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Are you a business owner who is looking for a marketing company who can help you to design and print your custom business flyer in Germany?

You have landed on a right place. We as HMi Marketing and Printing agency in Germany offer not only custom made printing products, we also help you and create you any design you like to have for your Business flyers.

We process our flyer ordering system very easy and fast. If you are looking for a professional graphic designer to start your flyer first from designing, or if you have your own flyer design and you want to redesign it. No problem in any case, We will help you to design and print, with fastest delivery options.

You can order custom business flyer printing starting from only 99,90 € on

Check our printing facilities and printing methods if you are looking for a specific printing method, and if not contact our sales team and we will give a free consultation depending on your order. What and which printing method is good for your order, depends always to the quantity, quality, size, and time you have for your event.
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Since 2018 in Germany | Since 1989 in Middle East


We Print Flyers in Germany at HMi!

We print your flyers with different qualities, different materials, different finishings in large and small quantity. We also deliver your flyers in some cities and towns in same day with additional charges.
We also create your flyer in digital form and make your printing files in your demand with fast turnover!
Contact us | Let us to be your marketing and printing partner in Germany | #hmi_gmbh 

Custom business flyers in Germany

We offer Redesigning services to our clients. Means you might have already an existing design for your website.
We offer Redesigning your complete concept to give a fresh life to your brand and business.

Every single brand updates and redesigns their whole advertising and concept. As experience shows us, redesigning is one of the best methods of attracting customers and improving sales in all over the world.
You might ask your self why to use redesign method for advertising.
Its easy to explain, it gives a fresh look and it gives a new look to your brand. Redesigning can help your website to get more traffic no matter where and when.

Redesigning your icons, Logos, and complete advertisings are one of the best keys for advance marketing methods.

We design your flyers with top Deals!

3 Reasons

3 Reasons why you should choose HMi as your marketing partner, and order your flyer to us!

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We design

Custom Design

Custom Design means, any design you like to have. You can easily draw any shape, or share a screen shot if you have found a nice design , or idea online and our professional graphic designer team will do the rest!

Professional Design services for flyers in Germany | Order your custom flyers in Germany to HMi | HMI offers professional Design services | Professional Design Icon for hmi-ad
World class Design

Professional Design

We never use a cheap design, bad quality images, feee pictures, images and artworks with copyrights, instead we create you all the elements and icons in a professional ways to make sure you get the best !

Modern elements icon for hmi-ad | Professional graphic design services in Germany with HMi | HMI offers Flyer design & Flyer printing in Germany with top prices
Icons, Graphics & Design

Modern Elements

Its not only about knowing the designing process, or having a layout for a flyer or leaflet, its about keeping updated and make regular changes in your printing products to show how active is your business!

Flyers for Different Industries.

We have created over millions of different design for different clients, how ever we have chosen only few design as example to show you different flyer designs from different business industries.
We create you professional custom business flyers in Germany, we print them and we deliver them on time to you or your event!

Professional Flyer designing in Germany | Marketing services in Germany | Car rental flyer design with hmi GmbH | Order custom Flyers to HMi GmbH

Car Rental

Professional Flyers for Car rentals

Car repair flyer design in Germany | Order professional flyers in Germany to HMi | We offer Flyer design services and printing in Germany with top prices

Car Repairs

Professional Flyers for Car repairs and Garages

Professional car dealer flyer design and print in German | Print your professional flyer at HMI Printing company | HMI offer flyer designing and flyer printing in Germany

Car Dealers

Professional Flyers for Car Dealers and Showrooms

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Professional Flyers for Wellnesses and Spa's

Hair cut flyer in Germany with HMi GmbH | Hair saloons Professional Flyer desiging in Germany with only HMi GmbH | We design and print your flyers in Germany | We offer best prices for Flyer printing in Germany | We design you a professional advertising at HMi GmbH in Düsseldorf

Hair Cut

Professional Flyers for Hair Saloons and Barbers

Nail saloon flyer design | Nail saloon flyer in Germany | Print flyers for your business at HMI Printing company in Germany

Nail Saloon

Professional Flyers for Nail saloons and Barbers

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Professional Flyers for Supermarkets and retails

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Retail Shop

Professional Flyers for Retails and shops

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Professional Flyers for Bakeries and coffee shops

Order flyers in Germany to HMi | We design your flyer in Germany with high quality and best prices at HMi | HMI Offers printing flyers services


