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Business Card Designing

We offer +1 million different printing products in different sizes, with different qualities, in different formats, with different finishings for different occasions and use. Along with our printing services and printing products, we also offer professional graphic design services to our clients to make sure our customers get their marketing needs from one sources called HMi. Explore our Large variety of printing products with different prices and offers!

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Business card designing in Germany with HMi | Business card printing in Dusseldorf_Business card Design and printing in Germany with HMi

3 Important reasons why Printed Products are important:

Printing products offer numerous benefits as a marketing tool. There are three reasons why they are an excellent method for promoting businesses:

1.Physical and Memorable Impact:

Printed materials, such as brochures, business cards, and promotional merchandise, leave a physical and lasting impact. Unlike digital content that can easily be overlooked or forgotten, physical printed materials are more likely to be retained, allowing for repeated exposure to the brand message.

2. Flexibility and Personalization:

Printing provides a wide range of options, from traditional business cards and flyers to unique items like branded merchandise, banners, and promotional gifts. This versatility enables businesses to customize their marketing materials according to the specific preferences of their target audience, creating a more personalized and impactful experience.

3. Engagement in the Offline World:

Printed products facilitate engagement with the target audience in the offline world. Whether distributing printed materials at events, sending direct mail, or placing promotional items in-store, businesses can reach potential customers in various physical locations.
This offline presence complements online marketing efforts and contributes to a well-rounded marketing strategy
In conclusion, printing products offer a tangible and customizable way to create a lasting brand impression, provide versatility in marketing materials, and enable offline engagement with the audience.

This makes them an effective and complementary component of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Business card Designing packages

Add your product description in a way that looks more readable.


99,99 1 Time
  • 1 Design
  • 1 Side/ 2 Side
  • High Resolution
  • Ready Printing File
  • File incl. Cutting Lines
  • 1 Revision
  • 1 or 2 Language
  • Incl. QR-Code
  • No data file
  • No Ownership of Design


199,99 1 Time
  • Up to 3 Designs
  • 2 Side Design
  • High Resolution
  • Ready Printing File
  • File incl. Cutting Lines
  • Up to 3-5 Revision
  • 1 or 2 Language
  • Incl. QR-Code
  • Incl. data file
  • 100% Ownership of Design
  • Custom Icons & Elements
  • Incl. Sketch


299,99 1 Time
  • Up to 5 Designs
  • 2 Side/ Folded
  • High Resolution
  • Ready Printing File
  • Unlimited information changing
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • +1 Languages
  • Incl. Custom QR-Code
  • Incl. data File
  • 100% Ownership of Design

Professional Business card design

With over 35 years of excellent experience, we provide professional designing services along with top quality printing services at HMi!
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Business Card Designing

Christmas in Germany is one of the most important occasions which all companies and businesses, all shops and retail stores, restaurant and bars have discounts and offers.
Companies use Christmas to celebrate with their staff in restaurants, bars and coffeeshop for the job they have done in the year. Christmas alone is the most nice time of the year in Europe specially in Germany. People celebrate this month with gifts, dinners, party’s and other ways.

Christmas is one of the high seasons in our business while many companies order gift items branded with their logo for their staff, their customers and business partners. Starting from October, companies and organisations starts planning and organizing what gift items, gift sets, giveaways they want to order printed with their logo before entering the high seasons.
Therefor we as usual also offer many Christmas gift sets for companies with top prices and products, to make sure our customers can find what they are looking for.

In addition we have created a special category with the title of “Christmas” to help you to find Christmas printing products and gift items easier.
Ideas, you can find many ideas and different gift sets on Christmas page on HMi-ad by combining nice and best seller gift items together, with different branding options and shipping methods.

1. Order some giveaways branded with your logo, and send them to your old customers to make them remember you and think about you and your company.

2. Offer some Discounts and voucher codes in a special period, with ordering professional voucher cards, and send them your clients with post.

3. Print your logo on T-shirts or Poloshirts along with some nice Christmas texts and images and use them as Christmas gift for your clients. You can attract more clients by making your customers to wear them and share a picture on social media to get a special discount for their next purchase with you.

4. Send personalized and Professional email with nice Christmas theme to your subscriber list. Include exclusive deals, holiday greetings, and relevant content that resonates with the season. To attract them even more, you can offer them a discount code along with their next purchase.
You can order a nice customized Christmas packaging for your company, in order to show how professional your business is.

