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HMI Copy Center

HMi Copy Center (HMi Copy centre) Is a same day printing service shop based in 2 cities of Germany Düsseldorf and Bochum. We provide different services and printing products with same day and 1 day delivery only.
Explore and read about our services, products and our special offers for same time printing products.

Where is HMi Copy center?

HMi Copy center is a part of HMi GmbH company based in Bochum city and Düsseldorf city.
How ever we provide services to clients in Bochum branch without appointments and in Düsseldorf only with appointment for now.
We might start serving and accepting customers without appointment very soon.
For ordering any of our products or services, kindly contact us per mail, phone, or what’s App.


How can I give a job order for same day delivery in Düsseldorf?

Easily message ups on What’s app or call our emergency phone number, and the rest our support team will take care.
You can also call our office numbers to talk directly to one of our sales team.

Is there any minimum order amount for ordering to HMI copy center?

No. Your can give ups an order with 10,00€ or 100.000€. 
However, we charge extra fees for same night delivery and smaller orders.

" 6 Reasons why to choose HMI Copy centre "

HMi Copy Centre

We offer same day services in Düsseldorf and customers in radius of 200 Km from Düsseldorf. HMi-ad is a part of HMI GmbH stablished on 2018 in Bochum Germany. Our goal is to make sure last minute customers get their needs within less than 12 hours in our area.

24/7 Support

We offer support anytime of the day, and any day of the week to make sure you receive everything on-time.

Graphic Design

We provide Graphic design services, to help your reach the maximum quality of advertising if you need!

+3 million Products

We offer printing products, printing services, promotional gift items and giveaways and many more products!

What's App Chat

Chat with our support team easier than before. Simply message us on what's app and we take care of the rest!

Delivery Service

We offer delivery and shipping services to Düsseldorf, and cities in radius of 200km in same day.

Same day Printing

We provide high quality same day printing services depending on your order and the product you choose.

Why to order Promotional gift items branded with your logo?

Promotional gift items can help your brand to stay in customers mind and attract more attention in market. Ordering your own promotional gifts can help your brand to look special into your customers eyes. Imagine what impact has a full branded packaging for your products or giving away a gift items with order to your clients.

Why to giveaway promotional gift items in fair trade shows to visitors and your customers?

It has many different reasons. One of the most important reason is to get the chance of free advertising opportunity by the customer. Imagine you give a promotional lanyard printed with your logo in a fair trade show to a client. They can easily promote your brand by using it in the event, or by keeping them for their next time use. Every time they use your printed lanyard for them self, they are automatically promoting your brand and business. 

There are many more reasons to invest on marketing products, which another reason is to stay in your customers mind for a longer time.

How much to spend for promotional gift items annually for my business?

Another common question is to know how much to invest for marketing products.
This needs a simple calculation. As you make more sales, you need to invest more in marketing and promoting your brand to more people.
Some companies and brands, provide services at back of businesses. Such as IT companies, or suppliers. They might not be very known in the market by end users, which they also must not concentrate on advertising for end users.
instead they have to see what their business partners need, or how they can attract more companies to make business with them. Therefor, we provide a large range of promotional gift items not only for end users, also for business partners.
This is why we never can give a fix amount for investing to order promotional gift items annually. First we have to know your business type, your customers, yang the type of products or services you offer.
For a short answer to this question, our experts believe any amount between 8.000€ – 15.000 € promotional gift items per year can bring you a great result of sales.

Large Format Printing

HMi Copy Center

We print in any size, on any material with high quality and up to 1200 dpi for you. We offer different types of large format printing, such as digital large format printing, Latex Large format Printing, UV large format printing and other methods.
Read more to find the best printing method for your need!

Large Format Printing in Germany with HMi | Order youur advertising printngs to HMi GmbH in Düsseldorf | HMi Copy Center in Düsseldorf

Large Format Printing is one of our best printing methods we offer to clients in Germany. We offer starting from 1 single print, up to thousand copies per day depending on size, time and paper material you choose. We offer special prices and offers for printing plans, CAD and drawings to Architecture  companies, Construction companies and building companies. We print your design, drawings, plans and advertising as Large format print to make sure you get all of your needs from one professional experienced company.
Read more about our Large format printing services by clicking on the Botton below.

Black & White Printing

We offer Printing and Photo copy in Black and white with hight quality on different papers.
No matter how many pages, on what paper, HMi Copy Center offers you same time Printing services 7 days a week in Germany. Depending on quantity, our sales team will offer you different prices for your order.
You might print Black and white to save your cost of printing, which it is also fair to do so. Black and White printing in Germany, is one of our most inquired services of all time.
We print Black and white with different Printers, from different brands. Usually Black and white printings are made with laser machines, with 4 color of CMYK. Printing in same time is one of our services in HMi Copy center in Bochum and Düsseldorf city, and we also offer delivery for making your job easier to some areas.

Colour Printing and Photocopy

Colour Printing is another type of printing methods which we offer to our clients at HMi copy center
Colour printing can help your designs, presentations, pictures or advertising to look much more better. Cost of color Printing is much more than black and white printing, but we always suggest our clients to print in color if they are not printing on budget.
There is a big difference between a full color printed leaflet and black and white leaflet. Its better to say for some usages we only recommend color printing on better papers.
We Print in color with laser professional printers, and also as offset to reduce the cost of printing. However offset printing is needs at least 12 hours, and digital printing can be done in same time.
Color printing can help your presentations also to be much more attractive. 

