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Logo Designing

We offer Logo Designing services at HMI to make sure our clients get a full marketing services pack from us in order to be able to do professional marketing. 
Professional logo design plays a vital role in establishing a brand’s visual identity for a business or organization. The following are important factors and steps involved in the process:

Understanding the Brand:

Designers start by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the brand, including its values, target audience, and unique selling points. This knowledge guides the design process to ensure that the logo accurately represents the brand’s identity.

Research and Inspiration:

Designers conduct research on industry trends, competitors, and design styles. They seek inspiration while ensuring that the final logo is distinct and does not resemble existing logos within the same industry.

Simplicity and Versatility:

Effective logos are often simple, memorable, and versatile. They should work well across various platforms and mediums, from business cards to digital platforms, ensuring consistent and recognizable brand representation.

Color and Typography:

Colors evoke emotions and convey messages, so designers carefully select a color palette that aligns with the brand’s personality. Typography is also considered, ensuring that any text in the logo complements the overall design.


A professional logo should be scalable, maintaining its clarity and impact when resized. This ensures that the logo looks good on both small business cards and large billboards. Originality and Timelessness: Originality is crucial to avoid confusion with other brands. A timeless design ensures that the logo remains relevant and effective over the years, minimizing the need for frequent rebranding.

Feedback and Revisions:

Collaboration between the designer and the client is essential. Designers often present initial concepts, receive feedback, and make revisions based on client input until the final logo is approved.

File Formats and Guidelines:

Designers provide the client with the logo in various file formats suitable for different applications. They may also create brand guidelines outlining logo usage, color codes, and typography for consistent branding.

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Professional Logo Designing Services!

• Are you starting a new business?
• Are you looking for a company who can help you to make a professional Logo?
• Are you looking to create a professional logo for your business, company or brand?
• Or maybe you want to redesign your logo?

No worries at all. We are here to help you with all of your needs and requirements to help you to create the best matching design and concept for your logo in high quality.
Did you ever think how the biggest brands around the world has made their logo? Every Logo has a story and every story starts from a point. Big brands know this secret that everything starts from a professional looking logo, and it all gets even better when they have a fully customized logo pack to use on different colors and background.
Its not about a simple Logo, instead its about an icon, design or a sign which help your brand to get known better by other companies.

Designing a logo is a critical part of branding, with several key factors contributing to its effectiveness. Here are some essential considerations to keep in mind when crafting a logo:

Opt for a simple and clear design that is easy to remember and recognize. Avoid clutter and intricate details to ensure that the logo remains impactful, even when scaled down or reproduced in different formats.

Create a logo that leaves a lasting impression on your audience by being unique and distinctive. A memorable design makes it easier for people to recall and connect with your brand.

Ensure that your logo works well across various platforms, mediums, and applications. It should be effective in both color and black-and-white formats, maintaining clarity whether displayed on a large billboard or a small business card.

Make sure that your logo is relevant to your business or industry, conveying your brand’s essence, values, and offerings. A relevant logo helps establish a connection with your target audience.

Strive for a logo that stands the test of time, avoiding trends that quickly become outdated. A timeless design ensures that your logo remains relevant and consistent, building a strong brand identity.

Consider how well your logo adapts to different contexts and applications, looking good on various marketing materials while maintaining its impact and integrity.

A well-designed logo should be scalable without losing clarity or becoming distorted, whether it’s displayed as a small icon on a website or a large graphic on a billboard.


Wordmark (Logotype)

A wordmark logo is a unique and stylized representation of a company or brand name using typography. The main focus is on the font style, which aims to make the name easily recognizable.

1. Focuses solely on the company or brand name.
2. Utilizes distinctive and stylized typography to create a visual identity.
3. Effective for companies with short and memorable names.
1. Provides clear brand visibility as the company name is explicitly stated.
2. Helps in brand recognition, especially when the name is distinct or becomes synonymous with the product or service.
Coca-Cola | Google | FedEx | Disney | Sony | Facebook | Samsung | Adidas | HMi

Symbol or Icon (Pictorial Mark)

Symbol or icon logos use a graphic representation to symbolize the brand without relying on the company’s name. These symbols are often simple yet powerful, creating a visual association with the brand.
1. Relies on a unique graphic symbol or icon to represent the brand.
2. Emphasizes simplicity and visual impact.
3. Offers a standalone visual representation that doesn’t necessarily rely on the company name.
1. Can transcend language barriers, making it universally recognizable.
2. Allows for versatile application and easy scalability.
Nike | Twitter | Shell | Mercedes-Benz | McDonald’s | Chanel | Adidas | BMW | HMI AGENCY

