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Printing In Düsseldorf

HMi Printing shop offers all type of printing services and printing products to clients in Düsseldorf with same day delivery. We offer many different products, with different colours, types of printing to small and big companies in Düsseldorf. 

We offer printing services 7 days a week in Düsseldorf city to customers. Contact our sales team via What’s app or call our Emergency phone number to place your order with same day delivery in Düsseldorf.

Are you looking to print documents in Düsseldorf?

We offer printing services to clients in Düsseldorf city, starting from only 149,99 € (Net Price) with same day delivery, also with same time production depending on your order.

Can I Order printing job orders above 1000€ for same day deliver in Düsseldorf?

Yes, we offer many different printing methods in our company. We don’t have any limits for your orders, and we have excellent experience in Printing more than 3 decades since 1989. We have different branches in Germany, in Düsseldorf city, in Bochum city and in Cologne city as well.
We might deliver your order from other branches to you,  or to your customers depending on your selected item and type of printing.


We offer Printing services for fair trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, meetings, presentations, Universities, colleges, and to companies. Printing in Black and white, or color, with binding, or folded as brochures. Our expert production team will help you to find the best matching product to your need in shortest time possible.

Printing Services in Germany

Send your files per mail, or with contact us form, We will print them for you on high quality paper as black and white or color on your demand.
We also offer different finishings per request, such as folding, staple, pushing, filing, and many more.
You can also bring your Printing files with USB-Sticks and our professional sales team will take care of your needs. No matter what time you need to print, and how fast you need your job to be done. We offer same night printing, same day printing and also same time printing services to small and big companies.
Our services and products, are price affordable, high quality fast in production and shipping.
HMi Printing company offers delivery services in Düsseldorf  as well.

Custom Printing Services in Düsseldorf

Customized Printing products, and customized advertising items are available at HMi Printing.
Customized printing products can help your brand and business to look more special and professional.

Customized Calendar
create your own calendar, with your own design. Customized calendars can be printed in different sizes and for different purposes such as wall calendar, Table Calendar, Pocket calendar and etc.
Customized Stamp
Create your own Stamp in different sizes and with different colours. We offer stamps from different brands and different types of stamps with 24 hours delivery in Germany.
Customized Mugs
print your logo, design or loved pictures on promotional ceramic mug with special prices in Germany. We offer printable mugs free delivery and 24 hours productions to our customers.

Printing Services in Düsseldorf

  1. People like to get gifts, specially if it will be for free!
    Free gifts, always works! No matter what age, what country, what religion, and what will be the purpose. Experience shows us, almost every where in world, free promotional gift items has the power of turning a normal visitor to a real customer in most of the cases.
  2. Promotional gift Items can be also used for your own staffs Branding!
    Its very common to order your own promotional gifts and print your logo on them and keep using it by your own staff. It looks more professionally, and still it can affect your business in many different ways. We believe having your own printed promotional products will help your brand to look more special and professional.
  3. It can make you more sales!
    Many companies, offer free promotional gift items with purchasing over an amount of their products. In this case, promotional gift items printed with your logo can again help your brand to get more sales directly. Depending on your brand, product, services you offer, you must offer a related gift item to your customers to connive them to accept your deal.
  4. Low cost advertising and marketing method!
    Yes, Promotional gift items are a low cost advertising method for your business. You can order 1000 peaces of promotional pens printed with your logo for 399,00 € only, which it can affect your sales more than what you invest. in other marketing method, 399,00 € might not be enough budget to start even a simple marketing campaign.
  5. Promotional Gift items has more affect than other marketing methods!
    A commercial On radio, on TV, or on high way billboards will pass after few seconds, and might be also used in a short period of the years. Which useful Promotional gift item can be used almost everyday in standard.
HMi Copy center in Germany | HMI Copy centre in Germany | Printing shop in Germany | HMi Printing company in Düsseldorf


Printing services in Düsseldorf with HMI Printing

We print and deliver to you, your event, or your customer on your demand within only 3 hours 7 days a week.

We make sure to print your documents or advertising with best quality possible with best prices. We use the best printers, with the best papers to make sure we deliver a high quality of product to our clients.

Along with the best printers, we also use only original colours and inks to reach the maximum quality in Printing. We offer different products in Düsseldorf, such as: 

✓ Black/White Print & Photocopy
✓ Colour Print & Photocopy
✓ Catalogue Printing
✓ Flyers Printing
✓ Brochures
✓ Leaflet Printing
✓ Large Format Printing
✓ CAD & Plan Printing
✓ Large Format Scanning
✓ Scanning
✓ Lamination
✓ Spiral Binding
✓ Thesis Binding
✓ Booklet
✓ Posters
✓ Banners
✓ Poster Cards
✓ Stamp
✓ Business Card
✓ Roll-Up’s
✓ Textile Printing
✓ T-Shirt Printing
✓ Passport Photos
✓ Name Badge
✓ Stickers
✓ Window signages
✓ Promotional gift items
✓ Mug Printing
✓ Shopping Bag printing
✓ Shop Signs
✓ Window Stickers
and many more…

Some of our Services

We Offer many different same time services in Düsseldorf. No matter what quantity, what size, and how fast you need your printings.


Some of our frequently asked questions about our services and products.

We offer many different services in HMi Printing shop in Düsseldorf. Services such as printing in black and white, printing in color, poster printing, large format printing, Plan and Cad Printing, Digitalising and Scanning, Brochure printing, catalogue printing and many more.
If you haven’t find what you are looking for, please contact our sales team directly via phone, to get free consultation in shortest time.

Depending on the tie you are ordering, we offer different printing methods. We might print your order and deliver to you from another branch in Germany, we also might need less or more time for bigger orders.

Usually, we print our printing job orders within 3 hours, and deliver them within 3 hours in Düsseldorf. 
Again, it all depends on your order, the quantity you order and how much time you have to your event.
call our sales team to schedule your order.

You can get quote or offer by contacting our sales team. If you have enough time for your order, send us Inquiry. If you have less time to your up coming event or you need you order to be done as fast as possible, we suggest you to contact our sales team with What’s app or via Phone.
You can also send us an Email to or fill up the form of request a call back to get a call from our professional sales team.

After contacting our sales team, you will get an offer, and by confirming your offer you can send us your printing files.
You can send you printing files per Email, What’s app, or by going to the page of upload a file and upload your files.
Make sure what type of files we support, and make sure you save your printing files in a correct format and size.
HMI Does not accept and claims or order cancelation request for delaying your order, because of problems if showed up on your printing file.
You can also take help from our professional graphic design team, to meet our needs and make the necessary changes if needed.

We recommend you to send your printing files in PDF format.
PDF format will help you the have a perfect high resolution and quality results.
We also accept, jpg, jpeg, vector files, png files, svg files.
For logos we might need png files as its always preferred.
You can get help for designing, or making changes in your final files from our professional graphic design team with additional fees.

Depending on your order, 3 hours and above.
We offer many different printing methods which depending on your order we choose a different type of printing method.
Every printing method has different process and might need more or less time for your job to be done.
Contact our sales team to make sure about your orders, before confirming your order at

Yes, HMi Offers different delivery and shipping methods as well.
Depending on the type of