Promotional Gift Items

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Promotional Gift items

Looking for effective advertising services? Look no further! Our team of experts can help you create a winning marketing campaign that will get your business noticed.
Advertising services are our professional service what helped us to reach to this point.
We start analysing the market and their needs, their budget and their search terms online. This can help us to guide in better way and find you the best advertising solutions possible.

Promotional gift items can help your brand to shine in the market. It can also attract more customers to your business. Promotional gift items are generally any product, or any item which can be printed and brand with your logo. Printing your logo or company name on a product, can make your customers always think about you or your business. 

Promotional gifts also known as promotional merchandise, giveaways or promotional swag. We offer over 1million different useful promotional merchandise with different colours, sizes, capacities, brands and packagings. We have stocked many different products to make sure we deliver in shortest  time possible your selected items in Germany or other countries. We also offer printing services, which makes your job easier to order a branded promotional product. Depending on the item you select, the color and the material made from we offer different printing methods. Its not possible to print on all of the products we offer with the same printing method. Some might need a white background first, some might need to be engraved and some of our promotional gift items might also needs direct printing.

Promotional Gift items in Germany

promotion materials are used to promote brands, products and corporate identity. They are also used as giveaways at events, such as exhibitions and product launches. Non-profit organizations can use promotional products to promote what they do, and to promote certain events they organize, such as walks or any other event to raise money for a cause.

Almost anything can use a company name or logo and use it for promotion. Common items include t-shirts, hats, key chains, posters, stickers, pens, mugs, koozies, toys or mice. The most common type of support products are clothes, which make up 30% of the total. Environmentally friendly products, such as those made from recycled materials and renewable resources, are experiencing a huge increase in popularity.
Most famous promotional gift items are small and cheap, but they can achieve great things for you.
For example, celebrities who attend film festivals and award shows often receive expensive accessories such as perfume, leather products, and expensive electronics. Companies that give expensive gifts to celebrities often request that the celebrities allow their photos to be taken with the gift, which the company can use for promotion, and their advertising.
Other companies give celebrities luxury gifts such as handbags or scarves in the hope that celebrities will wear these items in public, thereby gaining publicity for the brand and the company’s products. Brand awareness is often used for promotion. Other purposes that marketing agencies use to support promotional materials are:

• Employee relations
• Building traffic at trade shows
• Public relations
• New customer generation
• Sales and distribution programs.
• New product launches
• Employee service offerings
• Non-profit programs
• Internal incentive programs

Promotional Gift Items

3 of our best seller promotional gift items with great price!

Promotional Metal Pen | Promotional Metal pen printed with your logo in Germany | HMi GmbH | hmiUSB-010199

Promotional USB-Stick

USB-Stick | 32 GB | Available in 6 colours | Metal with modern look
Promotional Metal Pen | Promotional Metal pen printed with your logo in Germany | HMi GmbH | hmiPN00047

Promotional Metal Pen

Promotional Metal Ball Pen | Available in 6 colours | With Shiny look
Plastic Pen printed with logo | Promotional plastic pen branded with logo in Germany | Print logo on Promotional pen in Germany | HMi GmbH

Promotional Plastic Pen

Promotional Plastic Ball Pen | UMA Plastic Pen | Modern great looking ball Pen


We provide a wide selection of Printing methods!

Promotional Gift Items

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Promotional gift items are great way to make your clients remember you! Promotional gift items can affect more than any advertising method.

Promotional gift items in germany |promotioonal prusts in germany |gift items printed with your logo | Print your logo on promotional gift items

Print Your Logo on Promotional Gifts

Order your own Promotional gift items to make your customers remember you!

How much shall I Invest for promotional gift items for the beginning?

Its hard to answer this question. Depending on your company, your target customers and the event you attend, we can answer to this question.
We always advise our clients to start with 4 different promotional gift items to make sure you reach the maximum for the beginning.
However it depends again to your budget. Are you willing to invest more for getting more sales or maybe you are investing on a particular budget. In this way we recommend you to get a free consultation from our sales team to be able to choose the best matching products.


Usually how Often should I order promotional Gift items?

The best answer for this question is, each 3 months.
As every season, your customers have different needs you also might consider to order new products.
Again, you have always to see if you have enough budget for ordering promotional products each 3 months or not. For getting a better a result of your advertising, you must keep in mind, what to order in what season.
For example its not a good idea to order promotional umbrella printed with your in summer. While no customers will use Umbrella in sommers. Instead you can order Promotional glasses printed with your logo for summer.


Can I order Promotional Gift items to HMi without printing?

Yes, you can definitely order all of our gift items printed or unprinted.
We never recommend to do that, while your customer will not remember your name after weeks of receiving your promotional product.
The main reason of ordering promotional gifts, is to customized them with your own logo to make them remembering you,.


3 Reasons why to order your own

Promotional gift items

Great Idea

It’s a great idea to present your brand with a useful promotional gift. Ordering the best product matches your brand or company can have a great impression to your customers.


Promotional gifts are a great way to present your brand, business or company. One of the best ways to invest for your advertising, is to order promotional gifts branded with your logo.


Looking Professional front of your clients can help your brand to get a great value. Getting value, means you can sell easier your product and services to people, no matter where or what.