Large Format Printing

Large format Printing, is on of our best printing services which we offer to our clients.
One of the best products of Large format printing is Poster.
Posters can help your advertising, presentation, or picture to be seen better and more clear depending on your printing file.
Large format Printing can the only solution for signages, posters, banners and flags.
We print on any material such as paper, textile, PVC, cotton made materials, and Adhesive stickers. Another important product of Large format printing  is printing Architecture plans and Construction plans.
We are able to print plans in A0 or larger than A0, up to 1000 copies per day. Prices of large format printing depend on material you choose, on the time you order, and the amount of colour you have on your printing file.
To get the best quality of print in Large format, we recommend always to use PDF file formats.

Poster Printing

Poster Printing is one of the best advertising methods available in printing industry. You can print posters for Events, Exhibitions, Customer stops, Seminars, and meetings. Poster Printing means any printing files that contains more than 30% coloured area. We print Posters starting on 120g papers to get better results.
We also offer shiny papers, matt papers, and special made coated papers.
We also offer poster printing in large quantity, with special prices starting from 100 pieces with delivery time of 3-5 working days. For faster printing, prices will increase, and the offers will be different as well.
We print Posters with 4 color Digital printers, 8 color printers, 12 color printers, and 16 color printers depending on your order. HMi copy center offers same time poster printing services at our Düsseldorf branch, and Bochum branch in Germany.


We scan your documents, in nice and top quality with different formats and resolutions on your demand. We scan normal DIN A4 papers, up to DIN A0 larger format prints in many different formats. We Scan and digitalise your printed documents, export them on any format, as colour or black and white, and organise them to make your job much easier.
Depending on the quantity of scanning files or plans, we place an offer for you on your demand. 
Scanning can help you to keep a soft and digital copy of your prints, in order to use them anytime in future.
No matter what size is your prints, and how old they are, our expert production team will make sure to get the best result possible for you!
Scanning can be done with different dpi for different usages. You might need your old Architecture plans to be scanned, named, and saved on hard disk, USB stick, or send you pre mail.
We use the best and hight quality scanners to get the best results of scanning no matter what size you need to scan.
We offer 7 days scanning services in our HMi Düsseldorf branch and HMi Bochum branch in Germany.

HMi CopyShop | HMi Copy Center

  1. People like to get gifts, specially if it will be for free!
    Free gifts, always works! No matter what age, what country, what religion, and what will be the purpose. Experience shows us, almost every where in world, free promotional gift items has the power of turning a normal visitor to a real customer in most of the cases.
  2. Promotional gift Items can be also used for your own staffs Branding!
    Its very common to order your own promotional gifts and print your logo on them and keep using it by your own staff. It looks more professionally, and still it can affect your business in many different ways. We believe having your own printed promotional products will help your brand to look more special and professional.
  3. It can make you more sales!
    Many companies, offer free promotional gift items with purchasing over an amount of their products. In this case, promotional gift items printed with your logo can again help your brand to get more sales directly. Depending on your brand, product, services you offer, you must offer a related gift item to your customers to connive them to accept your deal.
  4. Low cost advertising and marketing method!
    Yes, Promotional gift items are a low cost advertising method for your business. You can order 1000 peaces of promotional pens printed with your logo for 399,00 € only, which it can affect your sales more than what you invest. in other marketing method, 399,00 € might not be enough budget to start even a simple marketing campaign.
  5. Promotional Gift items has more affect than other marketing methods!
    A commercial On radio, on TV, or on high way billboards will pass after few seconds, and might be also used in a short period of the years. Which useful Promotional gift item can be used almost everyday in standard.
HMi Copy center in Germany | HMI Copy centre in Germany | Printing shop in Germany | HMi Printing company in Düsseldorf

Copy Center

HMI Copy Center Provides Many Services

We provide different services to Private customers and companies in Germany. We also provide express shipping and delivery services in Germany. Enjoy our special prices with same night services.

✓ Black/White Print & Photocopy
✓ Colour Print & Photocopy
✓ Catalogue Printing
✓ Flyers Printing
✓ Brochures
✓ Leaflet Printing
✓ Large Format Printing
✓ CAD & Plan Printing
✓ Large Format Scanning
✓ Scanning
✓ Lamination
✓ Spiral Binding
✓ Thesis Binding
✓ Booklet
✓ Posters
✓ Banners
✓ Poster Cards
✓ Stamp
✓ Business Card
✓ Roll-Up’s
✓ Textile Printing
✓ T-Shirt Printing
✓ Passport Photos
✓ Name Badge
✓ Stickers
✓ Window signages
✓ Promotional gift items
✓ Mug Printing
✓ Shopping Bag printing
✓ Shop Signs
✓ Window Stickers
and many more…


8 offers for same day job orders!

Our Pricing

Choose any of our same day offers, send your documents, designs, artwork on pictures, we print and you can collect your order within only 3-6 hours depending on your order. We also offer different finishings and extra services such as stapling, punching, folding, or packing each copy in an Envelope. "We also offer delivery in some cities and areas for free, and some with additional fees."