Combination Mark

A combination mark combines both text and a symbol/icon to create a comprehensive and recognizable logo. This style allows for flexibility in using the complete logo or just the symbol, depending on the context.
1. Integrates both a distinctive wordmark and a recognizable symbol/icon.
2. Provides flexibility in terms of logo usage – full combination or separate elements.
3. Offers a comprehensive representation of the brand.
1. Combines the benefits of wordmarks and symbols, reinforcing brand recognition.
2. Allows for versatile use in different marketing materials and contexts.
McDonald’s | Starbucks | Burger King | Amazon | Puma | IBM | GAP

Logo Designing


Researches shows us that Logos have different types and explanations worldwide. We have defined the logo types which are well known around the world in few sentences to give you more idea to choose the best Logo for your business and brand while designing a Logo!

The most famous Logo types are:

Wordmark (Logotype):
A Wordmark Logo, also known as a logotype, is a type of logo that consists of the company or brand name presented in a distinctive and stylized font.

Symbol or Icon (Pictorial Mark):
A symbol or icon Logo type, also known as a pictorial mark, is a type of logo that utilizes a graphic or symbolic representation to represent the brand without relying on the company’s name.

Combination Mark:
A combination mark is a type of logo that integrates both a distinctive Wordmark and a recognizable symbol or an icon. This type of logo provides flexibility in terms of logo usage.

Lettermark (Monogram):
A lettermark Logo, also known as a monogram, is a type of logo that comprises the initials or abbreviations of a company presented in a unique and stylized way.
Well-known examples of lettermark logos include IBM, HBO, and NASA.

Emblem Logo type:
An emblem logo combines a Wordmark or Lettermark with a symbol, often enclosed within a shape or badge.
Examples of emblem logos include Harley-Davidson, Starbucks (previous version), and BMW.

Abstract Mark Logo:
An abstract mark logo uses an abstract form or non-representational graphic to symbolize the brand.
Examples of abstract mark logos include the Pepsi globe, BP, and the Adidas trefoil.

Mascot Logo Type:
A mascot logo incorporates a character or figure that represents the brand’s personality.
Examples of Mascot logos include the KFC Colonel, Michelin Man, and the Energizer Bunny.

Responsive or Adaptive Logos:
Responsive or adaptive logos are designed to adapt to different contexts and devices, ensuring optimal visibility and recognition.
Examples of responsive logos include the logos of Google and Airbnb, which are designed to be easily recognizable across various platforms.

A watermark is a subtle, usually monochromatic version of a logo designed to be placed in the background, often for branding purposes on images or documents.

Animated Logo:
An animated logo utilizes motion graphics or animation to bring the logo to life. Animated logos are commonly used in digital media and video content to create a dynamic and engaging brand presence.
Many brands around the world use this type of Logos to create second version of their Logo for advertisements.


Logo Ideas

Some Ideas for Logo Designing

HMi Graphics

HMi Optics

HMi Messe

HMi Security

HMi Logistics

We design you professional Logo at HMi with top quality and most modern elements | HMi offers professional graphic design services in Germany - HMi Logistics Logo in Germany | Logo designing services in Germany with HMi Marketing company | HMi offers graphic design services in Germany

HMi Printing

Printing company Logo in Germany | Printing company in Dusseldorf | Printing company in Düsseldorf logo | HMi Printing company | HMi printing agency offers professional printing services in Germany

HMi Studio

HMi Studio Logo | Logo designing concepts in Germany | Logo in Germany | Professional Logo designer | Top Logo designers in Germany | HMi offers professional Logo designing services in Germany with modern elements

HMi Advertising

HMi Advertising Logo | HMi offers professional Logo designing services in Germany to companies and businesses | Professional Logo designers in Germany | Logo creation in Germany with HMi

HMi Photo Studio

HMI Photo studio | Photo studio Logo in Germany | Photo studio Logo Designing services in Germany | Logo Designing services in Germany | HMI Marketing agency offers professional Graphic design services to businesses and companies

Keys for Logo Designing

• A Professional Logo must be easy to read!
• A professional Logo must use less elements!
• Professional Logo must have 1 or 2 main colors.
• A professional Logo must not be in a particular Language,
It has to be made for International public.
• Top Logos must not be complicated. Stay with simple Logos!