5. Run holiday-themed contests or giveaways on social media to engage your audience. Start a social media campaign, and offer a gift set as present to the winners.
Instead of choosing a winner, choose a list of winners and try to message them on social media, get their information to send them a customized promotional gift set printed with your logo.

6. Collaborate with influencers, bloggers, brand or companies to get more visitors on your social media page. They can showcase your products/services in a festive context, reaching a wider audience. To go even more further, many customers order a nice branded gift items with their own customized packing and send them to famous influencers and ask them to just tag their company name/ company profile in order to get more visitors.

7. Order and Send a professional customized printed post cards to your clients, containing a QR-code and link it to your website by giving them 1 week time to order and get a discount.

8. Order a customized adhesive stickers in any format with nice Christmas design and your logo, and use them on your products or packings. In this way you can order a budget friendly advertising item, and use it on different items and spots.

Printing products for Christmas

We offer different printing products, and also special printing products with special Christmas designs for our clients at best prices on
We help you to create the best possible individual designs for your post cards, packings, Thank you cards, stickers, posters, Table Calendars, Wall calendars, T-shirts, and many more items.
Christmas is a great time to present your business to your customers and visitors and try to get more sales.

One of the best Christmas printing products is Vouchers.
We design and print you custom made Vouchers in any size, and any format on your demand in HMi. As many people like to purchase vouchers for their friends and family members, you might need a nice and professional gift card, or voucher cards printed with your logo and design to provide to your clients.

In General Having a business card for your business is a must nowadays, but what type of business card to have iswhat you have to consider. Another important key for finding the best design and best choice for your business card, is to look other companies marketing elements. Take ideas, and try to be creative in order to attract more people to your business.
Taking ideas from other companies is an old marketing technique, however you must always  make sure you only take ideas not duplicating other businesses marketing strategies.

Advertising products and advertising materials for Christmas

There are many different ideas to use as marketing and advertising for Christmas. Starting from Haribo, with customized packing, Christmas Chocolates with customized shapes and packings up to branded cotton bags and other items.
However we think Advertising is about being onetime, ordering on a right time, and ordering a useful and matching items to the occasion or event.
Therefore many of our clients come at this point to the following questions,
What is the best advertising products for Christmas to order?
Its actually not easy to answer this question, mean while we have many ideas and solutions for advertising in Christmas.
We need to know few details before we start giving you, details such as your budget, the quantity of product you want to order, the type of product or services you provide. 
With knowing this information we can help you to find the best matching advertising items in your budget.
Advertising materials can be a Promotional USB-Stick, or Promotional Power bank, or phone chargers up to printing products such as flyers, leaflets, cards, posts cards, customized table calendars, customized wall calendars, pictures with frames, banners, and many more products.
Its important to know what category of advertising are you looking for before ordering.

Supported file formats for Business card design at hmi | We design your business card professionally with fast turnover at HMi | Order business cards in Germany to HMi-ad
Top customer service and support at HMi | Business card printing | Business card design and printing services in Germany with HMi
Design & Printing business card in Germany with HMi | Award winner graphic design services in Germany | Print business cards in Germany with HMi ad | HMi is designing gold award winner in Germany with over 35 years in marketing


Most frequent questions about Business card designing and Business card printing from HMi

To exchange your contact with visitors, customers, partners, or any person interested in your business.
Business card is a great marketing way for business mans, business owners, companies, and etc.

Physical exchange of business cards adds a personal touch to networking. It’s a traditional and courteous way to introduce yourself and start a conversation.

When engaging in a personal encounter, such as a meeting or introduction with a client or customer, it is essential to leave a lasting impression. After concluding the interaction or presenting your company, name, brand, or even yourself, it is advisable to have a tangible item containing your contact information to offer individuals, ensuring they do not forget you. This item can take the form of a business card or, in some cases, a thoughtful gift to leave a lasting memory. Business cards can be customized and printed according to your specific requirements and budget, with costs as low as 0.01 € or even less, depending on your preferences.

As Business cards are a great marketing solution, they can be handed easy over to any one to exchange contact and company or business information.
Business cards are easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to hand over.
Business cards can contain any important information you like to present to your clients or customers.

Yes, you can’t find almost any business without business card, as they are budget friendly, cheap to print and 1 time design job.
Marketing means presenting your self or your business in any way, which Business cards are a great marketing product in our opinion.

