UV Effect with Printing in Germany

UV Effect with Printing in Germany

UV Effect with Printing

'' UV Effect with Printing''

UV effect with Printing, is one of premium looking printing options which makes your printing result looking professional, special and mind blowing.
We offer Premium printing services to special customers, and who ever likes to have special looking marketing and printing products for their business. 

What is UV Effect with Printing?

We print your Business card, Post cards, Flyer, Leaflets, or Brochures, with a standard printing method.
After we print your file, with adding a magenta layer onto some parts of your data files, we take your printed product into Special UV effect machine, by adding some special powder onto the marked spots, we let the printed sheets to dry and get a UV Effect as the result.
At the end, we get a nice result of Gel effect, on the spots we have marked as with magenta Pantone.

Why is UV Effect with printing recommended?

We recommend you to choose UV Effect with Printing only if you are looking for a special and premium looking printing results for your printing products.
It cost you way more than usual and standard printings, and it also takes more time for production.
It needs extra time to rest, to be dried and packed.


Image source is Wikipedia: Digital Printing

We at HMi, Offer you standard printing services, and also premium and special printing methods along with different options to help your brand to shine out!
UV Effect with Printing is one of the most premium looking printing solutions we offer to our clients at hmi-ad.com.

Want to order special looking brochures or leaflets?

Try our UV Effect with Printing option, which gives a special looking effect and feeling to your print result at hmi-ad
Contact us, and our expert graphic design team will help you to create the layout with special UV Spots on your demand!

Which Products can be orders with UV Effect with Printing at him-ad?

Not all of our printing products.
Some of our printing products are available for UV Effect along with Printing, and the most in common ones are:
Business cards
Post cards
Invitation Cards
Brochure (Covers/ Contents)
Catalogs (Covers/ Contents)
and Some more products which will be added regularly to our Printing product list!