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UV Printing

About UV Printing

'' UV Printing ''

UV printing is one of the best using printing method in promotional products and promotional merchandise items printing technologies that is used the most for the best result which can give to customers.

UV Printing has it own tricks and way for applying to any surface.
Printing first a white color layer on Any surface an then applying the UV cartridge is the only way to get a high quality result with UV printing.
We as HMi Printing company, use different UV printing machines from Mimaki, Roland to other self branded ones to make sure to use all the possible ways of printing on a surface.


Image source is Mimaki: UV Printing https://mimaki.com/application/solution/uv-printing.html

UV Printing in Germany

'' HMi GmbH offers UV printing services in Germany with best quality and affordable prices ‘‘

We offer UV printing on most of the items depending on quantity, type of orders, product quality and the type of production option chosen by customers.

UV printing can be used on most of the promotional gifts, promotional products, gift items, giveaways to print. UV Printing technology is also known as one of the most expensive methods of printing, because of the printing head which can be drained and defected very soon after not using it regularly.
As uv light helps to Darin and accuracies the cartridge on the surfaces, it can also affect the printing head it self very easy and in order to keep UV printing working well, is to have well knowledge, experience and trained staff.

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'' Researches shows that UV printing has another type which is called Flatbed Digital Printing ''

UV printing is a revolutionary printing technology that has been gaining popularity among businesses due to its numerous benefits. Unlike traditional printing methods, UV printing uses ultraviolet light to cure or dry ink instantly on the surface of the substrate.
What makes UV printing very special, is the way it can print on different surfaces such as straight surfaces, round, and shiny surfaces with different shapes.

This feature provides a host of advantages, including producing higher quality and sharper prints which it helps you to get better results out of printing on products such as gold ball, drinking bottles, pens, notebooks and many more items.
The quick drying of the ink minimizes the chance of it spreading on the surface of the paper, leading to high-quality prints which makes UV printing one of the only solutions for printing on different surfaces.

Aside from producing high-quality prints, UV printing offers a quick turnaround time, saving time and money in the production process. This printing technology is versatile, producing excellent results on different substrates, ranging from glossy or matte paper to plastic, metal and wood. Moreover, it is eco-friendly, emitting fewer volatile organic compounds and reducing the environmental impact of printing.

For businesses that prioritize durability and cost-effectiveness, UV printing is the go-to choice. UV printing produces scratch-resistant and long-lasting prints, making it suitable for outdoor use. This printing technology also reduces the need for lamination, saving the business money on printing materials.

Overall, UV printing is a popular printing technology for businesses seeking to produce high-quality, durable prints, in an eco-friendly and cost-effective manner.