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We over +1 million different printing products at HMi

We offer +1 million different printing products in different sizes, with different qualities, in different formats, with different finishings for different occasions and use. Along with our printing services and printing products, we also offer professional graphic design services to our clients to make sure our customers get their marketing needs from one sources called HMi. Explore our Large variety of printing products with different prices and offers!

Printing Products by Category

We offer many different printing products at hmi-ad. From Business cards to Posters, roll ups, Paper bags and paper cups, Letter heads and many more. We have divided our printing products into different categories to help you find easier the products you are looking for.

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Business cards

A business card is a compact and personalized marketing tool that conveys essential contact information and serves as a tangible representation of a person or company's brand identity.
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Invitation Cards

Invitation cards for your event, wedding, birthday, ceremony or any other events. We at We offer your at HMi designing and printing Invitation cards in different formats with different finishings.
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Post Cards

Postcards are concise and visually engaging promotional tools that convey messages or information, often used for direct mail marketing or as souvenirs.
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Flyers are printed promotional materials that succinctly present key information and visuals to convey a specific message, often used for advertising events, products, or services.
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Leaflets are small, informational printed materials that provide concise details about a product, service, event, or cause, typically used for distribution in public spaces or through direct marketing.
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A catalog is a comprehensive printed or digital publication that systematically presents a products or services offered by a business, providing detailed information to potential customers.
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JEAN-LOUIS SCHERRER, one of our high quality gift items brand which we offer on hmi-ad.com.
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Cacharel, a nice selection of gift items with different colors, materials and good prices as high quality gift items.
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Christian Lacroix, another nice premium gift items brand with different qualities and prices available on hmi-ad.com.
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Brochures are compact and informative printed materials designed to promote products, services, or events by presenting key details and visuals in a individually layout and easily distributable format.
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Plans, draws, or sketches which has to be printed in large formats, on a special size or paper. Plans are usually printed for construction, architectures or governments for building or construction purposes.
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Large Format

Large format printing, can be any poster, any graphic, plan, banner, or pictures that must be printed in a large format. We offer large format printing at HMi on different papers and materials for different uses.
Letter head printing in Germany | Individual printing products in Germany | HMI offers Top quality printing products with great prices in Germany | Better head printing with HMi

Letter Head

Customized letterheads are personalized marketing product which it contains a company's logo, contact details, and design elements, presenting a professional and cohesive brand image in business communications. Professionally designed and printed letter heads at HMi!
About Printing products page_-_Envelope Printing in Germany | Print individual Envelope in Germany with your logo at HMI | Print customized envelop in Germany | HMI offers all type of printing products in Germany


Make your own customized Envelope, in any format, any size, with high quality to present your business professionally. We also design and print your Envelope to make sure you get professional looking result with our printing products.
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Customized stickers are adhesive labels featuring a company's logo, designs, or messages. Stickers are eye-catching promotional tools for brand recognition on various surfaces. Stickers can be in any size, for outdoor or indoor use.

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About Printing Products

We believe the printing products you order for your business can affect directly the image of your business. If you order a cheap business card, or if you order a premium business card it can really say how much is your business value. Professional brands, companies and businesses usually invest in their printing products and they think this is a great way to target their customers.

For this reason we always suggest to our customers to make sure what type printing products matches their business type before ordering. Customers must always consider what type of paper and what finishings can look more attractive for their printing products.
Printing products might have negative or positive impact on your marketing in most cases. For Example, you never see apple using a cheap catalog with cheap papers in iPhone boxes, this means they know who is their target customers exactly.

3 Important reasons why Printed Products are important:

Printing products offer numerous benefits as a marketing tool. There are three reasons why they are an excellent method for promoting businesses:

1.Physical and Memorable Impact:

Printed materials, such as brochures, business cards, and promotional merchandise, leave a physical and lasting impact. Unlike digital content that can easily be overlooked or forgotten, physical printed materials are more likely to be retained, allowing for repeated exposure to the brand message.

