CROSS Express Passport Sleeve Leather Material

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  • Material: Cow Nappa Leather | Item size: 100 x 4.5 x 140 mm | Weight: 0.130 kg

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50 10 kg 67 x 34 x 23 cm

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  • UV DTF Printing (Front and Back)
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Cross-Insignia Express Passport Sleeve

1. Overview of High-End Corporate Presentations
In the arena of business gifting, presenting things that balance functionality with elegance makes a huge statement. One such product that combines use, style, and brand prestige is the Cross Insignia Express Passport Sleeve.

2. Legacy of the Cross: An Emblem of Style and Excellence
Cross has a long history of being connected to elegance and sophistication due to its reputation for superb craftsmanship. Giving a cross-product not only satisfies a practical need but also identifies the presenting firm with these refined and superior qualities.

The Passport Sleeve’s design and functionality
The Cross Insignia Express Passport Sleeve boasts a stylish and functional design. Its elegant and compact design provides a classy means of carrying and safeguarding one’s passport, making it the perfect travel companion. It appeals to business executives who appreciate style and utility and is made for the discriminating traveler.

4. Substance and Sturdiness
The passport sleeve is strong and made to resist the rigours of travel because it is made of high-quality materials. Because of its excellent construction, it not only has an opulent appearance but also offers a reliable, long-lasting passport protection solution.

5. Personalization: Strengthening Brand Recognition
One important component of corporate giving is customization. The Cross Insignia Express Passport Sleeve is a useful tool for brand awareness and promotion because it can be customized with a business logo or a personalized message.

6. Optimal Target Market
Global professionals, frequent travelers, and business executives are the best candidates for this passport sleeve. It is a great gift for staff gratitude, clients, or as a give-away at international conferences and business gatherings.

7. Improving Brand Recognition in International Contexts
The Cross passport sleeve is a travel accessory that goes everywhere with the recipient, increasing brand awareness in many regions. Every time the sleeve is worn in a foreign country, it acts as a discreet but powerful brand promotion.

8. The Influence of Usable Luxuries
In the business sector, luxury products with practical applications, such as the Cross passport sleeve, are highly prized. They provide the advantages of both practicality and elegance, making sure that the present is valued and used regularly, putting the brand front and Centre.

9. Establishing and Maintaining Business Partnerships
Presenting a high-end item such as the Cross passport sleeve can greatly enhance business connections. It strengthens professional relationships and promotes a spirit of goodwill by sending a message of respect and gratitude.

10. The Effects of Expensive Gifts on Psychology
Getting a beautiful, expensive gift has a beneficial psychological effect. It arouses emotions of respect and worth, both of which are essential for establishing and preserving solid commercial partnerships.

11. Gift-giving that is sustainable
The Cross Insignia Express Passport Sleeve’s robust design is consistent with eco-friendly gifting methods. Businesses demonstrate their dedication to sustainability and conscientious gifting by selecting long-lasting products.

12. Durable Gifts’ Economical Value
Although high-end presents, like the Cross passport sleeve, may initially cost more, they eventually become more affordable due to their robustness and the increased brand exposure they provide. Their long-lasting nature assures continued brand visibility and memory.

13. Improving Business Travel and Events Program
The cross passport sleeve is a chic and useful present for business trips and functions. It gives the event an air of exclusivity and works especially well for summits, foreign meetings, and incentives for business trips.

14. The Function of Business Travel
The passport sleeve is a great option for businesses that prioritize business travel. It meets the requirements of professionals who travel by giving them a fashionable and useful accessory.

15. Promoting Brand Ambassadorship
Presents of high quality, like the Cross passport sleeve, can inspire brand evangelists in the recipients. With the gift’s functionality and design, recipients are likely to spread the word about their great experiences, which will improve the brand’s visibility and reach.

16. Taking Corporate Values Into Account
Selecting a cross product as a business present communicates a company’s commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and admiration for exquisite craftsmanship. In the view of its stakeholders, the company’s alignment with premium values improves its reputation.

17. The Effect on Staff Morale
The Cross passport sleeve is a terrific way to increase employee morale when given to staff members. It expresses the company’s gratitude for their efforts, particularly to those who make regular business travels.

18. The Gift’s Timelessness
A passport sleeve is classic, unlike digital devices or fashion accessories. Its timeless appeal and usefulness guarantee that it will be appreciated for many years to come, giving the brand constant exposure.

19. Gifting Has Psychological Benefits
Giving something useful and elegant, like the Cross passport sleeve, as a gift can benefit recipients psychologically by encouraging a sense of attachment and devotion to the company.


  • Cow Nappa Leather
  • CROSS logo engraved on? silver plate
  • Packaging: black box with the Cross logo imprinted in gold.

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Printing Option on CROSS Passport Sleeve

  • UV DTF Printing

Printing Details

Passport Sleeve Printing Details

Passport Sleeve Printing Details

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