Professional Flyers for Restaurants and Fine Dining

Fast food Flyer design | Top Fast food Flyer design in Germany | Flyer Printing services in germany with HMi Printing company

Fast Food

Professional Flyers for Fast Foods and Pizzerias

Professional Bakery flyer design in Germany | Professional Flyer printing services in Germany with HMi GmbH from Dusseldorf | HMi offers flyer printing services with same night delivery

Coffee Shop

Professional Flyers for Coffee shops and Bakeries

Bar Flyer designs in Germany | Design your bar flyer in Germany with HMi | HMi Offers Flyer printing for Bars and restaurant in Germany


Professional Flyers for Bars and Cocktail Bars

Professional club Flyers in Germany | Professional flyer designing in Germany with HMi GmbH | HMi offers flyer printing services in Germany

Night Club

Professional Flyers for Night Clubs and Disco's

Shisha bar flyer design in Germany | Order advertising products for your business in Germany to HMi advertising agency | HMI offers flyer printing services in Germany with fast shipping

Shisha Bar

Professional Flyers for Shisha Bars & Hookah Bars

Doctor office flyer design in Germany with HMi Marketing company | Doctor Advertising products in Germany with HMi | HMi offers flyer printing services in Germany

Doctor & Medical Centres

Professional Flyers for Hospitals

Insurance flyer design in germany | insurance advertising products in Germany with HMi | Print your flyers in Germany with HMi

Insurance & Agencies

Professional Flyers for Companies and Agencies

Professional Flyer desiging company in Germany | HMI offers FLyer printing in Germany with same night shipping | Order your flyers online to HMi in Germany with fast delivery options


Professional Flyers for Lawyers and Organizations

Why HMi is the best place to order your flyers in Germany?

Because we don’t offer simple printing services with cheap prices. Instead, we provide designing, redesigning, editing your printing files, printing services, and in many cases same day or 1 day delivery options.

If you make a research on internet, many online printing companies are offering printing flyers services, however most of them are using the famous drop shipping method. We thought there are enough sources, enough printing companies in Germany who are offering cheapest prices for printing possible. But you can’t find a professional marketing company, who can provide you direct customer service, along with professional printing services.

In 2018 we came to this idea , to establish a company which doesn’t focus on providing cheap prices printing products, or drop shipping services, instead being a company who can help you in all the steps of ordering flyers or any other printing products.

Can HMi create me a complete design for my flyer, print it and deliver it within 3 days?

Yes. We offer you full graphic design services depending on your order, we charge you different.
We also print your flyers with ultra express production and deliver you with express shipping option in less than 3 days in Germany.
Remember, Flyers can be simple, or more time consuming. We charge our clients due to their needs if we have to create their design as well.
Keep in mind, HMI do care about last minute job orders and projects, so don’t worry if you are ot late for printing or designing flyers.


What does mean ”custom business flyer” ?

Custom made flyers means to us to create you a customized design with your needs, with your selected colours an d images. We dont like to take another customers flyer design and just change some informations and sell it to you.
Instead we ask you some questions to get some information about your idea and then only we create your flyer design.

We create you a professional design for your business and not private purposes. This service which we provide to our clients called custom business flyer, which it ends up with printing your flyer, and shipping to your door.

Are you looking for a company who can create your flyer design?
Are you looking for a company who can print your own flyer in Germany?
Are you looking for a company who can design and print your flyers professionally in Germany with top prices?

Don’t search any more, because your only solution is HMi.
We offer you professional designing along with fast and high quality printing services in Germany.
We offer different printing methods to make sure we deliver all of your marketing and printing needs.
With over 3 decades of experience in marketing and printing, we provide a 5 star customer service and top quality products and services.
Call us today at (+49) 234 93 82 8852
or send us message on What’s App.

No matter what type of business  you own, no matter what type of Flyer you need. 
You can contact our sales team, give us some information about your business, your products, your services, and provide us some content. The rest we will do.
We create you a nice and professional design with modern elements, we share a soft copy to you, if you approve we will print your flyers and deliver it to you or your event.

What makes HMi special in Germany, is the way we serve our clients, and the peed of production and shipping giveaways and printing products.
We offer 24 hours production for clients who has less time to their event, and for companies who are ordering in last minute.
Here at HMi you can get all of your marketing needs from one real source in Germany.

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