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Heat Transfer

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'' Heat Transfer ''

Heat Transfer is the Process of applying a cutter vinyl, or a coated material with special temperature, and high pressure to a non burnable surface.
Heat transfer is one of the best methods for applying a logo, name, brand, or a message on textiles, on cloths, bags, and many other items.

One thing to keep in mind is, As high temperature is the first elect of creating this printing method, high temperature can also cause removing and damaging the logo or printed surface in most of the time depending to the applied material.

One of the best printing processes to use now aways for Football club names and number, which it can also last long time is heat transfer.

We also offer print and cut process which it need also a heat transfer to be done in every situation.
Read and explore more about Print and cut with HMi.

In past days, heat transfer printing were used for printing polyester cloths. But as heat transfer printing technology is growing every day, the choice of printable products are getting more and more.
Heat transfer printing can be divided to three categories:
Digital printing and Transfer to a textile or similar material
Cutting vinyl and transferring or applying it to a textile
Sublimation printing and sublimation printing method in General.


Heat transfer in Germany by HMI GmbH since 2018 

Heat Transfer in Germany

We offer Heat transfer in Germany for most of textiles, shirts, bags, cotton products and many more items.

Heat transfer printing is a Three job step, finishing a design on computer, if its a colourful design then it needs to be printed with a special not water base ink and if its a single colour then it can be cut by cutter plotter, and as the last step applying the printed or cut design with heat transfer press to  T-shirt or any similar surface depending on customer needs.
What our printing expertises will make sure before accepting an order for heat transfer, is to make sure how much does the material accepts pressure and high temperature not to burn and be damage.

Heat Presses are now a days very useful and also usable for many different printing methods.
Depending on the amount you want to invest for Heat presses, you can get one of the best heat presses from Stahls or get any cheap ones from Amazon.
There are for sure a lot of different between the branded and no name heat pressing machine.

We advise to our customer first to know why are they looking for heat press, as commercial, hobby, or to start their own printing job.
After knowing their exact use and the reason of buying, then to see how much budget do they have for their machines.

We as your marketing & Printing partner in Germany will offer you Heat transfer method to make your job easier. No matter how big or small is your job order, we will try our best to offer you a fair price in the market.
As you know, Heat transfer printing method is a time consuming job and needs men power for every single job order.
Before starting any printing order, we also need to set up first your design and logo on the surface you want to order.