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Screen printing, an age-old printing technique that has been used for decades, has stood the test of time and remains one of the most versatile forms of printing even today. The intricate and elaborate procedure involves using a stencil, made of mesh, to apply ink onto a substrate, leaving behind a precise, unique image.
The stencil is created with great care to prevent ink from spreading and to ensure a clear and high quality of designs that is both intricate and detailed. By using emulsions, screen printing enables seamless ink distribution over a wide range of substrates such as metal, glass, paper, fabric, plastic, and more.
This printing method is an affordable option for printing a large volume of items, which is its biggest advantage. Moreover, its effectiveness and consistency have made it the ultimate choice for promotional materials, signs, posters, and even personalized T-shirts. With screen printing, complex designs are achievable effortlessly, generating a sense of uniqueness and visually striking imagery that is both captivating and detailed.


Image source is Google: Screen Printing History

Screen Printing in Germany

We offer Screen Printing in Germany to make sure our clients gets the best prices in the market for large quantity orders.

We offer the best screen Printing in Germany. We believe that because we are well experienced in this matter, and we have served many clients from all over the world with screen printing orders.
We have used screen printing method for T-shirts and cotton bags more than other products. It make sense, while for a large quantity order, the printing prices will be on budget and extremely cheap. One of the disadvantages of Screen Printing is the process of draining the printing surface.
Which our printing team has came up with our own special draining process after applying the ink on the ordered object.


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Why to use Screen Printing?

Screen Printing is a low cost printing method, mostly for textiles, but it can also be used for other products and surfaces.
Screen printing method is one of the best printing method which can be used for a longer time and not only 1 day or 1 month. Another reason why Screen printing is very famous, is because of not having a touchable surface on printing object. In another way, you cannot feel the printing surface of screen printing.


3 reasons why to choose Screen Printing!

1- The production cost
2- Screen Printing doesn’t need a special expensive machine.
3- one of the most reliable old printing methods which is still one of the best printing methods.


3 Reasons why not to choose Screen Printing!

1- Bad Smell,
Screen Printing factory, does contain allot of ink smell.
This makes Screen Printing not to be very easy to use, and not any where to use.
2- Screen Printing needs it own  complete factory,
Yes, You might think screen printing is an easy printing method, but you are mistaken. Screen Printing needs a complete printing factory for it self.
You need to measure, you need to create the printing design first as your master design, you need a water base inks, you need a place to wash your plates, and …
3- Printing color limits,
It’s not possible to print 2 or more colours at the same time with screen printing method.

Many believes that setting up a screen printing factory is hard, however its not hard and its doable. The only challenge you will face, is experience. The only key which can help you in these printing method, is to know how to get the best result of screen printing.
In 2022 an automatically screen printing machines has been introduced in to the printing industry which we believe screen printing is still a men power job.

Equipments needed for screen printing:

1- Screen Printing press machine
2- Exposure machine/ Unit
3- Computer with Designing facility
4- Pressure Water Washer machine
5- Squeegee or Scoop coater
6- Aluminium Screen Printing Frames
7- Screen Printing Tapes
8- Heater flash Cure machine