Sublimation Printing in Germany

Sublimation Printing in Germany

Sublimation Printing in Germany

'' We offer sublimation printing services in Germany ''

Sublimation printing in Germany is growing every day. Principally Sublimation printing method is not a low cost printing method, how ever it is one of the best printing technologies that has a low setup cost.
Or maybe its better to say it doesn’t have any setup cost in most of the cases.
Sublimation printing technology, needs few machines and elements for a great result.
Sublimation Printing is a process of printing which needs special Sublimation ink, sublimation paper, sublimation tape, heat press, and a special coated promotional product.
Its not possible to use any promotional product for sublimation printing method.

Sublimation printing is now aways getting more and more focus, for this reason the quality and printing process has been improved a lot in previous years.
A perfect sublimation printing result needs 3 keys ,
1- High quality of sublimation paper
2- A special setup and settings on sublimation printer.
3- Experience.
Yes, Experience is one of the most important keys to get the best results of sublimation printing.
To know exactly what temperature to use on heat press, how long to put your promotional printed product in heat press, and what paper will give you the best result, you really need an experience and knowledge to get the best result out of Sublimation printing.

One of the most popular sublimation printed Product, is Sublimation ceramic mug.
Sublimation ceramic Mug can be printed in any colour and any graphic and design an applied to a coated mug surface.
Printable ceramic mug can be printed in Germany for companies and brands starting from 2,99 € depending on finishings, packagings, quantity, and Order type.


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Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing and sublimation printed prouducts

Sublimation is an awe-inspiring process that is incredibly intriguing to many individuals worldwide. It never fails to captivate people’s attention, leaving them curious about the complexity and mystery surrounding it. The phenomenon occurs when a solid substance changes directly into a gas crystal-clearly, with no sign of liquid formation. It all happens when the pressure and temperature of a substance are in an ideal balance, allowing its molecules to escape their solid form and collectively float into the atmosphere as a gas.

While sublimation is a well-known scientific phenomenon, most individuals are completely unaware of its existence in daily life. The most fascinating part, however, is that we can observe it in a wide range of forms, such as dry ice that is made up of solid carbon dioxide, which goes through sublimation even at room temperature, creating a smokescreen or mist that is mesmerizing to watch. Furthermore, snow can vanish in extremely cold temperatures, leaving no trace of melting, a phenomenon that is truly enchanting to witness, making sublimation a captivating scientific occurrence worth exploring.