Window stickers in Germany

Window Stickers in Germany

About Sticker printing

'' Window Stickers in Germany ''

One of the best advertising methods now a days, in all over the world is Window sticker sticking on display of your business, shop, office, or your windows.
It helps a lot to attract people, and researches has proven this as well.
As our Experience since 1989 in advertising field, we always look to find the best solution for advertising which window stickers are one of the best until now.

Stickers are usually printed in different way, however for using stickers outdoor you might consider using a special material, special printing with special finishing or lamination to avoid damages during the sun light, rain, snow or other purposes.

Stickers were made in the 16th century in France. (says Wikipedia)

Some say, first self-adhesive sticker was made in 1935 by ”R.Stanton Avery”.
R.Stanton Avery” was also known as Inventor of stickers, born in United States.

Stickers can be used for many purposes and its better to say it has a wide list of options and usages. Depending on your use, we suggest you different type of stickers and finishings. Stickers can also be printed with inkjet UV printers to avoid moving inks during the process of transferring the design onto the sticker surface.

Stickers in Germany has been developed and getting in common t0 be used in different cases and for different events.
Stickers can be used for branding your packages, for branding your promotional gift items, for branding giveaways, for navigating people to a specific way or direction, or if it sticks on the window, it can also attract the customers from wide and longer distance.

Stickers in Germany can be printed within 3-5 working days depending on your design and requirements.
In some cases we are also able to print your window stickers in same day and deliver it on the next day to you or your event.


Image source is Wikipedia: Wikipedia

Print stickers in Germany

'' Order stickers for your windows today to HMi GmbH with best price! ''

print stickers in Germany with best prices at
We create and design your full sticker before printing and shipping to you.
Stickers can contain as much as details you want to. Depending on your need and the purpose of the sticker printing, our professional graphic design Team will help you to create the best.

Stickers can also be laminated as matt laminated or shiny laminated for extra premium affect, which it makes people attract more due to our experience.
In addition we ad UV care layer on our adhesive stickers after printing to make sure stickers last longer and with no damages.

Stickers for windows in Germany are getting very famous every day as businesses find out how important is to present your brand and your business in the best way possible.

Adhesive films or stickers

Adhesive films are certainly one of the most versatile materials around, loved by decorators, building professionals, DIY enthusiasts, Festivals, new opening stores, discount or offers, malls, shops, displays of a shop and more. Their flexibility as a self-adhesive material means they’re perfect for protecting practically any surface, while their various material options give buyers the freedom to choose what best fits their needs. That’s because adhesive films are made from a variety of materials, including paper, vinyl, polyester, polypropylene and PVC.
Adhesive films are also called stickers, might be printed in any format and size which it makes you to use it for any kind of events and on any surface.

If that wasn’t enough, these sticky films come with an adhesive coating on one side that makes them easy to apply and ensures they’ll stay put until you’re ready to remove them. This makes them perfect for a variety of purposes and settings, such as protecting surfaces, decorating walls or surfaces, or even masking surfaces when painting. With a wide range of colors, patterns, and opacity levels available, it’s easy to transform surfaces both at home or work. And, with their affordable price and ease of use, they’re a great solution to keep surfaces looking their best.

Type of Stickers!

• Removable Stickers or Removable adhesive films are on of the most famous types of stickers which let you to take it up and use it again on another surface after a while.
Matt coated UV special

• Adhesive films are made for premium advertising and pictures. Yes it cost more, but the final result is why making people to pay extra to order.

White background foils, are the most usable type of adhesive films and stickers in the market.
This type of material is made to make your design look better on a white base background.

NO Background foils, are another type of foils which it doesn’t contain a background color, and it helps you to get at the same time both of your advertising and also display.

• Milky foil or special no color matt/ shiny foils which makes your design and advertisement looking special. However this type of material is not recommended as eye catcher product as other tapes of Stickers on windows.

5 main Reasons to use Stickers

5 main reasons why to use adhesive films and stickers in Germany.

  1. Cost
    Affordable cost of printing and production in this type of product is one of the most important reasons why it has so many fans in the real world.
  2. Fast Production
    Short time production and how fast the ink drains on the surface, it makes a great solution for almost every type of needs in advertising industry and also for safety usages.
  3. Usage
    Adhesive films and stickers can be sticked onto different surfaces, and it doesn’t need to be straight or special material. This reason makes using of adhesive films easier which also can be used on different floors or round shape walls.
  4. High quality
    The next reason why you should always think about using stickers on windows or on surfaces, is the premium excellent high quality of printing.
    Starting from 4 colors, up to 16 colors printer can print your stickers and adhesive films for your next event.
  5. Easy Installation
    How easy is to stick a nice sticker on a window?
    This is one of the most common questions that our clients ask us before ordering.
    The answer is: very easy!
    Simply using a soap and water mixture and fill on the surface before applying the adhesive film, and apply your sticker, and slowly take out all the water and soap mixture by pushing the liquid to the sides.

Let us to print your Next stickers!

Our professional graphic designer team will help you to first create the design you like, and then to check and approve with you before printing,
In this stage, we will show you a soft copy and a picture of how your design will  look like in the real world after sticking your adhesive films on the surface you want.

We as HMi-ad team will make sure you get the best and the most beautiful design and then, we also make sure to print your design with the best quality for you.