Offset Printing in Germany

Offset Printing in Germany

Offset Printing in Germany

'' Know Offset Printing better''

Offset printing in Germany has grown in last 10 years. We as HMi GmbH also have developed our business to different printing methods to make sure we reach to a better position in market. We  offer over 700 different printing products using offset printing method on our website.

When it comes to professional printing, few techniques are as commonly used as offset printing.
This process is favored by experts for its ability to create top-quality prints in large quantities, making it the perfect choice for everything from flyers and brochures to posters, booksmagazines and News Papers.

The actual process of offset printing involves the transfer of an inked image from a printing plate onto a rubber blanket, which is then used to produce the final printed material. One of the primary benefits of offset printing is that it can create prints with incredibly accurate color representation and sharpness. The setup process for offset printing is somewhat involved, as it requires the creation of printing plates, but this initial investment can be easily offset by savings on printing costs for larger runs. All in all, professionals choose offset printing for its dependable quality, versatility, and overall efficiency.

As we our researches shows, Offset printing has an old history, from 1875 in England. (source Wiki)

Initially, lithography was developed as a cost-effective method for reproducing artwork. However, due to the use of limestone plates, this printing process was limited to flat and porous surfaces. The term “lithograph” originated from the Greek language, meaning “an image from stone” or “written in stone”.In 1875, Robert Barclay invented the first rotary offset lithographic printing press in England, which combined transfer printing technologies with Richard March Hoe’s rotary printing press. The offset cylinder was initially covered with treated cardboard, which was later replaced with rubber, the most commonly used material today. As photography gained popularity in the late 19th century, many lithographic firms went out of business, and photoengraving became the primary aesthetic of the era. However, some printers, including Ira Washington Rubel, continued to use the low-cost lithograph process to produce copies of photographs and books. In 1901, Rubel discovered that printing from the rubber roller instead of the metal made the printed page clearer and sharper. The Potter Press printing Company in New York produced a press in 1903, and by 1907, the Rubel offset press was in use in San Francisco. The Harris Automatic Press Company also created a similar press around the same time. In 1954, newspaper publisher Staley T. McBrayer invented the Vanguard web offset press for newspaper printing, which he unveiled in Fort Worth, Texas.


Image source is HMi : Offset Printing

Offset Printing

'' Offset Printing, is more than Printing ''

Offset Printing, One of the oldest printing methods in world, which has been used for printing books, newspapers, flyers, leaflets and posters.
Offset Printing is not doable very where and you might think its easy to find a company who offers offset printing in Germany, but in fact no its not. Offset printing machines are very expensive, and cannot be turned off or cannot be stopped printing, while the cost of having offset machines is higher than keeping them in a printing factory and not using them.
In addition Offset printing machines cannot be operated by every one, it needs a special trained engineers for operating them.

Offset machines are expensive, hard, needs a full time trained Engineer for operating, and of curse needs a big factory and system for operating it.
Printing with offset will make a huge different by comparing with digital printing. However, again the most important thing in printing your order as offset, will be the quantity and the size of your order.
You will be charged for 100 posters, 400,00€ 
and for 1000 Posters 560,00€. You can see the difference between the 2 prices and quantities. 
Which for printing 100 Posters with digital Printing, you might be charged 1500,00 €, again depending on your selected material, papers, and size of product.
In previus example, you can understand how the general calculations look like comparing 2 printing methods together.

Imagine what will you order without having these informations?
Defenataly a wrong item, Because our sales team are facing all the problems and finding solutions for every inquiry daily. This makes them to be readable and helpful to you. We advise our clients always to get benefit from our free consultation from our sales team, and let us help you to find the best printing solution for you.

As we have mentioned above, prices of digital printing and offset printing are not comparable, but one important point is always to remember the speed of printing or production has also many differences.
Offset Printing usually needs 5-8 working days for delivery in Germany. while Digital Printing can be delivered right a way. 
We also thought about that, and found a solution for you.

For bigger orders, larger quantity of papers, more printing papers, we have made Express offset printing, Over night Offset Printing, Same day offset printing services for our clients.
Yes, the prices are very higher, but still in many cases make sense for or clients to use our faster printing services.
For example, Printing as digital/laser, you might be charged per page for colour printing in cheapest way possible 0,15€ which makes 100.000 copies 15,000€ of cost.
Same quantity of papers with Express or same day delivery offset printing, you will be charged 3000€ – 5000€ depending on exact details of your order.
Calculations and numbers shows us, that there are still a big difference in cost between Offset and other printing methods, no matter which and what printing method.
The only important thing point is to remember the quantity and the type of paper you choose plays a big role in this matter.

Offset Printing is nowadays, one of the most usable printing methods not only in Germany, in most countries.
The low cost of printing and production is one of the most important reasons why many big companies prefer to order their printing products with offset printing method.

For offset printing, you need an exact printing size, fold lines, secure spaces between your design and cutting lines. To create an exact size for printing, might be a challenging process for you or your team. This is why we have Professional well trained graphic designers in our company, to make sure if you need help for designing, or changing your printing file sizes not to panic. Yes, it might be stress full to find a graphic designer in the last minute before ordering your printing product.