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Customized Products

Printing your logo on giveaways is a great way to promote your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Discover the different options and considerations for printing logos on giveaways to maximize your marketing impact.

Giveaway means to give a product with the reason of marketing away.
In another way, we can call giveaways also ”gifts to give” or maybe something similar to that.
Generally Giveaways are any type of products or items which can be given to customers or clients. 
Giveaways must suit your company and brand. You cannot order a cheap giveaway printed with your logo for your Million Euro client, who do business monthly million Euros with your company.

In our Online store, you will fond many popular giveaways and also special giveaways with the option of printing and branding them with additional fees.

Giveaways are one of the best ways to attract attention of your customers and make our brand or business to shine in the market. Having your own Giveaways with logo can also give  your brand value. 

"' 2 Important questions about giveaways "

Why to order customized gift items?

It’s easy to answer this question. The main reason of investing on marketing and advertising, is to make people to remember you. By remembering your or your business, they might come to the idea to visit you. All and all, is made only turn a normal visitor to customer, and turn normal customer to regular customers.

Why Customized gift items can help you to grow your brand?

Giveaways are one of the best investments as marketing in all over the world.
Sometime it’s easier to explain something with an example.
Imagine by purchasing a perfume you will get a free shopping bag, a free branded pen, a free to go water bottle for 199,00€.
On the other side, another perfume with no gifts but selling for 189,00€ only.
The way that first Perfume is trying to convince you, is offering giveaways and gifts. However you don’t recognise that every single giveaway is branded with their logo, and you might think you will own 3 more things by purchasing the perfume.
Let’s be honest, How many percentage of people would like to get free gifts no matter if its branded with your company or business name. Many, researches showed us that more than 75% of people are willing to get.

Customized Gift items

Customized Gift items can help our brand to shine in the market!

Promotional Metal Pen | Promotional Metal pen printed with your logo in Germany | HMi GmbH | hmiUSB-010199

Customized Pen

USB-Stick | 32 GB | Available in 6 colours | Metal with modern look
Promotional Metal Pen | Promotional Metal pen printed with your logo in Germany | HMi GmbH | hmiPN00047

Customized Plastic Pen

Promotional Metal Ball Pen | Available in 6 colours | With Shiny look
Plastic Pen printed with logo | Promotional plastic pen branded with logo in Germany | Print logo on Promotional pen in Germany | HMi GmbH

Customized Mouse Pad

Promotional Plastic Ball Pen | UMA Plastic Pen | Modern great looking ball Pen

How much is the MOQ for ordering Customized Gift items to HMi GmbH?

Depending on your selected item and product, we have different minimum order quantity. We make your customized gift items in China, in Poland, and in Dubai and import them to Germany. We also offer shipping to all over the world depending on your order. Customized gift items contains a fix setup cost, sampling cost, shipping cost and designing cost as well.
No matter what type of Customized gift items are you looking for, our experience and professional sales team will help you to create the best for you.


How long does delivery takes time for customized gift items to be shipped to the client?

Depending on your selected item, quantity and shipping method you choose, the delivery and shipping time can be different.
If we have to design, create and produce a customised gift item for you, it might take time starting from 20 days.
Again, please contact your sales person to make sure about all the details of your order in advance.


Why to order customized gift items?

It help your brand to look special, professional and it give a great value to your brand.
Customized gift items, and customized promotional products can help your brand to look special in your market all the time. Another reason why customised products can help your brand to grow, is because your product will contain all the details you want in one place. Means your product will be done in your color, with your selected quality, made from your selected material, with your own special packaging and etc. 
Yes it gives a special feeling to the user and consumer, of being special for you.

Customized USB-Stick

Customized USB-Sticks can be one of the best customized products with higher number of attracted clients.
Every company can order a standard basic metal USB-Stick branded with their logo. But who will order their own USB- stick with a high quality Chip, nice and modern looking design, made from great material.

To print your logo on customized USB-Flash disk, you will surprise your clients. You can make your own shape, with high quality silicone cover with any capacity flash disk on your demand.
Ordering your own customized USB-Flash can make your customers pay more attention to your brand and business.
Yes, researches has showed us that behaving professionally, wii also get the result of being more valued to your clients.

Customized USB-Disk in Germany | Order customized usb sticks in Germany to HMI GmbH | Make your own USB-Flash disks in Germany at hmi-ad
Customized Canvas in Germany | Customized printing products in Germany with HMi GmbH | Cuustomized canvas printing eithh same day delivery

Customized Canvas

We offer you customized Canvas, printed with your own picture and design. No matter what size, vertical or horizontal, we print every size and format for you.
For completing our Canvas printing services, we offer them with different materials and papers. You can choose between 24 different materials in any size.
Let your special moments to be captured, and printed on a nice customised canvas with a fast printing and shipping option.

Just share with us your design, logo, or picture and we create the printing file right a way and by getting a confirmation from you, we will print your canvas in shortest time possible.
You can print your lovely pictures, advertisings or any design as large format printing. One of the best solutions for large format printing is printing canvas which will help your picture to stay longer and look more professional than usual.

Customized Wristbands

Order your own customised wristbands made from silicone in any colour, and any shape.
Silicone wristbands are one of our best seller customized items ever sold by us. We Print your logo in colors, or we engrave your message, logo or design on youur demand on your silicone wristbands.
For looking more special, we also offer matt finishing, or deep marking on the silicone wristbands as well.
We offer Customized silicone wristbands starting from 1000 peaces of minimum order quantity, with 30 days of production time.
Customized silicone wristbands can be ordered in any color. We can print your logo and design, by Debossing and Embossing printing method.
Call our sales team and get free artwork before you order your silicone wristbands with different colors and printing methods.

Cuustomized silicone wristband in Germany | Order silicone wristbands printed with logo in Germany to HMI GmbH