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Stamp Designing with free of charge at HMi!

Are you looking for a company who can design a professional customized stamp with your own Logo, text and contact information in Germany?
Yes, you have landed on a right place.
We offer free Designing stamp services at HMi with top quality stamps and prices, along with fast shipping options at

Professional Stamp Designing!

Order your company Stamp with any size at with top prices and fast shipping services.
We don’t sell our stamps depending on design, raws, words and lines. Instead we sell our stamps per piece with different prices depending on the size, brand, quality, color and type of stamp. We offer +100 different stamps for different usages on our website. Stamps are a must for every business as they show they mostly being used to show a document, invoice, or a letter is original or approved by a company.

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Are you looking for a square shape stamp, circle shape stamp, or maybe standard Stamps. Dont worry you get all you want on!
Contact us today and place your order!

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Stamps never get old, let our Professional designers to design your own stamp professionally!

Ordering stamp might be easy, however creating a professional design for your stamp will be always a challenge for companies, organisations and brands.
We design your stamp for free of charge in HMi, while we believe you might need a designer to create you an end format for your stamp. You choose your stamp on our website, and we design different options for you, then you can choose one of the options and apply your revisions if you need. We apply your revision and send it back to you for approval.
By approving your stamp design, we will send it to production, and you will get your stamp delivered within only 3-5 day at your door.

What’s better and easier than that?

In HMi, we always focus on our clients needs and we make sure we deliver them all of their needs on time with high quality. Therefore we offer god quality of stamps instead of cheap stamps. 

7 Reasons why to order Stamps:

7 main reasons why should you order a professional Stamp for your company or business.
We have divided the reason of ordering stamps into 7 main reason, in order to help you easier to decide for ordering stamps. In fact the following 7 reasons are only our ideas, and they might be different for any business, organisation or company around the world.

  1. Brand Consistency:
    Custom stamps allow you to feature your business logo, name, or other branding elements consistently across different materials. This helps reinforce brand identity and professionalism in documents, letters, and other business correspondence.

  2. Time Efficiency:
    Stamps significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, such as signing documents or adding return addresses. Instead of manually writing or printing details, a stamp can provide a quick and consistent solution, saving time for more critical business activities.

  3. Professionalism and Credibility:
    A custom stamp adds a professional touch to your documents, envelopes, and packaging. It gives the impression that your business is organized, detail-oriented, and committed to maintaining a polished image, which can positively influence how customers perceive your brand.

  4. Ease of Use:
    Stamps are user-friendly and require minimal training. Whether it’s a self-inking stamp, pre-inked stamp, or a traditional rubber stamp, they are simple and efficient tools that can be used by various team members without the need for special skills.

  5. Cost-Effective:
    Custom stamps are a cost-effective solution for repetitive tasks. Instead of investing in expensive printing equipment or labels, a well-designed stamp can accomplish similar tasks at a fraction of the cost, making it a budget-friendly option for small and medium-sized businesses.

  6. Personalization and Customization:
    Custom stamps offer flexibility in terms of design and functionality. You can create stamps for various purposes, such as address stamps, endorsement stamps, or product labels. This level of personalization allows you to adapt the stamps to your specific business needs.

  7. Efficient Document Processing:
    Stamps can be particularly beneficial for processing large volumes of documents. Whether it’s marking invoices as “Paid,” indicating approval, or adding a signature, stamps provide a consistent and efficient way to handle paperwork.

  8. Versatility:
    Stamps are versatile tools that can be used on different surfaces, including paper, envelopes, packaging, and more. This versatility makes them adaptable to various business processes, from office paperwork to mailings and promotions.

  9. Compliance and Documentation:
    In certain industries or for specific regulatory purposes, stamps can help ensure compliance and provide a documented record of important actions. For example, a received stamp on incoming mail can serve as a timestamp for record-keeping.

  10. Environmental Considerations:
    Using stamps can be more environmentally friendly than disposable options such as labels or stickers. By opting for a reusable stamp, you reduce the need for single-use materials, aligning with sustainability practices.