Depending on the information and the content you want to have on your business card you can choose to order 1 side or 2 side printed.
In fact we never suggest 1 side business card to our clients while we think its not professional to leave one side of your business card white and empty.
Another fact to remember before deciding to order 1 side business card or 2 side business card, is to know that  there is only 10-20% difference in price.

Yes, Our expert graphic design team can help you to create some designs due to your field of business, content you provide, the colors and images you choose.
You can review and make changes if you need after receiving the first layout of your business card.

Information such as your contact number, office number, address, email address, website, your job title, your business logo, your business type and some images if you have.
In addition you might consider using QR-code to link your what’s app, website or any custom link.
We also provide QR code creating to our clients with an extra charge.
contact our sales team to get more information about prices.

Usually we don’t hand over any digital copy of your business cards designed by our graphic designers.
However it depend on your order, in some packages and some cases yes, but with additional fees.
As we design your business cards in order to help you to have a professional marketing and presentation.
We provide designing services with a fix cost without sending digital file, if you need the original file of your business card you must purchase the design from us, which it cost you additional fees.
If you need to get your designing files, kindly contact our sales team, and get a free consultation.

Remember, The rights of all the designs we create stays under HMi GmbH license, unless you purchase the design with agreement from us.

We save all the designs and layouts which we create or we print in our data base secure and in-house.
If you need to make any changes in your business card information or design, you need your customer number while ordering, and the rest our sales team will help you to apply all the changes you need.

In most cases no. We charge extra for designing services.
Designing is different than printing and shipping.
In some offers or business packages yes, the design might be included.
However we suggest you to read in details your chosen business package before placing your order.
For any support or help, feel free to contact us via phone, what’s app or mail.

Business cards are cheap in prices, and we don’t offer printing less than 2000 copies.
However we do offer some options also with smaller quantity with 5% cheaper than 2000 copies.
Printing offset make sense only for bigger quantity orders.
For example, 
If 2000 copies of business cards cost 99€, 5000 copies will cost you 149€ only.
As you can see the difference become less if you order more.

Design, the printing paper, the type of business card you choose, and the finishing we apply to the business card surface such as UV effect, Perfume Smell, Lamination, Round corner and etc.

Professional Business cards are made from a professional design and layout, along with professional printing on a high quality 350g paper, laminated with UV effect.

We offer many different business cards with different costs and different shipping time. Depending on your order, We offer also Business cards with same night order which they can be a standard Business card printed in 1/2 side only.
For more information, contact our support team and get a free consultation.

Within 120 minutes in our Düsseldorf branch, or in Bochum Branch in Germany.
The other option is ultra same night printing included express shipping if you order  and send your final printing file before 11:00 am.

If you need to arrange a same night delivery within 50km of our sales offices, we suggest you to contact our sale team to arrange your delivery option.

In this case we have to redesign your business card. No matter if you need a complete new design for your business card or only to change the printing file size.
If we have to make any changes to your business card we charge you like designing a new business card.
Contact our Sales team to arrange a call with our graphic design team.

All the right of designed files, artworks and printed business cards stays under HMi GmbH License.
As you place an order with HMi-ad, you get the option of accepting our terms and conditions in order to place your order.
In our Terms and conditions page, we have mentioned that you as a customer have no right to use our designs or the designs we create for your business unless you purchase the design and get a original printing file from us.
If you purchase your business card design from us with an agreement, then you have no problems to use the design any where you like.

Business cards are one of the best printing products to order online as they are a great marketing item, and usable for any occasion.
Business cards can be printed Digitally, Offset, and in Laser. Each printing method takes different time and it has also different cost. Depending on our customers needs we offer different printing methods with different prices.
Quantity also plays a main role in ordering Business cards. You can order a standard simple business card with 2 side prints at hmi-ad, or you can print a premium looking business card with matt lamination and 3d UV effect which it gives a special look to your business card.

If you are looking for a company who can help you to design, and print your marketing and advertising products, HMi is your only source to get all of your marketing needs in one place.
Its not about only ordering printing products online, its about who can support you with making changes in your printing files, who can offer you top quality printing, and who can provide you best customer services directly with full support. We prefer to be special in our field, and we never try to be the cheapest option online. In addition, we offer on-time delivery options, same night printing options and also same day productions for many printing products at HMi.

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We design and print your printing products on your demand. We create your designs  and advertising by using the most beautiful graphics and elements, with high quality and top prices. We offer +2 million printing products at

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