2. Flexibility and Personalization:

Printing provides a wide range of options, from traditional business cards and flyers to unique items like branded merchandise, banners, and promotional gifts. This versatility enables businesses to customize their marketing materials according to the specific preferences of their target audience, creating a more personalized and impactful experience.

3. Engagement in the Offline World:

Printed products facilitate engagement with the target audience in the offline world. Whether distributing printed materials at events, sending direct mail, or placing promotional items in-store, businesses can reach potential customers in various physical locations.
This offline presence complements online marketing efforts and contributes to a well-rounded marketing strategy
In conclusion, printing products offer a tangible and customizable way to create a lasting brand impression, provide versatility in marketing materials, and enable offline engagement with the audience.

This makes them an effective and complementary component of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

We offer Printing printing products with different options

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Paper Size

Standard paper sizes and individual sizes

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Paper Quality

Different paper qualities for different uses

About printing products page_-_ Paper types icon | HMi Offers all type of printing products with different paper types in Germany

Pepr Type

Different paper types

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Special and standard finishings

About printing products page_-_Folding icon | HMi print your leaflets at best prices with fast shipping in Germany


Single, Double, or tripple Folds

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Edge Cutting

Edge cutting for different printing products

Printing products page_-_ Printing method icon | We print with top prices and top quality in Germany | HMi printing company offers printing products

Printing Method

Different Printing methods for all products

about printing products page_-_printing speed icon on hmi-ad | Printing with fast shipping and delivery in Germany with HMI | HMi express printing services in Germany

Production Speed

Standard, express and same day productions

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Printing Quality

Different printing qualities available


Most frequent questions about printing printing products from HMi

HMi is trusted brand and name by biggest companies around the world. We have served clients from all over over the world with different products and services.
In addition HMi has over 35 years of experience in Printing products and printing services. Another reason why to choose HMi as your printing and marketing partner, is the variety of products and services which offers HMi.

Another important fact of why HMi stays above other printing companies in Germany, is because we provide professional designing services (in house), printing services (in house) with same night delivery options to events and companies with top prices!

Yes, HMi has it own professional printing facility in Bochum and Düsseldorf (Dusseldorf) city, and we provide fastest printing services possible to our clients depending on their product they choose.

For more info, call our sales team and get a free consultation.

Yes, If you are located anywhere near to HMi sales offices, Yes.
We can arrange your Collection time and you can collect your printing products at HMi offices.

We suggest you to contact our sales team to get more information.

So you have landed on a right place. We at HMi offer you not only printing services and printing products, in addition we also help you to create, redesign, making changes in your printing files before you place an order at HMi.

We provide designing services 7 days a week, also with same night delivery options.

Its better to say yes. 
We don’t accept vary small printing jobs at HMi, while we serve bigger clients and companies in most cases.
However its good to know, that we accept your printing orders starting from 99,00€ only (Net/ Netto).

Printing products in Germany, like every where else in the world, is an important offline marketing tool used by small and big brands. Companies know well that choosing a right printing printing product can affect their business in many different ways.

Therefor, companies look for not only the cheapest version of printing products in most cases, in fact they search for the best printing products or best quality printing products in their town or city. This shows us how important is to get high quality marketing products more than getting only budget friendly products in most cases.

If you are looking for a company who can help you to design, and print your marketing and advertising products, HMi is your only source to get all of your marketing needs in one place.
Its not about only ordering printing products online, its about who can support you with making changes in your printing files, who can offer you top quality printing, and who can provide you best customer services directly with full support. We prefer to be special in our field, and we never try to be the cheapest option online. In addition, we offer on-time delivery options, same night printing options and also same day productions for many printing products at HMi.

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We design and print your printing products on your demand. We create your designs  and advertising by using the most beautiful graphics and elements, with high quality and top prices. We offer +2 million printing products at hmi-ad.com