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Printing your logo on giveaways is a great way to promote your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Discover the different options and considerations for printing logos on giveaways to maximize your marketing impact.

Giveaway means to give a product with the reason of marketing away.
In another way, we can call giveaways also ”gifts to give” or maybe something similar to that.
Generally Giveaways are any type of products or items which can be given to customers or clients. 
Giveaways must suit your company and brand. You cannot order a cheap giveaway printed with your logo for your Million Euro client, who do business monthly million Euros with your company.

In our Online store, you will fond many popular giveaways and also special giveaways with the option of printing and branding them with additional fees.

Giveaways are one of the best ways to attract attention of your customers and make our brand or business to shine in the market. Having your own Giveaways with logo can also give  your brand value. 

"' 2 Important questions about giveaways "

Why to print logo on Giveaways?

It’s easy to answer this question. The main reason of investing on marketing and advertising, is to make people to remember you. By remembering your or your business, they might come to the idea to visit you. All and all, is made only turn a normal visitor to customer, and turn normal customer to regular customers.


Why Giveaways are great investment as marketing for brands, start ups and businesses?

Giveaways are one of the best investments as marketing in all over the world.
Sometime it’s easier to explain something with an example.
Imagine by purchasing a perfume you will get a free shopping bag, a free branded pen, a free to go water bottle for 199,00€.
On the other side, another perfume with no gifts but selling for 189,00€ only.
The way that first Perfume is trying to convince you, is offering giveaways and gifts. However you don’t recognise that every single giveaway is branded with their logo, and you might think you will own 3 more things by purchasing the perfume.
Let’s be honest, How many percentage of people would like to get free gifts no matter if its branded with your company or business name. Many, researches showed us that more than 75% of people are willing to get.


Giveaways can help our brand to shine in the market.

Promotional Metal Pen | Promotional Metal pen printed with your logo in Germany | HMi GmbH | hmiUSB-010199

Metal USB-Stick

USB-Stick | 32 GB | Available in 6 colours | Metal with modern look
Promotional Metal Pen | Promotional Metal pen printed with your logo in Germany | HMi GmbH | hmiPN00047

Modern Metal Pen

Promotional Metal Ball Pen | Available in 6 colours | With Shiny look
Plastic Pen printed with logo | Promotional plastic pen branded with logo in Germany | Print logo on Promotional pen in Germany | HMi GmbH

Top Plastic Pen

Promotional Plastic Ball Pen | UMA Plastic Pen | Modern great looking ball Pen

We print your logo on giveaways!

We print and deliver your logo, or design on giveaways in less than 24 hours.

How much shall I Invest for promotional gift items for the beginning?

Its hard to answer this question. Depending on your company, your target customers and the event you attend, we can answer to this question.
We always advise our clients to start with 4 different promotional gift items to make sure you reach the maximum for the beginning.
However it depends again to your budget. Are you willing to invest more for getting more sales or maybe you are investing on a particular budget. In this way we recommend you to get a free consultation from our sales team to be able to choose the best matching products.


Usually how Often should I order promotional Gift items?

The best answer for this question is, each 3 months.
As every season, your customers have different needs you also might consider to order new products.
Again, you have always to see if you have enough budget for ordering promotional products each 3 months or not. For getting a better a result of your advertising, you must keep in mind, what to order in what season.
For example its not a good idea to order promotional umbrella printed with your in summer. While no customers will use Umbrella in sommers. Instead you can order Promotional glasses printed with your logo for summer.


Can I order Promotional Gift items to HMi without printing?

Yes, you can definitely order all of our gift items printed or unprinted.
We never recommend to do that, while your customer will not remember your name after weeks of receiving your promotional product.
The main reason of ordering promotional gifts, is to customized them with your own logo to make them remembering you,.


Metal Keyring with bottle opener

Promotional Metal Key ring with bottle opener, in a great low prices starting from 500 pcs for only 1,29€.
How useful is  to have a special shiny looking metal keyring branded with your logo as a giveaway in Exhibitions or fair trade shows.
Most of the people use their Keyring by adding them to their other keys, to make sure the will carry some useful gadgets with them all the time.
We can print your logo with one color, as full color and also engrave it with laser marking method. We offer Our Promotional Metal keyring in 7 different colors and we have stock more than 60.000 peaces in our warehouse.
Some small promotional gift items can also be a good start for advertising and attracting customers to your brand.
Start advertising today with investing few hundred Euros and order a nice promotional metal Keyring.

Promotional Keyring with bottle opener | Promotional metal keyring with logo in Germany | hmiMd0090-8664
Charger Cable | Promotional Charger printable with logo in Germany | hmiMd0090-9654

3 in 1 Promotional Cable

3-in-1 Promotional charging cable white, with printing and branding options.
Our 3 in 1 Promotional charging cable contains 3 different connectors, micro-USB, type-c and double sided connector. Suitable for iOS and Android devices.
Ideal for full colour personalisation and logo prints.
We always advise to our clients to order electronic giveaways and gadgets which has an amazing result as advertising.
Nothing can be better than promotional charging cables, promotional USB-Sticks, or Promotional gadgets in general.

We offer different types of promotional charging cables, with different quality and different brands. Depending on your budget, we can offer you different variety of promotional charging cables.
We offer you 3-in-1 promotional charging cable (hmiMd0090-9654) starting from 250 Pcs.

Promotional Stainless Bottle

Promotional Stainless bottle with eco friendly cork on the bottom. A great way to promote your brand with printing your logo with UV Printing, Pad Printing or Laser marking.
One of the most trended Promotional gifts in 2022-2023 which can help you as a user to keep your drinks warm and fresh.
Promotional stainless bottle is one of the best seller giveaways in last years as it is also an eco friendly giveaway.
What can be more attractive than a stainless steel double wall bottle, with a nice matt finishing and a white natural box.
You can order our Promotional stainless steel double wall water bottle (hmiMd0090-6313) starting from 6,90 € in different colours.
We also offer our stainless double wall water bottle with express printing option with 3 days delivery only.

Giveaways are one of the best marketing ideas with most affects in history.