Colors to use for Logos

Colors to use for Logo Designing are very important. Read some key elements about choosing your colors for your business logo:
• We suggest our clients not to use special colors such as gold or silver.
• Create always 3 different version of your Logo.
a) Main Logo (with main colors)
b) Light version of your Logo (for using on Dark color Backgrounds)
c) Dark version of your logo (for using on Light color backgrounds)
• Stay as simple as possible with less colors


4 Reasons why to choose HMi to design your Logo.

We know how to design a Professional Logo due to our experience in last 35 years. We know all the rules, expectations, standards and how to combine elements to get a high quality results.
At HMi, you get the best ideas, concepts and solutions for your logos.
No matter if you have any idea in mind, or if you don’t have what shape and what icon to create.
Our professional graphic designer team will help you to get the best results out of trusting us.
You get the best Logo designed at HMi digitally, by confirming your final design you receive a soft copy and digital format of your Logo in any file format you like to have.

We create you any icon and shape that you like for your Logo.
We help you to create the best and most modern designs along with customized and individual shapes at HMi. You don’t need to have any knowledge or any experience for that, our professional graphic designer team will guide you for getting ideas by looking into different ideas and Logos. 
You can choose the best matching icons to your business, and we take care the rest.
By finalizing your Logo design, you will get a digital copy to check, review and apply changes if you like.

We don’t charge your per minute, or per revision.
Instead we charge you per package, you can choose the best matching package to your needs along with one time cost, and we do the rest.
At HMi, we make sure to provide you as much as revisions you would like to have to get a top result at the end.
We believe our reference is more important than charging you few more hundreds. Therefor we try our best to make sure you get what you need at the end of the day.
We provide different packages for Logo design, as Beginner Logo Design package, Professional Logo Design Package, Premium Logo Design Package, and Design on Sketch Logo Package at HMi.

Fast Turnover means for us same day delivery in most cases.
We try our best to deliver you a professional Logo with all of your needs in shortest time possible depending on how busy are our Graphic designer team.
We help our customers to get professional results matching with all of their requirements in shortest time in order to be able to use their logo for their business. 
Its not all about fast designing, its about delivering a professional Logo in a short time, to get our customers satisfactions.
We might charge you for faster turnovers in some cases. If you ask us to deliver your job out of our working times, in public holidays, weekends or so on.

We design your Logo professionally at HMi!

Logo Design Services

Beginner Logo design services Package in Germany at HMI-ad | Beginner Logo design package in Germany with HMi Marketing agency


For low budget businesses, Start ups, and great to start!

Premium-Logo-design-services-Package-in-Germany-at-HMI-ad-_-Premium-Logo-design-package-in-Germany-with-HMi-Marketing-agency | Premium Logo designing in Germany | Professional Logo creation for brands and companies


All in one Logo Designing package made for Special Inquiries

Professional Logo designing company | Professional Logo agency in Germany | Professional Logo designing in Germany | Professional Logo creation at HMi | HMi Marketing agency offers professional Logo designing services to brands and companies


Take your marketing to the next level and be Professional!

Our Logo Designing Services!

3 Elements we use in our Logo Designing Designing Packages at HMi!

Porfessional Slogan for your business | HMi marketing agency will create you professional Slogan for your business | Professional Marketing services with HMi

Professional Slogan

Slogans are your short message, about your business and brand. We help you to have the best Slogan matching your business. Slogan must short, meaning full and presenting your main concept of your business. Slogans can help your brand to look professional.
Vectorising Logo | We create you vector Logo at HMi | We turn your logo to Vector format | We design you profesisonal Logo in Germany at HMi-ad

Vectorising Logo

We never deliver an image as a logo. We know well what does a professional Logo need to contain and how to create a logo in a professional way. After finihzing your logo, we share all the details we use on your logo such as color path, font type, font name, and a vector form of your final design.
Stationary Set designing for companies | HMi offers professional Graphic design services in Germany and internationally | Professional Letter head designing | Professional Envelop designing | HMi-ad

Stationary Set

In some Logo Designing packages, we provide you a full stationary set made individual for your brand. We use your Logo colors, ideas, and elements to create you professionally made Letter-head design, Business card design, and Email signature along with limited revisions.


Most frequent questions and answers

Logo is usually your brand signs, and all of your customers will know you by your logo rather than your business or brand name.
Your Logo is your business identity, so why not to have a professional looking Logo instead of a cheap and self made Logo.