Stamps can help your business to look more professional and trustable, and for sure it can help your business to not being scammed in many cases.
Stamps are usually a good security element to approve an invoice, document, translation, offer, or any other certificates.
Stamps can be useful gadget in your business if you know where, how and when to use them.
Stamps can be made in different colors,
• Black
• Blue
• Red
• Green
as Standard colors, the mentioned 4 colors are our standard range options.
Stamps can be also made in different shapes, such as square, circle, rectangle.
However we offer more shapes and customized rubber stamps made on your own design and shape at HMI.
You might find cheaper prices for stamps online, because stamp production is not costly like before. However you have to provide the read final file for your stamp, only to be able to order on other platforms.
We at HMI, offer you free Stamp designing services to make sure you dont waste your time for creating a file for your stamp, instead you just order it to HMI, and our professional graphic designers will help you with your needs in shortest time.

We offer only custom made stamps, and not ready made stamps, date stamps, or other types of stamps. However you can always send us Inquiry for your needs, and our sales agents will try their best to help you with your needs at HMI.

Ordering Stamp to HMi!

As Regulations and laws doesn’t allow us to make overtype of stamps for businesses and companies, we always make sure to receive a copy of business registration form from our clients before we confirm any Stamp orders at HMi.
Yes, you need to provide us a digital copy of your business license which you want to order a Stamp for it.

Note: We make sure we never share your business license information with any third parties and we never share your documents at HMi with our partners.
– for more information, please read our Terms and conditions before you place an order on

By confirming your business license or owning a stamp letter from your organisation, we design your stamp however you would like to have your stamp to be done.
Yes, we design your stamp in house, without any extra charges at HMi.
If you have a preferred design for your stamp, you can easily send it to our graphic designer team while ordering your stamp, or easily upload it on contact us form and send it with mentioning your order and customer number.
Our professional Graphic designer team will review your needs, and create a professional looking stamp regarding your needs in shortest time possible.

Designing a professional Stamp might take up to 6 working days, as our graphic designer team get daily hundreds of jobs from clients online at HMi.
If you need your job to be done faster, we always offer an Express option with an extra charge to help you to get your job done on time.

A little information about stamps in General:

Stamps in General are very low at production cost, however the most important part of a stamp is the quality of the stamp it self.
Stamps can be ordered on him starting from 39,99€ with standard good quality in standard colors. However, we also offer stamps for 129,00€ with a special looking body and shape for special usages and premium clients at

Regular Stamps usually has +1000 clicks and professional ones over 5000 clicks.
After the mentioned clicks, you can easily refill the stamp by your self manually, or ordering a new stamp as the cost of stamps are basically between 39,99€ to 89,00€ depending on the size, brand, and type of usages of the stamp.

Order customized stamps with your company logo, contact info, and your business locations with top prices and free designing services at
You get all of your marketing, printing and advertising needs from one professional Hand in Germany called HMi. By choosing us as your marketing partner, we help you to design your advertisings if you need, and we keep your files, data on our secure in house servers to help you to save time for your next order in future.
Therefore, ordering individual stamp with your own design and logo, might not be as hard as it looks while we already have your logos if you are a retuning customer, and if you are a new customer, we will create you a customer profile with all of your artworks for the future.

Stamps on

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We offer stamps from different brands and different names to make sure our clients get their needs all from one hand and notating their time to find a readable stamp making companies for ordering their stamps in Germany.
If you have your design done, you can also order your customized stamps with 24 hours delivery in Germany on

Individual stamps can be used for typical examples of documents that should or must be certified by a stamp are diplomas, Official documents, Translates of certificates, certificates and certificates of attendance. Schools, universities, Institutes, Translation offices, organisations and authorities use a stamp to confirm the authenticity of documents in many places arrant the world.

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Choose the best matching size of stamp on hmi-ad, upload your design if you have, if not we will create you a design free of charge, and leave the rest with us!
If you have an old stamp, you can also take a picture of that and send it by photo to us, and we will remake your old stamp design for you. After making your  stamp design, we will share an Artwork with you in order to check and confirm it before production.
We at HMi offer professional graphic design services, with top prices and top quality to our clients.
We always say to our clients to let the professionals to design and print your advertisings and marketing items. We at HMi, will help you to reach the best result with no knowledge, and no complications all. 

Stamp making in Germany is getting easier every day as the technology is growing, making stamps is also being easier than before.
However we offer a large range of customized stamps, with traditional rubber stamps on wood bodies, up to self inking stamps, and professional refiling stamps at HMi.
Our personalised self inking stamps are a great choices for companies and organisations to save time for signing, approving or checking certificates and documents validity.
We stock Stamps from different brands, in different sizes and shapes for our clients who need to get their stamps within 1-2 days only. We offer express stamps at HMi-ad, with small extra charge along with express shipping options.

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