frequent questions about ordering gift items and promotional products for events and concerts in Germany!

The main reason of Event marketing in General is,  to create a relationship between people and your business in a nice way! Let people to remember you for a nice memory, nice moment, or by giving them a present!
Event marketing can affect your business more than you might think in real world!

Event marketing, is getting everyday bigger and more professional. The main reason of that, is because you get the chance of promoting your business to people directly without any middle man.
Imagine, you get a chance to promote your business with all the benefits and features you want your clients to know about your business directly to people! isn’t that amazing? 
What else do you want to get as a result from advertising campaign!

Make a research before attending in an event as a spacer, or ad campaign owner, to make sure what are the goals and vision of the event you are planning to attend! Make sure to invest right with right budget not to low and not to hight.
Don’t forget to attend with a complete marketing strategy plan!

It’s easy to describe the difference between event marketing and marketing products for events.
Lets read the words one by one,
Event + Marketing
means, Marketing campaign with a special plan and strategy for a recognisable goal in an event or concert!

Marketing + Products + for + Events
means a collection of products branded and printed with your logo, with the goal of promoting your business in a particular event, expo, festival, exhibition, conference, or a concert!

Print Flyer for your event or concert!

Flyers are always a great idea to promote and present a product, service, event, or a particular information in a transferable way along with affordable prices! We design and print your flyers starting from 5000 copies with amazing price of 199€ only at In fact we offer also flyer with premium paper, and special finishings at HMi for special customers. Flyers are always a great promoting and advertising method for small and big brands around the world. One of the most important facts about flyers is that flyers never get old, it might contain new elements such as QR code but the never get old!

Marketing in Concerts!

Creating a variety of printed materials is an integral part of promoting and enhancing the concert experience for attendees. These materials serve multiple purposes, including advertising the concert, providing information to attendees, and creating lasting memories. Below are some commonly used printing ideas and products to get from HMi for concerts:

1. Posters: Concert posters are a traditional form of promotion that feature captivating designs, the names of bands/artists, venue details, and date/time information. These posters are often displayed in high-traffic areas such as music stores, coffee shops, and around the concert venue itself.

2. Flyers: Flyers are smaller promotional materials that are distributed or posted in public places to attract attention and inform people about the concert. They typically include key details about the event and may feature artwork or photographs related to the performers.

3. Tickets: Concert tickets are essential for admission and are usually printed with unique designs that incorporate graphics related to the concert theme or the performing artists. They contain important information such as the date, time, venue, seat numbers (if applicable), and sometimes special instructions or disclaimers.

4. Leaflets or Brochures: These printed materials provide detailed information about the concert lineup, schedule, artist bios, and other relevant content. They may also include advertisements from sponsors, local businesses, upcoming events and concerts by the same event organiser!

5. Banners and Signage: Large banners and signage are often displayed outside the concert venue to attract attention and guide attendees to the entrance. They may feature the names and logos of the performers, sponsors, and event organizers.

6. Merchandise: Concert merchandise, such as T-shirts, Welcome packs, snacks, fan gadgets, balloons, lanyards, phone covers, travel cups, and other branded items, is often sold at the event or online. These items allow fans to commemorate the experience and show support for the artists. Each of these printing products plays a crucial role in promoting the concert, providing information, and enhancing the overall experience for concert attendees.

7. Stage backdrops and props: play a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of a concert stage and contributing to the overall ambiance of the event. These printed backdrops and props often feature artwork, logos, or imagery related to the performers or the concert theme.

8. Promotional items and giveaways, on the other hand, serve as souvenirs for attendees and help in promoting the event beyond the concert venue. These items can include giveaways like stickers, buttons, or temporary tattoos branded with the concert’s logo or artwork.

9. Designing posters and flyers involves creating visually appealing graphics that capture the essence of the concert and attract potential attendees. Vibrant colors, bold typography, and striking imagery are key design elements that can help these promotional materials stand out in crowded spaces.

– Concert tickets can be customized with unique designs to reflect the event’s personality and create a sense of exclusivity for attendees. Incorporating elements like holographic foils, embossing, or QR codes for digital access can enhance the ticket’s aesthetic appeal and security features.

Strategic placement of banners and signage in high-traffic areas around the concert venue can maximize visibility and attract the attention of passersby. Clear and concise messaging on these materials ensures that attendees can easily locate the event entrance and relevant facilities.

When selecting merchandise items to sell at the concert, organizers take into account factors such as the target audience’s preferences, popular trends, and the branding of the performing artists.

Some great advertising ideas for concerts!

Advertising at concerts involves strategically promoting products, services, or brands to a captive audience of concert attendees. There are various effective strategies for advertising at concerts:

1. Sponsorship and Brand Integration:
By partnering with event organizers as a sponsor, brands can prominently display their logos, products, or messaging throughout the concert venue. This can include logo placement on stage banners, signage, tickets, and promotional materials, as well as mentions by event hosts or performers.

2. Branded Merchandise and Giveaways:
Distributing branded merchandise or promotional giveaways at the concert venue can increase brand visibility and engagement with attendees. Items such as T-shirts, hats, sunglasses, or reusable water bottles adorned with the brand logo can serve as tangible reminders of the concert experience.

3. Interactive Experiences and Activations:
Creating interactive experiences or activations within the concert venue can captivate attendees and leave a lasting impression. This could involve setting up photo booths, product sampling stations, or games that encourage audience participation and interaction with the brand.

4. Digital and Social Media Advertising:
Leveraging digital and social media channels to advertise before, during, and after the concert can extend the reach of the brand’s message beyond the physical venue. This may include sponsored social media posts, live streaming of the concert, or branded hashtags encouraging attendees to share their experiences online.

5. On-Site Brand Ambassadors or Promoters: Deploying brand ambassadors or promoters at the concert venue allows brands to engage directly with attendees and provide personalized experiences. These ambassadors can distribute promotional materials, answer questions about the brand, and encourage attendees to participate in onsite activities or contests.

Poster printing in Germany with HMi | HMi offers Poster designing and printing in Germany with top prices and high quality for events and concerts | Top printing products for events and concerts

Print Flyers for Events and concerts in Germany at hmi-ad with self designing service at top prices and deals!
We offer professional designing services at HMi to make sure you get a professional advertising for your event. No matter what type of Event are you attending or planning to organize, we at HMi will help you to get your needs from one professional hand.
Products such as Flyers, Posters, T-shirts, Polo shirts, Jackets, armbands, Entry tickets, Invoice Blocks, Flags, Signs and many more!
To kale your job even easier, we offer you marketing products for your events such as customized giveaways, branded gift items, branded merchandise and swags at HMi.
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Promotional products with branding options for events in Germany and Europe.
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