As we believe your brand and business logo is your business concept display, your logo must also follow your business strategy and idea.
Your logo will make your customers to know you by seeing your sign in future. Your logo can contain different aspects such as sign or icon of the name of your business, icon of your business type and more.

Logo alone can’t create a high impression, in fact Logo is one of the important elements to get more impressions and to attract more visitor.
Logo is a part of Professional Branding strategy which you need to create it as the first step of marketing and branding process.
Yes, you logo can help you to get more impression while it is an important element to get value in front of your clients in most cases.

Logo designing in general is only made on taste of designer, business owner, and business visions.
There is no must to create an Icon as your logo, however an Icon can help your Logo concept to look more special.
You can use your icon for branding and marketing purposes in many places such as on images, on your stamp, on your messages, on your packagings, on your invoices, and many more.

There different ways to create your logo. Depending on the Logo design Package your choose on hmi-ad.
• You can send us some ideas, by searching on Google and we create you by looking into your own selection of logos.
• You can draw on a piece of paper what ever you like to have as your logo, and our professional graphic designers will turn them into a professional Logo. (only available in Design on sketch Logo Package)
• You can also write down some informations and share them with us about what elements you would like to have in your logo.
• You can also leave it to us, and we will share few different Logo options with you, and you can choose the best matching option for your business.

We suggest you to have one or two colors in your Logo.

Let’s say you have a logo with 10 colors. for printing your Logo on any surface you will face a problem, while every item, product, paper or design has a background. You might need to make changes to your logo colors every time you want to print or use your logo.
One more thing about colors in Logos, for printing your logo on let’s say T-shirts, you must pay much more for 10 color printing than 1 color printing no matter where would you like to print.

We suggest you to have less information in your Logo.
Your business name, company name, brand name, in addition with a nice Slogan.
Keep it simple, don’t make it too complicated and hard to remember.
That’s all what you need to have in your Logo.
By the way, it’s always good to see big brands Logos to take some ideas.

Search on Google, ”Logo Ideas” , or just type in ”LOGO” as your search term.
You will get millions of ideas and Logos in different colors, in different shapes and methods.
You can choose few of them, and send them to us. In this way our graphic designers can create you the best matching Logos due to your selected options in shorter time.
In fact, there are millions way to design a logo, you must first think about your logo and what would you like to have in your Logo.
In most case our clients don’t have any ideas what shape or what color to have their logo done, which in this case, you might trust our professional well experienced graphic designer team.

No, We usually provide different options of Logos depending on the Logo design package you have chosen at HMi.
By receiving different Logos, and different ideas, you must choose only one Logo as your business Logo at the end.
We charge our customers per Logo, not per set of Logo.
If you would like to receive more Logos, we suggest you to contact our sales team to purchase the other Logo options and place a new order.

We suggest you to redesign your Logo every few years to refresh your business and let your customers to see that your business is growing and getting better every day.
For redesigning a Logo, we charge our clients as a new Logo, no matter if it’s a redesigning or a completely new Logo design.

It gives your business a fresh look, and it helps you to present your business in a better way to your clients.
You might not need to change the whole Logo, however you can always do that.
Looking closely to biggest brands around the world, you  will see how important is this process for marketing and branding strategy.

Logo Designing

In Germany, logo design is known for its emphasis on simplicity, precision, and symbolism. German logos often embody a dedication to quality, efficiency, and innovation. The prevalent use of minimalist and clean designs highlights clarity and effectively communicates a brand’s core values.
Additionally, incorporating iconic German symbols like the eagle or references to German culture is a common practice in logo design, as it helps establish a strong national identity.
Ultimately, German logos aim to achieve a seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality, aligning with the country’s renowned reputation for engineering and design excellence.
We at HMi offer you professional Logo design services, to make sure our clients get a high quality results of choosing us as their marketing partner. #hmi_gmbh

We Design your logo Professionally at HMi!

We provide Logo Designing services to our clients with top prices, with custom made designs along with high quality results at HMi.
We are well experienced in this matter, as we have provided graphic design services in since 2018 in Germany to small and big companies.
Start-ups can trust us easily as we help them not only to create and design their logo, in addition we also a full marketing package to make sure they get all of their graphic design needs from one trusted hand.
We also create you an icon, if you need to use in your social media, stamps, or as your brand sign. With us you don’t need to go looking for another company who can offer you graphic design services, while we also help you to create your stationary designs and presentations if you need.

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We create you a professional Logo in Germany, with top price and fast turnover at HMi!
We create you the best matching Logo to your ideas with all of your requirements at best prices at HMi!